• Published 31st Jul 2020
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Split Personality - Darravan

A Cozy Glow has made a twin with her conscience trapped inside and now it's all alone in a world that hates it.

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Down in the dark tunnels of Grogar's lair with small waterfall's cascading in the interior and jagged rocks littering the area Cozy hovered near Tirek's shoulder and despite the coming victory she was so bored... watching Tirek read with nothing to do was the absolute worst Keep it together Cozy we're almost there she inwardly thought to herself, and then the other voice started again.

"Why are we doing this we could have been on the other side of Equestria by now" it whispered, the though of her running to the edges of Equestria to start a new life not really striking Cozy's fancy.

Cozy had always had this problem with herself and No she wasn't crazy it's just sometimes a mental fight was inevitable at this point, always with the that's wrong and don't do that mumbo jumbo that her good side would always nag her with like this world had been fair to her all her life.

"You know why" she mentally responded "I didn't climbed Mount Everhoof with these two numbskulls to run away now, so how about you shut up and leave" Cozy wanted to roll her eyes but didn't so as not to look annoyed for no reason.

"Why so we can lose again, I bet Twilight would forgive you if you'd just go to her and apologize". Cozy imagined her pest with a frown on her face.

"No way in Tarturus would I do that, If those six Buffoons would have just stayed in line I would have won, I'm not about to give up on my revenge." Cozy looked up to see chrysalis walk in and Tirek say "Ahh Chrysalis another successful field trip I presume" Chrysalis looking as smug as ever.

"Indeed spreading discord among the Unicorns and Earth ponies is almost to easy" Chrysalis responded with that I'm to good at this sass of hers. "We could take down Twilight and her little friends a hundred times but so long as they have the love of Equestria behind them they crawl back to defeat us not any more", Cozy could see them all cowering before her with all of them begging for her mercy, Twilight on her knees with her school in ruins with tears in her eyes.

"Would that really make you happy" the voice saddening to her daydream in her head.

"Of course you fool they defeated me and ruined my perfect plan!" cozy inwardly yelled at herself.

"The Tree ruined you're ahem* perfect plan"this is when Cozy hated her own sass the most how dare she or no it think it could do this to her, it was bad enough with Tirek and Chrysalis constantly being stuck up and doing it to her let alone herself. Ignoring this nuisance wasn't always easy but it got easier with thoughts such as conquest and revenge.

Ignoring the voice Cozy decided to participate with a smile "No friendship no magic it's so obvious when you think about it I did my part freaking out the Pegasi" and oh boy did she, she even convinced one filly that some rich unicorns considered Pegasi a delicacy, she was sure to have nightmare's of Cozy's lie of the patriarchy for sure.

"And Grogar's long absence has given me time to prepare the next part of our plan" Tirek said retrieving the bell from their hiding spot. "Grogar's bell, this artifact can steel any creature's magic, it holds on to that magic until it is released by this spell" Tirek said and then pointed at the open book they had stolen from Canterlot showing of the ancient spell inside.

"You shouldn't have stolen that"

"Quiet you" she inwardly shouted at herself

"Which means all the magic inside is ours for the taking" Tirek said in a much to happy voice for even Cozy and then the worst thing, he started kissing it! Cozy snatched it away and said "You're drooling on the bell" while caressing it thinking of all the power inside.

"You mean all the trouble" it whispered in the back of Cozy's head

"Let's try the spell before Grogar gets back" chrysalis said while yanking the bell from cozy with her magic and continuing her rant "I'm sick of waiting for that old goat's master plan."

Suddenly Tirek raised his arms and said "Take my hands", wow... Cozy didn't think he had been that invested in learning friendship from her but apparently he must have snapped at one point.

"So we can all be apart of the spell, unless you'd prefer I take all the magic myself" he continued as Cozy put her hoof in his hand at the same time as Chrysalis.

"Our deal stands what we do we do together once we defeat the protectors of Equestria we can claim these land and rule our kingdoms alone once more" Chrysalis said obviously annoyed that Tirek would even consider such a scenario, if Tirek though of betraying them now Cozy only hoped that Chrysalis could defeat him and still see the sense in an alliance. The thought of Cozy's own kingdom sent a chill through her entire body she could practically see them bowing to her. Tirek's horns ignited as he activated the spell during which Cozy's counter part decided to be annoying yet again "What are you doing you know this won't end out well for us." but Cozy didn't care to indulge it this time, the bell raised and let out a ring as it poured magic into their very being and settled back down on the book. Cozy had never felt this way before, it felt as if the power of the sun had been absorbed into Cozy all at once, her wings grew and a horn found it's way on her head as the transformation with this new power was completing itself. Cozy didn't care how the others were taking all this as she let an evil laugh echoing throughout the cavernous lair. A small part of her felt sorry for her former teachers.