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>Dead Dove, Do Not Eat!
>does pistol whipping count as impact play
Also nice to have well written FO:E content with the characters actually in character. Say it aint so!

Damn nice. Instant fav


Not usually my cup of tea, but this was definitely worth the read. I may need to revisit it when I get more time to myself.~ :raritywink:

Thank you for giving this a shot!

Thank you both very much!

I am very glad you enjoyed it! Fallout Equestria is not my favorite universe, but the characters were very fun to write.

Great read! Great dialog! Felt true to the OG with how it was subtle in the descriptions, but not so little, that its leaveing it up to the imagination.

This was hot and all, but not at all even close to a dead dove fic. It's actually pretty sweet. It's not what I'd hoped for from the synopsis, but it was nice.

Hella kinky stuff. Glad I gave it a try, it was well worth it!

Damn this really was amazing

This was… Wow. I need you to keep writing, mysterious author person. I feel like I had all of my buttons pushed, with a side of nostalgia from first reading Fallout: Equestria, and tasteful delivery on top of all of that. I didn’t once pause and say to myself, “The author’s probably a douchebag”. The dove may have been dead, but I ate it up, and I LOVED that ending so much.

On an semi-unrelated note, does anyone know where I can find more of this? Masochism-submission + dub-con / non-con from a female PoV? Preferably written by a woman.

The phrase "Dead dove: do not eat" does not imply how dark and controversial the subject matter gets; it's merely a reminder to people to read the content warnings and be aware that if it's something they don't like, it's up to them to not read it and isn't my fault if they do.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Still looking for fics like this, as it's something I'd love to read more of, but if I think of any ones that stand out, I'll let you know!

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