• Published 9th Jul 2020
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One little Sunset - Grand-Galvatron

Celestia and Luna find a little box in an alley-way, little do they know that what's inside will change their lives forever.

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Chapter 1: The Baby-Sitter

Half a year later

It was early Monday, and Celestia and Luna were busy trying to get dressed so they could get to Canterlot High on time, as they were the principles of the high school. As they were about to leave, Celestia then saw Sunset in her crib, sleeping peacefully.

Celestia then told Luna, "Sister, you know that we can't leave Sunset all on her lonesome. I think we need to call a babysitter to keep her company, and I know just to person to do it." Celestia said as she went over to the table to grab her phone. She then dialed and waited for an answer. Then when the phone picked up, she heard the voice of one of her best friends, Twilight Velvet.

"Hello, this is Velvet, how may I help you?" Velvet said.

"Hello Velvet, this is Celestia," Celestia said.

"Oh Celestia, oh my gosh how have you been? I haven't seen you around for a while now, tell me, how was your trip to the beach?" Velvet asked her. "Oh don't worry Velvet, we had a good time over there on the South Manehatten coast. I was wanting to call you so I could ask you to do a little favor for me." Celestia said.

"We found and are now raising a child, her name is Sunset Shimmer, and I was going to ask if you could a little babysitting for us," said Celestia.

Over on Velvet's end, when she heard what Celestia had said, she started jumping for joy in excitement. "OH CELESTIA, I'D LOVE TO BABYSIT FOR YOU, this will be a good chance for my little Twilight to have her first playmate," Velvet joyfully said as she turned to see little Twilight playing with a few alphabets blocks, "So, when do you want me to come over? I can be at your place in about 10-15 minutes." "Well, since my sister and I need to go to work right now, how about come over right now," Celestia said. "Alright, I'll get Twilight, pack a few snacks and toys with me, and then I'll be on my way," Velvet said as she hung up the phone. "Did you hear that Twi, you're about to have your very first friend, isn't that great," Velvet said to her little daughter. Twilight responded by jumping up and down and laughing. "Well let's get a move on, we don't want to keep them waiting do we." Velvet said as they got in the car and left for Celestia's house. Little did anyone know that this little babysitting errand would be the start of a long and great friendship between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle.

"Ahh, we're finally here," Velvet said as she parked her car in front of Celestia and Luna's drive-way. Once Velvet got out of the car and had gently gotten Twilight, who seemed to have fallen asleep in the back seat, she walked up to the front entrance, where Celestia was waiting for her. "Oh, is that little Twilight," Celestia said, as she saw the sleeping toddler in her stroller. "Why yes, she is. Isn't she such an angel, I must have been gifted to have a child as adorable as her," Velvet said. You're correct about that, I'm sure Sunset will really like her. Oh, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be keeping you two out in this heat, come in come in." Celestia said as she opened the front door. As soon as Velvet came into the house, she placed Twilight gently on the living room rug and walked back to Celestia for any instructions.

While this was happening, Twilight woke up from her nap, letting out a long yawn as she stretched her arms and legs. Then she started looking around, examining her new environment. Then Twilight spotted a nearby toy lying on the floor, and as she crawled over to get the toy, she noticed a small figure staring back at her, at first Twilight was a little confused, as she was trying to figure out what the new person was, but then, when both Sunset and Twilight made eye contact with each other, their eyes both glistened like something just sparked inside of them as if some kind of bond was formed between the two. Just as Twilight was about to move, Velvet came into the room and saw what her little daughter was doing.

Aww, well isn't that cute, you're liking each other already. Why, I got some activities that I think both of you will enjoy," Velvet said as she put a big bag on the floor. First, Velvet got out some toys and alphabet blocks to play, but surprisingly, Sunset and Twilight used the alphabet blocks to construct a little tower, then, the three of them watched funny kids shows on the tv, both Sunset and Twilight were both laughing their little heads while they watched the show. It was like no matter what activity was being done, they both always did the activities together, it just warmed Velvet's heart to see them doing all of the activities together.

5 hours later

Celestia and Luna returned home after a long day at Canterlot high. "Ohh, I hope Sunset hasn't caused too much trouble today," Luna said with a cautious expression on her face. "Oh, Luna, don't fret, I'm sure that everything turned out ok," Celestia said, giving Luna a little bit of relief. When they opened the front door, they expected the babies to be crying their heads off, but what they saw was Sunset and Twilight laid down together as they were both in a deep sleep.

"Wow, all those activities we did really took a lot out of them. They fell asleep fifteen minutes before you two came back." Velvet said to Celestia and Luna. "So, how was everything today? Did Sunset behave well?" Luna asked. "Oh, they were just wonderful, the most well-behaved children that you will ever see." Velvet said in a joyous tone of voice. "Wow, did not expect that," Luna said. "Well, I'm glad that everything turned out ok, thank you so much for coming over, it means a lot to us," Celestia said as Velvet was putting Twilight back in the car. "Oh, don't mention it, I had such a fun time. Tell you what, whenever you need me to babysit again, just give me a call and I'll be there." Velvet said as she was getting into her car. Well, I guess this is goodbye, for now, Goodbye Velvet and little Twilight," Celestia said. Goodbye Celes," Velvet said one last time before she closed the door to her car and headed back home.

Author's Note:

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