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Sunset the girl who traveled though a magical mirror.
She seeks a way home with the help of a wanted scarecrow named Nomad.
Little does she know the king EL-Ray is hunting them.
And his governors have magic in this magicless would.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 13 )

Good start cant wait to see more and how Sunset will interact with the world of Nowhere

Good start on this story.

You're welcome. And I pretty sure the red-haired girl is spell Skout.

You're welcome.


Dose sunset still have her magic?:rainbowhuh: It would make scene even if she has to relearn how to use it in this world.:applejackunsure:

Yes sunset still has her magic although probably in a weakened state considering that in the world of Nowhere magic is either stolen or hiding

Forgive the question, but what IS Nowhere? A manga? Anime? TV show?

It's a internet series by rooster teeth. Series name is nomad of nowhere.

I haven’t decided if Sunset still has magic.
Odds are it’s gonna be a yes.

OMG, this was a good read.

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