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Angel Midnight

We've got dents and we've got quirks but it's our flaws that make us work.


Bats are very mischievous anyway. Bat ponies are even more so. They would do almost anything for a laugh. The Royal Sisters are... Less pleased.

This is a COMMENT DRIVEN STORY, and I'd like to hear your ideas for practical jokes and OCs who you would like to see getting involved. If I don't use your idea, do not fret, because I might go back to it in the future. :pinkiesmile:

One little warning: don't get Discord involved!

Apparently, this got featured some time in July 2020 and I didn't realise it. Thank you all anyway.

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This does not bode well.

By which I mean some ponies are going to get very annoyed, but it doesn't look like the perpetrators will get in much trouble.

This is sort of what I'm hoping for. In my headcanon, the bat ponies use magic and are better at being guards than the Solar Guard. This means that they get away with stuff that the Solar Guard would be punished for. The problem is that they know this.

This is so adorably hilarious I love it. I patiently wait for more :twilightsmile:

I can't seem to be able to vote on this story. odd.


It usually takes a few votes for them to start showing up.

It now says there's 2 upvotes as of 7:20 pm in the UK, so great! Thanks everypony!

This is exactly what I needed after the bad start to my day. Thank you kindly.

Dunno, voting bar still showing up as blank for me. 0 votes in either direction.

If i remember right, it takes around five votes in total before the numbers are shown publicly. So the author can see it before then, but no one else can.

technically princess Luna had cat eyes like a bat pony when she was nightmare moon

Well, this is a thing. I believe I will enjoy this a great deal.

Luna looked down the hallway. Every bat pony in sight was sitting on the ceiling. She lowered the amount of light that her horn was emitting, and her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why in Tartarus are you all sitting on the ceiling?" She questioned. "It's rather conspicuous, after your previous joke."

Please use the right tense when you're writing these. It was almost painful reading it. :twilightoops:

Despite that, funny! Tracking.

Idea: They could coat the underside of their wings completely with sparkling glitter. At an carefully chosen time, they rise up on their rear hooves, spread their wings, and start singing and maybe dancing a dance number? All they need is to lead Luna into saying something about the moon shining and that would be the perfect setup

Sorry, I'll change that. I have a go at others for using bad grammar, so I sort of deserved that. Thank you!
You're welcome!
I think that's right, Hopeful Ink Hoof.
Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

There's something too funny about bat ponies just casually sitting on the ceiling like its the floor for no reason

Glad you like it. They did this to give Luna a small existential crisis because she has no idea if she's on the ceiling, if they are on the ceiling or if she's in a dream.

I know that but like, them being able to casually chill on the ceiling is funny in itself, like pinky levels of absurd

This is the home of classic jokes, in bat pony form.

heh nice hopefully they don't use carbonated water on Princess Luna

Echo *does evil grin* Carbonated water, you say...

What would that do? Turn the stars in her mane into bubbles?

Hmm, evil pranks loading. Wait a few days and I'll release a few chapters in one go.

WHAT?! Celestia is drinking Coffee?! Not TEA?!

She only has coffee first thing on a Monday morning.

"Eeeeeeeee? Is that yeeee, Preeencess Luna?" A bat pony mare asked, talking and echolocating at the same time.

That explains why bat ponies seem to love the letter E so much...


Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

"We need to be more careful, the princess says. That means that we can still play our jokes on whoever we like, but we MUST NOT be caught. Understood?"

It means exactly that, and nothing else.
And especially nothing like ceasing the pranks.

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Edit: We also hit 33 comments!

"VELVET WINGS!" Celestia roared. "This coffee is far too strong! Did you use the decaf or the extra strength coffee?"

To this day meteorologists are confused about an sudden, three-second lasting heatwave which rolled over Equestria that day.

She could see fine in the night then, but she lost a lot of her magic when N.M.M. was destroyed

Idea: Underwater Whoopie Cushion - it makes both sound and bubbles. Great for a shared bath with Tia in the royal bath!

I'm not taking new requests right now, but I have been asked via private message to play the whoopee cushion joke on Spoiled Rich. Whoopee cushions will definitely feature in a chapter. I'm just finishing the sequel to this chapter.

I mean...it's Spoiled Rich. When doesn't she deserve a prank like this? :rainbowlaugh:

My brother and I do something like that to each other on April Fools Day.
She deserves this, definitely.

Have a group of chickens released in the castle and number them 1 through 10 but the thing is there are only 8 of them so skip number so the palace staff are looking for those 2 missing numbers.

I love pulling harmless pranks like these, a little disruptive but intimately harmless fun

Do not worry. I told them that if they played another of their jokes on a civilian their pay would be cut, so this terrible deed will not go unpunished.

Lunar Guards: "Worth it!"
:trollestia:: "I'll also raise their pay by the same amount it had been cut."

Bahahaha! got you Spoiled Rich!

I think Luna should give her sister a hot pepper like the famous Ghost pepper I would like to see Luna and the Bat Ponies give out super hot peppers.

better yet they have hot peppers out and have a challenge of who can eat the most!

Hmmmmmm. Wait, isn't Princess Celestia scared of chickens? I watched the season 9 episode Between Dark And Dawn the other day. Oh, Celestia's face...
Oh yes!
Might use that last one...

:trollestia:: "On second thought, I might even add an small bonus to their pay. Maybe that will encourage some of my guards. Not that my guards are bad, but some of them take their pretend-to-be-a statue policy too seriously."

I read your mind. Look out for the next chapter!

PS: If you're wondering why I'm self promoting, I'm in The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau. It's a habit.

then again I dunno at times

Doorhinges, especially older ones still have these thick bolts which are easy to remove (simple with a small pin and some force. Simply remove them and set the door back in the hinges and in the frame. If you do this with a pushdoor (a door which opens away from you, they usually have the hinges on the other side) and a small push will simple cause it to fall from the frame.

used this in my country`s version of high school on a teacher who had the habit of trowing the door open with a lot of force to announce his entrance. The door made it halfway the classroom >.<
Got me a week of detention for messing with schoolproperty. But his face was worth it, wish cell-cameras where as good back then as they are now.

Static electricity. I work in an environment where static electricity is easy to charge up on unless you are grounded. Gather up a nice charge and then touch someone's arm or ear. They'll be paranoid against touching anything for a good couple of hours afterwards.

LOL! :rainbowlaugh: Old school pranks are amazing. I bet it was worth doing that. Now I could just imagine Celestia throwing the door to the breakfast room we see in A Royal Problem wide open with a hearty GOOD MORNING SISTER!!! and the door just flying across the room.

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