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This story is a sequel to Evening's Waltz

If the day can turn to night, and the darkness turn to light, why can't everypony have a second chance when they make mistakes?

Moonlight Amethyst Shade, a bat pony from the Everfree Forest, is determined to change that, and fix the mistakes of a pony with a long shadow. A pony who owes her an apology for their actions.

Another pony has sought Moonlight's help, but there's a race against time to prove that he isn't the monster everypony believes him to be. Unless Moonlight can help him, King Sombra will be lost to the darkness of the Frozen North forever.

As she fights to prove his and her own innocence, the past, present and future begin to intertwine, and an ancient war between the light and the darkness is revealed. Now she has to choose a side, and the future of ponykind could be at stake. But pressure forms stars and diamonds, and neither Moonlight nor Sombra are the kind to give in to pressure.

This is the first story of Tales of Shadows and Stars, a huge series I'm working on to improve my writing skills as much as possible. It takes place in an alternate world in which the heroes and villains of FiM are much closer than they were in the series proper, yet driven even further apart by their negative feelings towards each other.

Featured dates:

  • 7/2/2021 - Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, after all the work I've put into this project.
  • 28/3/2021 - How did this happen?! I'm happy, though, because it means other ponies get to see my hard work. Thank you, everypony!
  • 18/4/2021 - I've put so much work into this story, and I can't thank you enough. It feels brilliant knowing my work is appreciated. *hugs*
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Finally, OC x Sombra. I hope this will be good!

This story has now grasped my interest and attention and its quite recent too. Interested to see what happens next. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Glad that you're interested. Look out for more!

Comment posted by Angel Midnight deleted Sep 25th, 2020

Wow, I love the wording in this story

:pinkiehappy: Thanks. I recently went through and edited some of it, so I'm glad it made a difference.

It was a comment replying to some random bot. The original was taken down, so there wasn't really a reason to keep my own comment. That bot was really rude to me. It was an advert for some spell-checking thing. :pinkiegasp: :raritydespair: :rainbowlaugh: It wasn't Grammarly, but it was something similar to that.

I kinda hope she keeps the mane. That sounds nice.

I might actually keep that, just to make a mockery of our least favourite princess...

Wow, I can't believe no one commented here.

I like the vocabulary and the general storyline sounds deep enough to run for a long time. I like it.

Gonna try to read Chapter 3 now

Thanks! :twilightsmile: I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

This story is very enjoyable to read so far, Nice work!

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Sunbutt knows how it is possible for the clouds to rain chocolate milkshake of all things.

Yes, she does

Hello, Angel, This one is in danger Well, Both my students got out of their respective universes, and are coming to here

:rainbowderp: Say what now? Destructive chaos forces invading other universes? :facehoof: That makes things more complicated.

One destructive and one just plain weird, Discord and (REDACTED FOR SPOILERS OF MY STORY), (MORE SPOILERS AHEAD) I banished them both.

"Oh, that is brilliant! How wonderful! Occellus, tell the others that we will be leaving at dawn for a place where the ponies love and appreciate us."

Ocellus, huh? Noice.jpg

Oh. I like this. War's coming and I'm ready to enjoy it! *Grabs Popcorn and a drink* This is awesome already and it hasn't begun yet...

She's mainly going to be a background character, but I thought I should include her. Headcanon says she's the next Changeling Queen.

Thanks. The war hasn't even begun yet, let me tell you. Discord would probably be proud of what I have planned. :trollestia:

Me: *After reading the chapter* Noice.jpg

Thanks. This chapter in particular took a lot of work, so I'm glad it paid off.

it is a manipulation is it not?

Ah. There's only one way to find out. :trollestia:

*Evil Laugh* Excellent, everything is going as planned.

Nice chapter, though it was difficult for me to be reading so many "Ah"s.

"Actual name is Prince Blueblood. Yaks call him Blue Friend. Yaks like him. You're safe."

Oh no... not that son of a-

*Transmission Interrupted*

Reanar is currently out at a Council Meeting, so I can review this chapter, I liked this one, I think that there should've been some more Chaos/Void magic here, though, Especially in the A/N


excellent chapter

Thanks. Nice to know you're enjoying this story. :twilightsmile:

Huh. That's actually a pretty good speech. Nice one.

I spent ages going over that part trying to get it to sound right, so I'm glad it paid off. Thank you, all of you. :twilightsmile::heart:

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