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Show canon only matters if you let it.


Twilight Sparkle is far more than what she appears. While much of what Equestria knows of her is true, only a select few know the full truth.

Twilight Sparkle is in fact two ponies fused together, giving birth to a third. How this happened, not even Celestia knows, for none of the three ever speak of it.

But while Twilight is in many ways the daughter of Cobalt Strike and Star Twinkle, and she knows she exists entirely at their whim, she could never hate them. No matter how much they drive her crazy sometimes.

But when the three of them stand united, there is very little that can stand up to them.

This is their story.

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LORE FAIL alicorns are THREE ponies worth, why does everyone forget the damn earth pony aspect!

So a situation similar to Garnet from su?....neat also I wonder where twilight’s earth pony magic came from did she develop it independently from her “mothers”?

Relax. It's just the first chapter.

You either missed or blatently ignored the fact that Twilight is a fusion in this universe. The only fusion I might add. Her earth pony magic came about on its own.

Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, are not fusions. How they work is the same as in the show.

So your complaining is invalid and a waste of comment space.

Twilight is a one of a kind pony in this Equestria, so it's not really a true crossover, even if this fusion style is Steven Universe's.

Her earth pony magic did develop on its own. She's had a long time to develop it.

Neat is Twi’s earth pony magic split evenly between her “mothers”?

yeah thats the thing, im not ignoreing it, im commenting there should be a THIRD pony that makes up the fusion for it to be acurate, there should be a pegasus, an earth pony, and a unicorn

your just trying to handwave away your blatent mistake now that i've pointed it out.

No I'm not. The original pic that inspire all of this only had two ponies fuse together to create Twilight. Don't believe me?

Here's the link. https://www.deviantart.com/janethepegasus/art/Equestria-AUs-Random-718735059. And here's the relevant description.

Twilight Sparkle — Fusion AU — In an Equestria, where ponies can fuse with one another, two ponies who live separate lifes before but will live together as a fusion. Star Twinkle is well-known for her magical feats, while Cobalt Strike is a fast flyer at heart, one day the two meet and although they were completely different, they managed to become close friends. At one point, Star Twinkle wondered if it were possible to fuse together to become someone else, Cobalt took this risk alongside her as they both fused into Twilight Sparkle. As they moved into Ponyvile, they meet five other ponies who are fusions as well, Rarity, who is formed by Baguette Glim and Amethyst Glow, Applejack, who is formed by Pear Butter and a young Applejack, Pinkie Pie, who is formed by Pinkamena and Cotton Fluff, Rainbow Dash, who is formed by 6 different ponies (all of which are part of her Rainbow color), and Fluttershy, who is formed by Posey and Moth Herder. At first they all knew each other through their fusions, but they learn so much more about themselves when they decide to defuse to see their fused counterparts could interact.

Not all of the story's universe is exactly the same. But the basis for Twilight, and the ponies who fuse together to create her, is.

Hmmm since they’re centuries old maybe sci twi is a descendant of their human counterpart

Star and Cobalt are wondering the same damn thing honestly. It's not really story relevant, so it's more than likely never being properly explained.

I, on the other hand, just want to see Sci-Twi react to Cobalt Strike + Star Twinkle = Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Nice, I like what I see so far :twilightsmile:

I can't wait for thw next chap :twilightsmile:

What an interesting story.
I'm enjoying this twist.

Link to that story? It sounds fascinating. It also sounds complicated, but I wanna be optimistic

That is the full story actually. If you want to know more, you'd have to ask the artist.

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