• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Over The Rainbow - Kwisatz-Haderach

Rainbow Dash is in heat and her Wonderbolts acceptance ceremony is tonight! What will she do?

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Rising Heat.

Over The Rainbow

By Kwisatz-Haderach.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic does not belong to me and is owned by Hasbro, The Hub, Studio B and the Great Lauren Faust. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Chapter I: Rising Heat


Lifted by Celestia’s power, the sun rose above the Equus Mountains; its sunlight rolling down its sawtoothed granite peaks and into the verdant Dream Valley below, marred only by a large, bunched-up cluster of thatch-roofed cottages with the perplexingly generic name “Ponyville.” Such was yet another day that had dawned upon Equestria since time immemorial, an event that spurred the citizens of the humble mountain town into performing the usual morning rituals of preparing breakfast, opening up shop, waking the children up and in some cases, hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock with a heavy, well-placed hoof.

Off beyond the mountain range and high above its most treacherous, knife-edged slopes, was a brilliant white city of Greco-Roman and Steampunk design called “Cloudsdale”, which was, through unknown means, built upon a bedrock of clouds that watched over nearly all of Equestria. In one of the many countless cloud-villages violently stippled across the lazuli sky like a Pollock painting, was a tall, lighthouse-like tower of white plaster and smoked glass windows. If one looked into this particular dwelling, past the obstacles of chairs, tables, a large pillowy couch, exercise equipment, Wonderbolts memorabilia and the occasional flying trophy, they would find a soft, steel-blue bed with a slumbering cyan Pegasus nestled within, still sleeping soundly.

Or so they would assumed...

Rainbow Dash was tossing and turning restlessly in her sleep, wrapped in a veritable cocoon of comforters and linens as she gently thrashed about. At first glance, it looked like she was in the throes of a terrible nightmare, but upon closer inspection, she was in the throes of...something else.

“Ohh...ohh...ohhhh...yes...” She moaned softly, speaking to an unknown pony she saw through those closed eyes. A pink blush airbrushed her face as the occasional bead of sweat dripped down from her forehead. Dash was lying on her side for only a couple minutes and was soon lying belly-first on the bed as she rolled herself over again, putting all her weight against the bed.

“Ahh...Ohhh...please, take me...take me!” She moaned again at whoever she was seeing in her dream. Sweat continued to moisten her fur as her body temperature rose from rolling around so much, wrapped in all those heavy comforters. There could be a few interpretations as to what was going on in her mind right now, but as soon as she started to grind her hips against the mattress, there was no doubt at this point, let alone subtlety...

“Ahhh! Ohhh, yes! I love you! Yes...!”

Rainbow Dash was lost in her own little erotic fantasy early this morning, offering her body to whatever invisible pony that would receive it.

In reality, nopony would have her, save for one made of frigid Linoleum.
“Ah, yes! Ride me like a--WAAH!!”


While tossing and turning around like a Pony in a straightjacket, Rainbow Dash rolled straight off of the bed and onto the cold floor below, the covers spilling over and cushioning her fall. Unfurling herself from her downy-soft wrapping, Dash shook her head and let her eyes spin around in their sockets for a moment before groggily walking over to check the calendar on the wall.

With glazed eyes, she lazily scanned through the various dates and their events. Her lunch with Pinkie Pie had come and gone, her doctor’s appointment’s a thing of the past, the Wonderbolts race had passed, her quality time with Tank was history and her sleepover with Scootaloo was thankfully over. There was just one event left in the month of May - Mating Season.

Upon reading those last words scrawled onto her Wonderbolts calendar in red marker, their exact meaning hit Rainbow Dash like a frisbee to the forehead. Her eyes bolted open with shock, her pupils dilating and eyebrows catching little beads of sweat.

“Oh. My. Gosh... Is it?! It can’t be! Mating season is already here?!” Exclaimed Rainbow Dash. “Oh no, no wonder I’ve been so horny lately, I’m in heat! What am I going to do??” Dash began to pace back and forth, trying to keep her cool. “I’ve been so busy with that appointment, that show and that annoying little runt so much, I forgot that it was coming up so soon!”

Rainbow Dash began to panic a bit as unpleasant images passed through her train of thought. “What am I going to do? Oh man, this is so uncool...This came up so suddenly, I had no time to prepare at all. And my heat feels more intense than every previous year, too! Oh, I just hope I don’t loose my- Oh NO...”

As if failing to mentally and emotionally prepare for a rather intense estrus wasn’t bad news enough, tonight was the big welcome party for Dash after she had finally been accepted into the Wonderbolts. Her acceptance ceremony, which was held in the ornate Cloudsdale Sky Pavilion, was little more than a month ago and was officially the happiest day of the life of Rainbow Dash. It was an evening of free-flowing champagne, ecstatic fans, long-winded dialogues, live music and lavish desserts that practically vanished in the blink of an eye, thanks to Soarin’. Spending a good 3 hours hanging out with Soarin’, Fleetfoot and Spitfire was a dream come true for the Cyan Pegasus.

But now that she was in the grips of an unusually strong estrus, Rainbow Dash feared that tonight would be a living nightmare.

“What if I don’t control myself?” Dash asked herself with fear deep in her voice. “What if I end up doing something totally uncool in public?! What if everypony finds out I’m a filly fooler?!” Dash then let out a gasp of pure terror. “What if I end up throwing myself at Spitfire?!”

Terrible images of Rainbow’s past flashed before her eyes. Years ago, in Cloudsdale High School, she made the terrible mistake of bringing her diary along to write in after class. A stray basketball accidentally hit her while she was writing, knocking her diary out of her hooves. The local bullies found it literally right in front of them, much to Dash’s terror. After being forced to hear her deepest secrets read aloud in a mocking voice as the other bullies pinned her down, almost everypony within earshot laughed at her, hurling homophobic taunts and insults at her. The secret revealed against her will that she was a lesbian was officially the worst day in the life of Rainbow Dash. It was from that moment on that she would never reveal her emotions in public ever again.

Dash was on the verge of the verge of tears before she came to her senses. Shaking herself back into rational thought, Rainbow’s resolve returned to her.

“No!” She declared, shaking off any tears that may have welled up. Her back stiffened as she snapped into a rigid posture that would not look out of place in an army training center. Looking in the large sheet of mirrored glass leaning against the wall towards her workout equipment, she saw herself staring back at her reflection with a scowl of determination; Like a soldier unwavering in her duties.

“Get yourself together, girl.” She said to herself, pointing at the cyan filly in the mirror. “You are Rainbow Dash: future Wonderbolt. You have gotten through periods of estrus without breaking a sweat before and by Celestia, you can get through this one, too! You are the Element of Loyalty and you will stay loyal to your duties and your friends even if it kills you! No ifs, ands or buts about it!” Dash then struck a pose of self-confidence - chin lifted high, back straightened and hoof on her chest. She felt invincible if not made of reinforced steel so great was her resolve! She envisioned herself as one of her fearless heroines, Daring Do, bravely making her way through the treacherous, trap-filled temple of hormones to retrieve the legendary amulet of...something she hasn’t figured out quite yet, but she figured that “The Amulet of Not-Being-So-Horny” would have to do for her fantasy’s McGuffin for now. She felt ready to take on the world!

That is, until she heard feminine giggling outside her house.

Opening a ruby-colored eye towards the window without breaking her pose, she saw Lyra and Bon Bon sitting on the ivory terrace of a nearby cafe, gossiping and giggling in shifts. Why they were in Cloudsdale of all places was a mystery to her, but there they were: Ponyville’s most popular lesbian couple, rubbing noses and blushing bright shades of rosy pink. Although their conversations were difficult to hear at best, Rainbow Dash could clearly tell from the tone of Lyra’s upbeat voice and Bon Bon’s thick Manehatten accent that whatever they were talking about, it sure was juicy.

The sight and sound of the two flirting made Dash’s heart pound like a Taiko drum, making her face scrunch up and bleed beads of cold, nervous sweat. It reminded her of what her heart had been missing out on: being in the arms of another mare. Somepony to share her life with, to have and to hold, to feel hot kisses trailing their way down to her-


Rainbow Dash panicked; startled by her own outburst and leaning against the window that she just boarded, nailed, riveted, glued, locked and welded shut within the span of ten seconds flat. Panting heavily, her lungs shrank and swelled with deep gasps for air as she feared losing control over her hormones; bathwater-cold chills jolting through her body like a tesla coil.

“I...I gotta...Maybe I should go talk to Twilight.” Breathed Rainbow Dash between forced intakes of air. Frigid sweat rolled down her coat. “Yeah...That’s, that sounds like a good plan... An egghead like her should know what to do in a time like this!”

Dash blushed, realizing just who she was speaking to.

“Oh man, now I’m talking to myself...I gotta get some air!”

And on that awkward note, Rainbow Dash bolted out an open window with a flash of color and the force of an F-14 Tomcat, soaring through the cold morning air down to Ponyville, ignoring the postal worker who got stuck in her mailbox...again.

“Is that you, Rainbow Dash? I got stuck again and my plot’s starting to feel funny!” Called Derpy.

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