• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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On the Road Again

I'm not sure I can handle this Starlight thought as she trotted through all the students as they were moving about. Summer break was here and she and the other teachers were supposed to help get them packed, so just where was Trixie! Of all the times for her to go missing it just had to be now when the staff was fumbling around to get everypony on the train ride home. Starlight turned a corner to see Rainbow Dash hovering in the air, holding a box with Ocellus's name written on the side of it. Finally there was a chance somepony could point her in the right direction.

"Hey Rainbow Dash where's Trixie she should be helping the west wing students get ready to go home." the cyan Pegasus turned towards Starlight, only for a silver ball to fall out the box and roll around on the floor. Both mares watched the tiny silver crystal ball until it stopped moving around, then they continued their conversation.

"I don't know I haven't seen her, she probably just ditched us." Rainbow said while rolling her eyes, just then Ocellus came through her dorm's door and gasped in shock as her eyes found their way to her fallen possession on the floor. Starlight watched as Ocellus snatched it up and turned it over looking for damages, just great Starlight you're making things worse.

"Professor please be careful, this is for one of my cousins." Ocellus said in a low tone as Silverstream exited the room to join her classmate.

"Oh no, is it alright? Did it break?" Silverstream asked getting right up in Ocellus's face to get a look at the shimmering ball in her hooves.

"Hmm... no it's fine I'm glad I don't have to make another one, I was going to give this to Kleirraxe last Hearts Warming but I left it here by mistake" Ocellus said flying up to the box and placing it back inside. Then the tiny blue changling went back to gathering her things and pulled another box out of the doorway with Silverstream's help, Wow they sure made a lot of things in Rarity's class.

"Sorry about that, I need to work on my multitasking." Rainbow said with a sheepish grin to the two girls as Starlight trotted past the three of them in pursuit of her rouge Magician, intent on finding her lost guidance counselor.

Coming to a hallway cluttered with ponies who were collecting their belongings, Starlight spotted Fluttershy who was in a conversation with Gallus and Yona over how to keep in contact over their summer break. Starlight started making her way over to them while dodging several ponies who were going about their business collecting their things.

"Do you know where Trixie is, I know Sunburst is here helping but we could really use some extra help." Starlight said interrupting Fluttershy's conversation.

"Umm... no I haven't seen her since she locked up the counselor's office" Fluttershy said turning toward Starlight. Gallus took notice and chimed in "She's probably just trying to start her summer off as fast as possible."

Yona gave him a confused look, "Why, she have something to do in big hurry"

Starlight decided to answer for him, "No Yona it's just Trixie probably wants to do a magic show or something like that and thinks we'll be just fine on our own."

"Well if I see her I'll tell her that you're looking for her" Fluttershy said giving one of her compassionate smiles. Starlight gave a nod of thanks and started down the corridor lost in thought, and using her peripheral vision to dodge out of the way of student after student. Okay just have to get them all on their way and close down the school,... all in an hour ...ugh.

Starlight Entered the main auditorium room where most of the students were moving about. Come on Trix where are you? Starlight spotted Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity at the podium at the head of the giant room as Rarity started speaking into a microphone to be heard over the maelstrom of students who happily chatted away.

"Remember darlings if you have trouble boarding the right Train to come back and find us so we can get you back home safely!" Rarity said as her eyes locked onto Starlight, then she got of the podium and started walking towards her with the others following and barely being able to keep up in the chaos before them.

Apple jack was the first one to start "Starlight we've got most of 'em packed. Do you want us to start leading 'em to the Trains?"

Starlight gave a nod, "Yep, I think it's time to get them going"

"So which pony gets to lock up for the bestest summer ever?" Pinkie said with a smile as she bounced up and down. "Just think about it guys no more worrying about Chrysalis, Tirek, or Cozy Glow trying to take over the world. This is going to be the bestest summer ever!"

Rarity put her hoof on Pinkie's shoulder to keep her on the ground and said "Um... darling be that as it may we still need to get these students home, usually we have this kind of thing more under control." looked in Starlight's direction to with an exhausted expression on her face.

"Sigh... I know I cant find Trixie anywhere." Starlight knew they could do this without her but this was supposed to be a team effort and well...

"Don't worry I'm sure we can handle this on our own" Sunburst said as he made his way past a couple of chatting mares to join in the team meeting.

Finally they could tackle this together. "Alright everypony split up and start herding them out, if you see Trixie, Fluttershy, or Rainbow dash tell them it's time to get the students out of here." The five ponies nodded and split up taking to the sides of the clustered students with Starlight making her way to the front entrance of the school where she pushed the giant doors open to revel the stone steps that would take all of them to Ponyville.

"Okay everypony remember to get on the right train and to get you're parents to fill out the forms you'll need to return once the break is over. Goodbye and have a great summer." all of the students cheered with hooves raised in the air. With that she started leading the students on the short path into ponyville.

Cozy peeked around the hallway corner to make sure it was clear, no need to take unnecessary risks.Entering her room Cozy opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and retrieved her hoofmade winter outfit that she had made using professor Rarity's sowing techniques and her light brown bookbag. Okay I don't have much but I have take what I can, Cozy thought to herself as she equipped her bag with a snap and fastened it around her waist, then she went to her bed and snatched her chess set she had hidden beneath it, I don't want to leave this, I'm sure the other Cozy doesn't have a use for it anymore now that world dominations her new favorite game.

Putting her board game in her bag she then turned to collect her blanket that she had discarded on the rocky floor from earlier when her hoof suddenly bumped into that black book that was still open to her earlier inquiry, Should she leave this? What if some creature found it and did to somepony the same thing that happened to her? No that's not happening.

Wanting the book gone for good she took the accursed thing to her motionless fire place and placed the book inside, No pony needs this kind of power, Cozy thought to herself as she reached for her flints and struck them hard over the fire place, letting a tiny smile of triumph appear on her as the fire encircled the book of evil in an orange and hot fiery embrace.

Wait... somethings wrong, Cozy thought as the fires surrounding the book seemed to have no effect on it. No! what was happening?, what was this thing?, Cozy watched as the fires raged around it with the book and even it's pages being submerged in yellow and orange flames, but still it was untouched as if the evil within it was just refusing to die.

I can't just leave it here what if the other me uses it on somepony, Cozy feared before shaking her head and using her fire poker beside the fireplace to inch the book out. Cozy hesitated when she reached for it, What if it's still hot? she thought but placed her hoof on the black cover anyway, wait It's so... cold.

Cozy picked the book up in both hooves and reluctantly placed it in her bag, she would have to find some other way to dispose of it later, right now she had to leave. Cozy reached her hoof down and collected her blanket and placed it over the book as if to keep it hidden, then Cozy pulled her flints over and put them in as well, that would settle her campfire problem.

Getting done Cozy went to leave but stopped at her room's door, as much as she wanted to be anywhere else this little room had been the closest thing to a home that she'd had in two years (if you didn't count her dorm at the school of friendship). "Well goodbye bedroom." she said meaning every word of it, as if the room itself was a pony she would come to miss once she was on her way and gone for good.

Leaving down the hall Cozy again checked her corners, she wasn't sure where the other Cozy was but she definitely wouldn't like to run into her just before she left. Cozy headed back the way she'd come in the labyrinth of cave passageways she'd routinely traverse but stopped as she glanced into the bathroom, there she saw her duck and trotted up to the little fellow still sitting on the rim of the tub before gingerly picking him up and holding the plastic toy in her hoof. "Did she leave you too?" Cozy whispered. Poor little guy, Cozy opened her pack and placed it inside, don't worry I won't leave you.

After her little rescue she exited the restroom and proceeded down the hallway, coming to a halt at Grogar's central meeting chamber. Cozy's eyes darted around the room but to her gratitude the humongous chamber was completely empty. Seeing this though caused an image of the Trio when they'd first meet to flash inside Cozy's mind, I hope they're okay. before she could start out the front entrance however Cozy's eyes found their way to the black sphere on Grogar's table that was in the center of the room. She almost considered trying to use it but suddenly she realized that despite wanting the villainous trio to be safe, she didn't really want to find them for fear that she would be immediately destroyed.

Choosing to ignore the black crystal ball Cozy made her way over to the steeping stones that lead into the cave, If I want to leave I have to go through here. Cozy deduced and approached the floors edge, there she peered into the murky depts of the swamp water. How deep is it? Cozy wondered as she spotted a pebble near the waters edge and pushed it in watching all the while as it fell through the water, causing a rippling effect and disappeared into the deep bellow. Yep it's too deep, Ponyfeathers If I fall in I won't be able to get out, Cozy couldn't swim and she doubted she would be able to pull herself out of the water if she started sinking. Okay I just have to jump from rock to rock... like hopscotch, Cozy let out a readying breath as she backed up a few hoofsteps and ran forward leaping with all her might to landing on the stone step in front of her.

Landing in decent shape without stumbling much Cozy readied for another leap, and proceeded to land each one right after the other. Cozy stopped on the sixth stone to look at the waterfalls raining down all around her, Grogar sure knows how to pick an artsie layer. Which reminded her, Cozy turned and whispered "Goodbye Hideout." to her secluded retreat, I hope I never have to see you again though.

Cozy turned back to her goal of freedom and went to leap to the next stone only for her front hooves to land as her back hooves and her flank fell back into the cold murky waters below. No!...no no no, Cozy struggled to free herself, she shouldn't have stopped to look back, she was doing so good! Cozy splashed her hooves but couldn't find any purchase beneath the water. Okay Cozy pushed up with all her might on her front hooves, retrieving her submerged half from the certain death below and hauled herself onto the safe stone.

Darn it, Cozy had just combed her tail, she turned her head to check on her behind to see it completely drenched with her tail hanging damp between her legs. Can't worry about that now I have to get out of here, Cozy used her back hooves to stomp on her tail, squeezing the water out of it. Okay that's better I just have about five more to go and then I won't have to see another swamp for the rest of my life.

Cozy made her way from rock to rock checking around her for anything dangerous, she didn't know if Crocodiles live in this area or not but she knew she couldn't do anything to one of them if it managed to get a hold of her.

Finally Cozy made it to solid ground and felt the reassuring soft grass beneath her hooves, That feels actually feels comforting, Cozy thought as she started to trot into the forest but stopped when she realized she didn't know which way to go, suddenly she realized she had a choice to make. As of right now she only knew two ways out of the swamp, one that would lead her to Canterlot and the other which would lead her to the mountains and Mount Everhoof. If she went towards Canterlot she would be heading towards danger and towards the other her, but the frozen Mount Everhoof wasn't exactly a pleasant place to be either and it was way to far into the unknown regions of Equestria. Cozy was sure she would die in the woods alone if she went back there, and the thought of something hungry that could get her while she was sleeping sent a chill down her spine. Cozy sighed, as much as she didn't like the idea, the road toward Ponyville and Canterlot was her best chance for survival, despite the carnage that could be ensuing there. Okay I just have to put one hoof in front of the other, Cozy thought as she started heading into the forest, intent on getting as far away from the nightmare behind her as possible.

Starlight waved at her students and then to Sunburst who had decided to head back to the Crystal Empire to visit some of his friends there and Flurry Heart, as the last of the trains took off down the tracks away from Ponyville, Thank Celestia that's over. Starlight breathed a sigh of relief, that only cost me my Vice Head Stallion all in all not too bad, then she started walking back into town with all her new teachers following at her sides with Rarity being the first of the mares to say anything.

"So what are you're plans for the summer Headmare?" Rarity asked. Now that was not something Starlight had put much thought into, she had actually expected to sit around at the school and get things prepared for next year's semester but Twilight had set everything up for her in advance to give her an easy entrance into her new position.

"I don't really know, I've got nothing better to do than work on more friendship assignments." Starlight said with a shrug and looked around for any suggestions.

"Oh why don't you take a trip to Canterlot and see what Twilight's up too?" Pinkie asked while doing her best attempt at flying while she bounced her way up and down the street.

Starlight sighed, "I would but Twilight wants to get used to ruling all of Equestria on her own, she probably wouldn't need me around the Royal Palace." Of that Starlight was sure, Twilight was dead set on getting everything going smoothly again and showing that she had everything well in hoof.

Rainbow Dash flew in front of their pack and started flying in a laying down position, "Well I know what I'm doing, I'm going to be practicing for the shows the wonderbolt's do every summer."

Fluttershy put a hoof to her chest, "And I'm going to be busy at my sanctuary, I'm trying to train some extra help for when I star teaching classes again."

"Ah' got a trip to Appaloosa I've been plan'en for a while, If everything works out I should be leav'in in a day or two." Applejack said repositioning her hat to fit more comfortably atop her head.

"Ooh I'm going to be on the road as well darling, I've got to go check on Rarity's for You in Canterlot." Rarity said looking at the shops they were passing for anything that would fancy her.

"Don't count me out I'm booked making parties, in fact I throwing a Congratulations We Saved the World Again party and you're all invited." Pinkie said happily while bouncing backwards to face all of them.

Well that just leaves me Starlight thought as she saw all of them ready to fulfill their summer objectives. What could she do look for an assistant to hire to help out at the school? No the last one didn't exactly treat her to kindly what with nearly sending her to another realm and all. Maybe she could take a nice vacation like a sensible mare... nah. just then it occurred to her she still had one objective...

"I'm going to spend my summer scolding Trixie for slacking on us." Starlight said triumphantly as the others burst out in laughter.

Rarity stepped in front of them halting them in the center of town outside Mayor Mares office "It would seem we have our courses set then but remember we have to be at Canterlot in six days so don't be late okay girls" after she was done the rest of the group said "Right" in unison besides Starlight, she wasn't really needed for the friendship council and with that each mare split heading on their own path.

Starlight walked past the townsfolk towards Trixie's camp site, she know one mare in particular that needed an earful. Starlight surveyed the hills around the Friendship Castle, It seems like good weather for flying kites. How could it be this peaceful after the last battle for Equestria, ponies didn't really witness what she had witnessed like facing down Queen Chrysalis and the destruction of Canterlot castle, to them it was just another failed attempt just like the last one.

Starlight approached an all to familiar blue wagon with Trixie's treasure chests scattered about the area. The closer she got the more she could hear Trixie talking to herself inside the wagon. Starlight took a breath and nocked on the door three times.

"Trixie are you in there?" stupid question for sure but Starlight knew she had to be direct with Trixie other wise she'd get nowhere with her. Starlight waited and backed up a couple of hoofsteps when she heard a smoke bomb go of on top of the wagon with Trixie appearing out of the grey smoke, Wow at least she's getting better at entrances.

"What can the Great and Powerful Trixie do for her Headmare?" Trixie said in her booming voice with her magicians hat and cape on.

Starlight smiled up at her, well lets see how she explains this one. "So Trixie remember when I said we needed all of our staff to help the students get home for the summer?"

Trixie smiled sheepishly and rubbed one hoof on the other, "Yeah well about that, Trixie really needed to make some arrangements and it was like a now thing..." Trixie said and then chuckled nervously.

"Oh really what could be more important than helping us on our last day of school this year?" Starlight said while narrowing her eyes.

"Trixie has decide to go on a worldwide magic tour, and she plans on making it her biggest tour yet!" Trixie said while making a semicircle above her with her hooves like a rainbow.

Starlight sighed and pinched the space between her eyes, what was she going to do with her... wait what was she going to do with her... hmm. Just then a thought entered Starlight's head as she formulated her plan of attack.

Starlight began pacing around the wagon for extra effect, "So you left me to fend for myself just so you could arrange to go on another magic tour?" Starlight said adding extra disappointment to her tone as she baited her trap.

Trixie's face fell "Wait Trixie will make it up to you, what do you want?"

Guilt step one complete, Starlight sat down with her back turned to Trixie and crossed her hooves, "I don't know Trixie, this whole things got me down." Starlight waited as she heard Trixie jump down from her wagon and head over to stand right behind her, then she continued to stay still as Trixie put her head on Starlight's shoulder trying to get her attention, hmm.. she really could be cute at times.

"Common just tell Trixie, she can fix this." Trixie said with a sad tone.

Pleading step Two complete now for step three. "Well now that you mention it... I'd like to go with you on you're magic tour." Starlight said breaking her façade and glancing over at the confused mare.

Trixie trotted in front of Starlight and asked, "Wait I thought you said after last time..."

"Yeah well my summer's clear and I really don't have anything else to do, besides won't the Great and Powerful Trixie need her best assistant to make it the best magic tour ever?" Starlight asked while placing her hooves together in front of her.

Trixie grinned and embraced Starlight in a hug, "Oooooh, this is going to be so great I can't wait to get started!"

"Umm... what do you mean wait Trixie we're not leaving right now?" Starlight inquired with Trixie still latched onto her.

Trixie pulled off her and said, "Trixie just has to wait and make sure her rooms are reserved, she isn't going anywhere this time if it means sleeping in the woods".

"Well I guess we can make Pinkie's party later she's throwing one to celebrate the villains defeat." starlight said getting off the ground with Trixie following her.

"Oh good we can fill up on food before we leave for Appaloosa and then Saddle Arabia!" Trixie said with a nod.

This was all great, now she had a plan for her summer and it was to fun with her beat friend! "Sounds like a plan." Starlight said while matching Trixie's grin.

Cozy walked through the forest which became more a traditional forest and less like a swamp with each step she took towards the main road. The forest was devoid of life save for the usual bird or adorable rabbit which avoided her seemingly on purpose for some reason.

Cozy spotted what looked like a worn down broken cottage a ways away in the woods from her, it looked to have a broken in roof and the door was knocked down with what looked like claw marks on the doorsill. No way am I going near that. Cozy thought as she continued on her way, she didn't want to think of what might have been trying to get in but the place looked like it had been a nice place to live... once.

Cozy looked above her, it had been hours now and the sky was getting darker, it would be night soon and she had to make it to the road before dark. Cozy doubled her speed, if she could fly she'd be halfway to Canterlot by now, why wouldn't they work? Cozy looked behind her and flapped her wings but like before she couldn't get off the ground.

I need to cheer up, at least I'm away from the villains Cozy thought as she started brainstorming, Hmm... I know I could sing a song that always works! Cozy closed her eyes, grinned,and cleared her throat.

🎵 I'll find my way, 🎵
🎵 Through the darkness and despair, 🎵
🎵 I'll find my way, 🎵
🎵 I would travel anywh- 🎵

Cozy didn't get to continue her song as she found herself face first on the forest floor with her rear hanging in the air. Ugh... Cozy pulled her head up and looked at her back hooves, Golly out of all the times I could of fallen on a broken tree limb. Cozy pulled herself to her hooves and pulled a leaf out of her hair. Cozy didn't feel like continuing her song now that she had a throbbing forehead, so she turned and said, "you ruined my song silly" before moving the piece of wood into a bush and out of the way.

Okay well that didn't work, Cozy continued forward now even more determined to reach the forests edge. All she had to do was get to a town at the edge of Equestria and start over. Hmm... she would have to be discrete with her name but so long as she didn't run into anypony who would recognize her she should be fine. Cozy looked up again as the sky got darker now turning into a light purple with the puffy clowds turning gray. Cozy wished she could get up there a cloud was so much better than a forest floor. Cozy pushed past two bushes and nearly leaped for joy to find she was on the dirt road that would lead to freedom.

Yes she had made it! Cozy looked from one end of the road to the other to see it completely barren, but that was okay by her as Cozy sat down and unstrapped her pack. Cozy's worry crept back up on her as she started yawning, should she sleep in the woods or on the road? She knew it was risky to sleep on the road that led back to the evil lair but she also knew that things in the woods hunted at night. Ultimately the road seemed the only option so Cozy set about opening her pack and pulling her blanket out pulling it around her, I just need a good nights sleep... Crack* huh what was that? Cozy pulled the blanket over the top of her head and turned scanning the treeline and nearly jumped as she realized two yellow eyes darting back into the woods in the distance.

Cozy lay there paralyzed at the idea of being pursued by a predator in the forest, what could she do? She didn't see it anymore and she had to get some sleep, but the feeling wouldn't go away. She had to calm down and get through the night... a thought came to Cozy even if it was absolutely childish as she pulled open her pack and retrieved her bath duck. Placing the plastic toy between her and the forest where she thought she saw something, Cozy whispered "y..you stand guard okay...".

Cozy pulled the blanket over her head and pretended that the duck was some kind of royal guard that would somehow save her if something happened. Her eyes closed and then she heard a growl from her stomach, "Don't worry I'll feed you tomorrow" she whispered to her gut, and after a while of listening to the sound of the forest beyond she drifted off to sleep.

Twilight had sat strait in her throne all day long... how did Celestia keep such a happy face through it all?, Spike seemed content with the pillow she had made for him beside her throne. Twilight was curious how Celestia could find Equestrian trade disputes boring, each new situation was unique and always had a right answer, like a math problem! ...oh those were the good old days.

"Thank you Fancypants for you insight into this situation but I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask that you come back tomorrow, I just don't have enough time to be able to deal with all of this tonight." Twilight said looking out at the moon she had lowered despite still hearing out Fancy and motioned for her guards to open the palace doors to allow Fancypants to leave without hinderance.

"Of course you're highness, I'll be back in the morning to finish this debacle." Fancypants said giving a bow of his head and turned to make his way through the palace on his way home for the night.

The second he was gone Twilight wiped her eyes, as she saw spike stretching wow I'll bet he's been waiting to do that until Fancy left "So are you ready to call it a day Spike?"

"You got it Twilight I'm definitely ready to hit the hay" Spike answered. Twilight was about to take her crown off but stopped when she saw a royal guard trotting up to the base of her throne's ramp and asked "You're highness one of the palace maids would like to speak with you, she said it wouldn't take long."

What could be so important that they had to speak to her at this hour? "Umm... okay send her in" Twilight tilted her crown into a more regal position as a light gray unicorn mare with vibrant red hair walked into the throne room dressed in a traditional maids outfit and was that a... present on her back?

The maid approached the bottom of the throne and stood there, then she finally made eye contact with Twilight. Her eyes were red around the rim, she looked emotionless, besides that her hair and tail were practically done up in buns to help her go about cleaning.

Twilight decided to start the conversation, whatever this was about it seemed to have upset her, "Umm... can I help y-"

"I'd like to resign you're highness" the mare said cutting Twilight off.

Twilight was taken aback and had to process that, most ponies work their entire lives trying to get a job in the royal palace. Why would she just want to leave, she didn't look much older than her brother? Spike looked equally confused as she glanced over at him.

"Where is this coming from? Did somepony do something to you?" Twilight asked fear entering her voice, she almost didn't want to find out what was wrong with her. What could have happened to get her to act this way?

"Yes something happened... I got you something, I... don't want it anymore." The mare said her voice somehow growing colder.

"Wait what happened, did somepony hurt you?" Twilight had to get to the bottom of this, but instead of a reply the mare simply levitated the gift in front of Twilight.

Then she said "I hope you like it." her sight now transfixed on Twilights face as Twilight studied the small rectangular present in front of her, hmm... maybe it'll shed some light on what's happened here.

Twilight used her magic to remove the ribbon and pulled the wrapping paper off. Alright I hope this isn't something bad... Twilight pulled open the box's lid to reveal a... baby bottle.

Twilight held it in one of her hooves and held it out, "Umm... I'm sorry but I already have bottles for my niece when she comes to visit, I don't really need this" she looked to Spike who shrugged and then turned back to the mare.

After a pause the mare finally answered Twilight, "I used to feed Cozy with it."

Twilight and Spike gasped in shock as the bottle fell from her now shacking hoof and rolled down the pathway leading up to her throne, ending up at the mare's front hooves. This wasn't happening...No no no no,

"A..are you her mom?" Twilight's voice was shaken as she brought a hoof halfway to her face instinctually, If this was her mother then Twilight and the others had just sealed her daughter's fate with that of the other villains without even telling her. In a single instant this mare had destroyed any moral high ground Twilight felt she ever had over turning her former friendship student to stone... why couldn't Cozy have just been a monster in disguise or something!

The mare was unmoved, "No I'm not her mom... her mother would probably thank you for turning her to stone."

Oh my Celestia... Twilight covered her mouth in shock at the mental image of Cozy Glow's parents actually grinning up at their daughter's statue. No pony's parents could be that cruel to their own child... and yet why didn't they come out to defend her when she'd needed them? Doubts started to spread in Twilight's mind. Had she made a mistake? What if Cozy had been redeemable before Celestia caged her up in Tartarus and thrown away the key?

The mare's wall of non emotion started to evaporate as Twilight could now see a Two tears bream and run down her face. Twilight and the others didn't have a choice, Cozy was going to keep coming back to take over just like Chrysalis said. Twilight was going to be sick, the pain on the mare's face would probably haunt Twilight's dreams. Who was she? Nopony's been upset over what happened except for her, in fact most ponies couldn't stop cheering.

The mare continued, "I..I thought... sniff* you would help her..." The mare started shaking and looked down at the marble floor shaking her head, "I thought you... you would give her a second chance." the mare finally pulled her face back up to meet Twilight's "When I heard she w..was sent to Tartarus I basically begged Celestia to set her free, but s..she wouldn't... I... I wanted you to be different...sniff*." The maid turned her head to the side and whimpered trying to collect herself.

She kicked the bottle aside making it roll away from her, then she turned and walking away from Twilight, after a few hoof steps she softly said "I thought you were the princess of friendship."

Twilight wanted to stop her, she had a billion questions about Cozy Glow. Where was she from? Where were her parents? but something told her if she tried to stop her things would only get worse.

Twilight watched her leave past the worried guards who gave her looks of concern on her way out. Spike put a hoof on Twilights shacking front hoof only for Twilight to nearly pull away instinctively. What had she done... Twilight's eyes found the now finished glass window of the Trio being turned to stone and looked away to see the baby bottle on the floor. We had no choice...

"T...Twi" Spike said reaching for her, she hardly noticed him as she looked around at this situation she knew she couldn't fix and tossed her crown off her head with it clanging to the floor beside her. She put her hooves over her eye's and shook her head as if to hide her from what she had just witnessed.

Starlight and Trixie stood outside Sugarcube Corner and knocked on the front door. Pinkie opened it and said to starlight "Hi so glad you came Stary" then she turned to Trixie, "And you too, you magician you" Pinkie stepped back and let the two in.

"So Pinkie how long is the party going to be going on?" Starlight said eyeing what seemed to be half of ponyville in the cramped little Deli, lets see Derpy was rubbing her head after hitting a low part of the buildings roof, Carrottop was chatting up Mister Hooves, Big mac was drinking what she hoped wasn't cider,... yep pretty much most the town. Starlight walked in seeing the streamers and the balloons, It's hard to think everypony could be this happy after nearly being enslaved. Starlight gathered some cake and punch and made her way to an empty seat at a table in the corner of the bustling room filled with happy laughs and friendly chatter. After getting more than her plate could carry in pastries Trixie made her way over to her and took the seat across from her Greatest assistant.

"Sooooo.... Starlight you never told me how you're fight went with the bug queen went." Trixie questioned while munching on a cupcake and getting it all over her lips in her hast for the free food. Starlight giggled and used her magic to take a napkin and wipe Trixie's face much to her dismay.

"Well if you must know I beat her hooves down, then she cheap shotted me when my back was turned." Okay to be fair that wasn't a total lie in truth she had gotten reckless and should have double tapped.

Trixie rolled her eyes, "Yeah *munch.. Trixie believes you for sure, even though you wound up hanging in a cage. If I had been the bug I would have called that a victory regardless." Trixie said with as much sass as her cupcake covered mouth would allow and proceeded to lick the damage off her face.

Starlight grinned, "Well if you wanna go talk to her I know she's not going anywhe..."

"Everypony check it out I finished my ice sculpture" Pinkie shouted cutting Starlight's conversation short. Beside pinkie Starlight saw a transparent ice miniature of the three villains trapped in stone. Wow I've got to get a look at this Starlight thought as she downed her punch and trotted between the gathered ponies who were getting pictures of it.

"Oh Applejack get me in one!" Pinkie said in her cheery voice bouncing next to her masterpiece and smiling for the camera.

Hmm... Starlight studied the figure between camera flashes, Pinkie nailed Chrysalis for sure her snarl and teeth glistening in the light. Starlight couldn't make out much of Tirek he was all hunched over behind the other two, what a coward.
Then Starlight glanced at the topmost figure and her horrified expression that pinkie must have spent a while getting the details right, what with the curls and all. Not laughing anymore are you brat. Out of them all Cozy was probably the biggest disappointment she had everything and she threw it away for power, well her loss. Starlight didn't actually know Tirek to her he had seemed like some sort of jock with to much to prove.

Starlight shook her head and got away from the gathering to rejoin Trixie, who to Starlight's enjoyment was holding her stomach after eating her deserts and Starlight, what was she going to do with her?

"So how was it Trixie, are you doing alright?" Starlight sassily said while patting Trixie's back.

Trixie turned to revel a face full of rainbow frosting covering her, okay that was it Starlight burst out laughing as a flash from a camera flashed behind her.

"It is funny ain't it?" Applejack said chuckling and coming over to join the Two away from the others. Applejack lightly raised Trixie's face with her forehoof to get a good look at her when Trixie let out a growl and Applejack backed off.

"Yeah it is. So Applejack you said something earlier about going to Appaloosa right?" Starlight inquired an idea coming to her of a potential traveling companion.

"That's right I leave in a few days. Why?" applejack said raising an eyebrow.

"Well it just so happens we're heading that way in a day or two... Would you like to come with us?" Starlight said putting her hooves together in front of her and adopting a wide smile.

"Hmm... I reckon we could travel together if you keep grumpy pants over there from doing anything crazy." Applejack said rubbing her chin with a hoof.

Yes this was going to be so much fun she got to go on vacation with two of her friends, if only for just till they got to Appaloosa but still. "Pinkie promise, this is going to be so much fun!" Starlight said getting giddy with excitement.

Trixie groaned and said in a whisper that Starlight had to get close to hear. "Starlight Trixie demands that you not invite the whole town." then she turned her head over and yawned.

Okay Starlight decided that was enough and turned to Applejack, "I should get her home don't leave without us."

"Yall got it, have a good night" and with that the farm pony departed.

Well She's not going anywhere on her own, Starlight levitated Trixie out of her chair in a blue aura of her magic and headed out of Sugercube Corner and down the road.

Starlight wanted to ask if Trixie could make it to her wagon when she got to the castle but to no surprise Trixie was passed out from her fasting earlier. Sighing Starlight opened the crystal door to the castle and trotted down it's long shimmering hallways. Hmm... lets see where to, oh that could work Starlight thought as she put Trixie into her old bed and closed the door. There now for her Starlight yawned from her long day of rushing students home and locking up the school. I can't wait to get on the road she internally giggled as she lowered herself into Twilight's old bed and turned out the lights.

Author's Note:

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