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Hmm, interesting movies about space demons. I'm curious.

I swear this sounds like the plot of every harem anime lol

This story is very interesting so far. Keep up the good work!

This is a neat start. I love Spike's home and day life at school, as well as his friends. It's a cool representation of Equestria meets Onward with all mythological creatures living together. I'm definitely keeping track of this.

Glad your liking it so far Wildcard. What are your thoughts on Starlight, Trixie, Moon Dancer, and Gleaming, and Fleur being elves?

Very interesting in making them elves since that's also another type of magical creature, though Gleaming Shield, is that Rule 63 Shining Armor?

Indeed it is. I've been thinking of making her and Spike's relationship similar to Kazuya and Kazumi's from Tsugumomo.

Cool. I asked because some sites claimed her to be the princess daughter of Shining and Cadence, or Celestia and another

I'm gonna put this on read later, but this story seems very enticing and interesting. I look forward to it's development!

This is a very interesting story that I read so far. Keep at it, man. :twilightsmile:

This was epically interesting beginning I can't wait to see where this goes (no rush).

As someone who had to stop and look up nearly every race mentioned, you did a good job with this first chapter. Tracked for the future.

Really interesting here.

Can't wait to see how Spike would end up meeting Luna and those shipping scenes given how this is a Spike harem fic that also got posted in the Spike x Luna group there.

Those characters remind me of the anime Freezing, but im happy Gleaming is gonna be alive; in the anime Katsuya is there because of his late older sister, who sacrificed herself saving the world from aliens. Though, I have to wonder--if im am accurate, who would be the Satellizer el Bridgette character if Spike can be cosidered Katsuya?

If you are in the dark about Freezing, look it up on Google and watch a couple of episodes.

Comment posted by Soviet propaganda deleted Mar 17th, 2021

I do know about Freezing and my opinions of it are...mixed.

So far things are looking pretty interesting! Curious to see what happens.

I agree it's hard to come up with rhyming lines for Zecora, so good call. And I like how you incorporated Potion Nova into the mix. She may be good with potions, but if she's not careful they can have very strange consequences.

Okay, things are getting interesting. Hope that the next chapter will be even more interesting.

Just then, the two notice the horse creatures spreading their mighty wings and fly away, the flaps unleashing gusts of wind that shook the screen. The girls also get to see the full display of horse creatures' wings, the purple eyed one had wings like that of an owl, the yellow eyed one were akin to a swan's, and the most shocking of all, the blue eyed one's resembled a bat's.

I first misread this paragraph that the description of Luna's wings suddenly changed from owl to bat, then I realised that it was Twilight who had the owl wings. Aside from that, doesn't this technically make Luna part Thestral?

Also, will Cadence be an Alicorn in this story?


Aside from that, doesn't this technically make Luna part Thestral?

I thought It would be interesting to give her bat wings since some fan arts of her usually depicts her having bat wings.

Also, will Cadence be an Alicorn in this story?

Not as an alicorn, no.

This was a beyond fun and awesomely chill chapter with a beyond epic hype induceing end. I hope Nova jions the harem to.

I just find it interesting that Lyra and Bon Bon were the ones to pick up the trail of Celestia and Luna before Spike did.

I mean it makes sense given their obsession with the supernatural, but I do find it interesting that they found the sister's trail before they met Spike and he had to worry about hiding them or something...

Bare in mind, this is before Spike runs into the alicorns.

That's what I'm saying: I just find it interesting that it wasn't the main character that first discovered proof of the other two main characters. You don't see a lot of that in most stories and I respect you doing something different.

Thanks, but yeah I'm trying to take things nice and slow right now. I want to establish what life Spike has and the kind of world he lives in.

Good choice, you should never rush a good story!

And don't forget, Twilight is with Celestia and Luna as well.

Nice reference to the healing potion ingredients from harry potter wizards unite and the minecraft potion ingredients. Also understand the changes from dragon liver to stradodon liver for obvious reasons.

When the chapter eventually comes for the Alicorns to reveal themselves after rescuing Spike, wouldn't their appearance be instantly made public, and not just to him? They're the size of apartment buildings, according to your description.

Thanks, so what are your thoughts on the Alicorns being giants?

Sounds neat. I always enjoy a good giantess scenario

Well this is interesting. Really good stuff and I want to see more.

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Also, is that Unicorn from the beginning supposed to be a romantic interest as well or something?

You'll see.

Final question, I promise, who is Gleaming supposed to be to Spike again?

Gleaming is a R63 Shining Armor. I'm thinking of making their relationship somewhat similar to Kazuya's and Kazumi's from Tsugumomo.

Mmk. Also, I'm still confused on that, I can't find anything that properly explains it, what with my Wifi acting up still. Can you PM me an explanation maybe?

"Hey girls." Spike said as he finally showed up. On his plate was a bacon cheeseburger with seasoned curly fries on the side and a Mountain Dew for a drink.

My kind of meal. But I'd replace the curly fries for Chex Mix.

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