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Just when it´s Twilight´s coronation, the Legion of Doom and Grogar step in, creating the biggest challenge Twilight and her friends have ever faced. But they´ll discover they are not alone in this and that there´s still hope for Equestria.

Cover image by AleximusPrime

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 149 )

Can you make sure Chrysalis and Cozy Glow reform in it? PLEASE?!! ;-;

I will give it a thumbs up and favorite if you do. :(

As well as add you to my follow list. ^^'

I hope for a better ending and a better battle than the show.

How often r u going to write?

It needs to be a good reform then

I can understand why you would want Cozy Glow to be reform considering that she’s just a child, but why would you want Chrysalis to be reformed, especially after how she manipulated twilights friends and family into between her?

Is this story in any way based off of The Ending of the End - Love and Tolerance Edition?

Exactly. She was offered a chance to reform and rejected it.

Because.... I hate how Chrysalis is the only evil changeling left. It ain't right for her to be lonely and not being with the reformed changelings. ;-;

10327789 And what about Tirek? Do you honestly think that after he thrice conspired to steal the magic of Equestria for himself that he's willing to reform?

Apart from a few misspells and grammatical errors, this is looking to be mighty fine! Hope to see the next chapter soon!

I say revenge on the one creature who got him sent to Tartarus by squealing his plans and let his old home be destroyed; His brother, Scorpan.

My man is at it again... good job. I’m rooting for Grogar in this story.

Oh, and great The Lion King references!

Ha ha! Thank you! :twilightsmile:. I just can´t with the Lion King, is my favourite disney movie :twilightblush:

You’re welcome! And beautiful title too! Love it!

Discord just met his father and he is SCREWED!!!

Grogar as Discord's father? Things just got complicated! :twilightoops:

there´s still hoper for Equestria.

Don't you mean hope?

Grogar is the father of all monsters, whose to say he didn’t create Discord?

10341098 I've kind of had a similar idea, though more in line with the song "Starswirl's Frankenstein" in that Discord was created by Grogar to be the perfect monster. But Discord developed free will and became too powerful for Grogar to control.

Or Discord back stabbed Grogar by telling Gusty to steal his bell

You´re darn right. Let me fix that. :twilightblush:

This is way better than the episode itself! Revenge in a row, revenge on a kingdom and revenge on a school; this chapter is badass.

I love the chapter
I look forward to the next one!

Few things
1. How long can Gargoyles live since wasn’t Tirek in Taraturus for like 1000 years
2. I rly expected the Changelings to be under mind control for Chrysalis to control them but Thorax seems fine
3. Wait a new Alicorn gets defeated by a unicorn who did crystaling a unicorn that is basically a magician and a unicorn that could take cutie marks and change the past ok fair enough


Some of these are just headcannons of mine, since the series didn´t treat this:

1. I think gargoyles live the same as Celestia and Luna, whom I believe that they´re not inmortal but have a long life span.

2. It will be explained next chapter.

3. Even though Cozy is an alicorn, she doesn´t have enough experience and skill as the three of them, specially Starlight. Cozy´s powerful and has a good target, but she´s not able to confront many enemies at once. I think that´s something that comes with practice.

Hope to have clarified everything :twilightsmile:

Ok cool but how often do u upload chapters

Every Saturday or Sunday (my local time is different to the American´s, so I have no idea whether is Saturday or Sunday in America :twilightblush:)

Comment posted by Unknown666 deleted July 27th

The real Father of Monsters has made his appearance. Also that part with Tirek and Chrysalis, was this your inspiration for that part?

Comment posted by Unknown666 deleted August 3rd

More like the 'ENDGAME' begins.

What’s Grogar gonna do to Tirek, Cozy and Chrysalis? Also will Discord tell why he left his father?

I’m smiling sadistically on all of this... seeing my boy Grogar is always satisfying.

Good job.

10386895 I think it's obvious from what Discord said here. Grogar only created Discord to be a puppet, another monster for him to control. And Discord didn't want that, Discord wanted to be free.

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