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I write stories mainly featuring small horses having sex with one another, and that is probably all you really need to know about me.

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I love it the town at the end of the rainbow has a great sex life

Well, thanks, but two problems with this link. First, Midwestern and Southern are different accents. Second, I can't trust any website that claims that Sindarin and Quenya were created by Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings. I think everyone knows that Tolkien created the Elivish languages long before he even wrote The Hobbit, and to claim otherwise is just, frankly, ridiculous.

How am I supposed to have fun with translations in the face of such blatant absurdity?

You think a whole town loses its color just because everyone's a little grumpy? Obviously the real problem was that everyone stopped getting laid, and color only returned after the main 6 came and lead a town wide orgy.

I loved this. And I totally thought that torque and AJ fucked during Rainbow roadtrip

Oh totally, just look at them in this pic. They're absolutely eyeing each other up.
Anyway, glad you enjoyed the fic, given you basically inspired it with your request.

I mean, we already know AJ likes spending time at one end of the Rainbow or another, I could see her taking an extended stay with a fellow too-sensible workaholic. :-p

The best worst thing about all this is that I picked up Skyrim for the first time a couple weeks ago, and half the Nords sound just like this...

Oh yah, used to be an adventurer like you, dontcha know? 'Cept then I took an arrow to the knee and all, eh?

Oh, well, how's it goin there then, Dragonborn? Been up to the Cloud District recently? Ope, well look at me going on then, why dontcha? Course ya haven't.

This is great. Not enough clopfics of the Rainbow Roadtrip characters. Glad that you chose to continue this with a sequel.

It was still great. I understand how hard it can be doing more than two ponies.

Here in Indiana, we say ‘Ope!’ Whenever something doesn’t go right or we accidentally drop something. Soda is also called ‘pop’ here.

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