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No.Burn in hell man.

Well that escalated quickly.

Other than that, no comment. :/

Write an actual description.

>MFW I read the comments.


*Exits thread, intelligence still intact*

All my Wat. :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

It's always so depressing when you see stories like this with that one lone thumbs up. You know it's the author going "this is my story and I'm proud of it!" and then there's a dozen or so other people going "no, this is terrible. Your story is an awful irredeemable mess and there's nothing good about it."

Makes you feel kinda sad.

Oh well. The story IS an awful, irredeemable mess, but I'll give it a thumbs up for exceeding my non-existent expectations and not devolving into your bog-standard Trixie gets tortured fic. That actually ligitametly surprised me.


Luna and Trixie hook up, Trixie is Pregnant. Celestia is evil and castrates her guards. celestia kills pinkie. and everyone is friends at the end:twilightblush:

choo choo indeed

>MFW when I:
A. Read the comments.
B. Notice that the fanfic is in Train Wreck Explorers
C. Notice that it's been added twice.
D. 1197989 This.

Oh wow Tia is in for a surprise.

Technically, your writing is decent, if not pretty good.

Story-wise... :pinkiesad2:

Let`s say that the sequel failed. While the first story was not the masterstroke either, bit was palatable at least. This travesty? It dispenses with everything good that the Verdict had and magnifies all that makes it a boring reading.

Honestly, this was a pretty decent story. Too bad it got bombed by the TWE... Please don't take it down.

Thanks! And I am pretty amused by it all actually :twilightsheepish: Given the content of most of my stories; drugs, rape, unnecessary surgery, castration, murder et al - I'm used to it! :rainbowlaugh: I've only got one story with positive rep and it contains none of those things - just rainbow dash having her period. For shame.

Seriously, I fucking enjoyed reading this. it is ridiculous at times yes, but I love the gore and overall grimdark theme. tell me you'll be finishing this?

Brilliant!! Fucking brilliant. I love how you write fucked-up grimdark, and I curse you for leaving me on such a cliffhanger.

When will chapter 8 be out?

When did Luna have arms?

Have Tia be tortured 10 fold!

Dude... Oh my god. YES. F@#KING YES. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FF!!!!!!!!!! I just knew after The Verdict you'd make a sequel... little did I know it would be this amazing. It's so grim and dark and horrible and I just love it, I just love it I'm crying bro. Too much, just, I can't... I just... Bravo sir. If you believe in God, may he grant you everlasting joy.

1164841 FUCK YES.
FieryFilly, You are a god. Amazing. This chapter was even better than the last one... Holy shit dude? I could quote this whole fucking thing... And it would be a masterpiece. OP how much money do you think you should get for writing this? Be honest. Tell me how much money you think you deserve if you wrote this as a commission. I am not joking in the slightest, so reply to me about how much you think it is worth. This story, is so amazing buck wild, so fucking crazy and amazing, I literally cannot believe this is real.

I love you sir. You are an absolute god of alternative fimfics... I just cannot believe you. It is too good to be true. You are exactly how I want to be. With the fucking off the wall shit and the insane Trixie and murdered Twilight and just... everything. Perfection. You are GOD! :pinkiehappy:

Don't you just love "Celestia is an Evil Tyrant and no, I'm not trying to do the concept in a logical manner that makes sense" fics? (Not that there is a way to do any of those stories logically)

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