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Milk and Honey

I'm trying.

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Premise has me laughing already.

Well, nice to see Moon Dance'rs got a tight schedule.

Professor's actually a nice diamond in the rough character. Not often I see teachers in the show, outside of Cheerilee, shown in such a vivld light. It was a joy to see her develop through the drafts of this I looked over, Milk, almost as much as it was joyous to see Moon Dancer evolve under a realistically longer period of time.

Alright, if these two don't end up romantically sharing Chocolate pudding, I'm going to riot.

did someone say riot? *pulls out molotov*


I ship it and I don’t think that they will be eating chocolate pudding from the same cup but they might just end up talking about something over a few cups

How can Moondancer share chocolate pudding with Anon if he hasn't eaten his meat?

Aww poor guy hope everything gets better

“If you wanna be a no-fun nerd about it, sure. I’m joking! See, you’re never gonna get yourself a marefriend if you’re so wound-up all the time.”

Marefriends? Where we're going we don't need marefriends.

Easiest fucking fave all month. *Moar*

8.5/10 good story build up and Origional Pairing idea

Good story :-)

Thank you for the kind words. Comments mean a lot to me.

There are still four weeks of August left; plenty of time to be usurped. I don't have any more M/M ideas right now, though, beyond an inkling of a pony TF. I'd also like to write some shorter stories because writing novella-length fics is exhausting, and because I'd like to not go two months between publishing.

Dr. Nebulebray was inspired by several of my professors and focused into a pony (or donkey) shape, so I'm glad she leapt off the page at you. She's something of an homage.

EZ fave, any plans for a sequel?

Thanks. No, I don't have any ideas for a sequel—nothing with a substantial story, anyway, just pure smut, maybe with a dash of slice of life. I wouldn't be opposed to writing that in the future, but it's not at the top of my list. I don't think they have any more major relationship problems to go through, nor do I really want to retread old ground with Dusk Shine à la Amending Fences. It was a good episode and I have nothing to add to it. Unless I made it a love triangle, but I don't know how I would handle it in a way that I would be satisfied with.

tl;dr: No, no sequels planned, nor likely in the near future.

sounds good still a great story

Good shit. I'm glad that Anon mellowed out over the course of the story. In those first chapters he really had the asshole dial turned up high. Moondancer was also a dick, but he's the protagonist so we start out biased towards him. You have to be careful with that kind of stuff. It also seemed like there wasn't much reason given for why Anon is so in to Moonie. He goes to a whole lot of effort to be friends before they even really know each other. It's fine if he's just a simp, but you gotta tell us that.

And I'm sorry, but doing buttstuff in the library is just gross. Even if you clean out, you still need a lot of lube and it gets messy and nasty.

But, in the end, these two do be pretty cute. And they earned their relationship. You made them work for it. Too many stories just have two ponies meet and go "whoosh, my dick is in your butthole now." This one goes to the trouble of showing that Moonie needs another pony, and that Anon can be that pony. He might have gotten his career anyway, but he'll be so much happier having a stallion to come home to and cuddle and fuck. Overall, I liked it. Good job.

On a final note, nice job with the pudding at the end. I am appeased. For now


It also seemed like there wasn't much reason given for why Anon is so in to Moonie.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

I didn't have any specific reason in mind while writing; I do think there are threads one can grasp at throughout, though. Maybe Anonymous decided his college days would be different and took advantage of the fresh start. Maybe he specifically preyed on ponies he thought were lonely. Maybe pudgy nerds are his type. Maybe Moondancer's interest in space made Anonymous subconsciously fit Moondancer into Aphelion Heart in Sleeping Beneath the Stars (and in a trashed epilogue that would have ended with sharing pudding, this would be brought up as a potential major factor in Anonymous' stubborn pursuit of Moondancer, should word of author satiate your need to know despite it not being within the text itself).

And I'm sorry, but doing buttstuff in the library is just gross. Even if you clean out, you still need a lot of lube and it gets messy and nasty.

No doubt about it, but one might read Moondancer's willingness to defile the sacredness of the library as complete acceptance of Anonymous into his life. Porn is also idealized, so I don't necessarily need to go into the rancid details of anal sex, although not everyone can/will put aside facts for fiction.

And they earned their relationship. You made them work for it. [...] Overall, I liked it. Good job.

I'm glad. I much prefer stories that build up relationships over time to quick sex stories, but those have their own context and appeal. Personally, I was dissatisfied with this fic by the time I finished it, in no small part because I was tired of writing it and wanted it to be finished, so I rushed it out, but I also think the artist can be their own worst critic. Readers seem to like it and that's good enough for me.

I am appeased. For now

And now I have a premise for the sequel I know I'll write some day in the future. It will involve pudding, although I don't think they'll share it, sorry.

If you'll write m/m pony tf novel you'll be my favorite author ever : )

Good story btw, glad I found it.

Time seemed to slow down for Moondancer as his hindlegs worked the pedals, bringing the wheel up to speed. His vision stuttered looking at Anon’s clay-covered hooves and caked fetlocks hold his, tilting one so the toe pointed down inside of the to-be bowl, the other skimming the wheel to close in on the to-be bowl’s base, “The key is to pull from the bottom, where all the clay is. We’re gonna get about three pulls max before more pulling just kills it, so it’s important to use everything we have.”


The Monk


I just finished this and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Its a fun story with a great set of characters and the way that they interact is very entertaining.

Im hoping to see these great characters again in another story or two.

The Monk
“Any problem can be solved by rigorous and vigorous application of horse-dick.” -Fenoxo

This was a very, very good m/m story. You should really write more of them.

I really love the angles you focused on when writing Moonie as a fellow neurodivergent! I think you did a great job at communicating some of the difficulties, like the difficulty in trying to cognitively empathize with neurotypical peeps. Thanks for writing this, great story ~

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