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Most of the time punishments are done as quickly as possible to be done with it. Twilight however always has ensured that anything she did was done to perfection.

So when her punishment is to clean armor, she decided to ensure she cleaned every suit. Including ones that were locked up.

But in a magical world, sometimes things aren't what they appear.

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Yeah. Pretty spooky one-shot AU, but I have to say I could see where Twilight would insist on a punishment for running a bit late. But Sunset Shimmer ending up trapped inside enchanted armor? Definitely nerve-wracking (especially since Sunset only remembers her own name).

All in all, though, entertaining one shot; scary without being violent, which I can definitely respect.

I would love to but I don't have any ideas. It was just an idea I needed to get out of my head. So, yeah. Sorry. Prob won't happen.

Woah. That's cool, and a bit disturbing. The way I see it, since the armor looks to be ancient, at least castle of the 2 sisters ancient, instead of getting sent to another world, sunset got sent back in time, took the mantle of the Sun's Sword, or Celestia's Warrior, and fought her enemies with magical knowledge from the future (and the forbidden section) slaying all in her path.
Sunset knew that celestia wouldn't know who she was, so she used an alias to prevent the possible paradox of being recognized when she became her student.
After becoming the uncontested ruler of the battlefield, she was granted the special armor. Enchanted to protect its wearer at all costs, and adapt to its user.
After approximately 150 years, fighting for celestia, her and the armor became one in spirit. Through its continuous adaptation and learning, and through many protections of soul shattering attacks, it began to house a fragment of sunset's soul, and that began to grow, learn, adapt, and become almost sentient.
Sunset was getting on in her years, as far as unicorns went, and she was nearing the end of her serviceable career.
So what better way for the armor to protect it's user than to house more of their ageless soul, and make itself into a partial phylactery, in essence, stopping sunset's aging.
But when you have hundreds of years of repressed hate for the one you serve, there isn't much keeping it contained and filtered.
So when the soul was taken further into the armor, it stopped being a filter for emotions, and all that repressed, fermented, and distilled anger, hate, and rage came boiling back to the surface, it expressed itself as dark magic.
Seeing her prized warrior consumed by the darkness, she had luna help her use the elements on her. And since, up to this point, the pony princesses used the Elements of Harmony only as a hammer, they couldn't purify her of the rage. So, like a hammer does, it smashes things.
Sunset's body was vaporized like Sombras, and her soul was scattered across the land, taking residence wherever it could.
Some pieces turned into flame antrinochs, some bound themselves to objects, others went inside other creatures, and depending on the fragment, each acted differently.
One fragment of envy, and distrust of celestia, landed itself in Luna, turning darker and becoming the nightmare.
More still, went to join the comparitively large chunk of soul still safely residing in the armor, giving it that final push to the edge of sentience.
Through the fall of luna, and the thousand years until sunset's birth, the Armor sat in storage, collecting dust, and maintaining itself through the ambient mana in the near ancient storage room.
In the Armor's time in celestia's care, it was only moved twice, and never properly taken care of, due to it being a horrible reminder of the legendary Sun's Sword, and her depressing fall.
In all that time, it was never touched, until one day, a curious little unicorn, wanted to clean all of the armor in the castle.

That is a lot of backstory, none of which match what I came up with XD Cool AF though.

Initially my idea was that Sunset happened MUCH earlier in the timeline than in canon.

The next part I'm not sure about. I was thinking maybe Sunset tried to steal the armor for protection when she went through the portal. She's used to a more violent world so it'd be silly to just jump through without anything to ensure her safety. But the armor was cursed. That was why it was locked away. Not because it was heavily enchanted like she thought. With no one entering the locked room, the dust collected more and more, fading her thoughts away slowly. She could feel things becoming more hazy as it went on. It was a years long, terrifying process of losing herself. She felt abandoned. But just like everything else she knew, that hate faded into nothing until eventually she stopped thinking.

idk. Something like that.

your idea would be pretty cool though!

Thanks, I thought it would give a good motivation for the sentient armor and twilight to go on a trip across equestria together, fighting bad guys and reclaiming sunset's soul pieces and memories, and helping her work through her trauma. In the end, she'd probably be immortal and very powerful. With twilight learning along the way, but not getting as powerful. Anything could happen.

Yee. I kinda just liked the idea of Dullahan.

Also just realized I should prob spoiler everything so it's not revealed to those who haven't read.

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