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This story takes place during the episode "imagination Manifestation"

The strange magenta dress Rarity magically placed on Rainbow Dash seemed to have some strange possession magic left over from the mysterious book Spike found. Not only does she now want to wear it the dress is making her act more like a fashion model and the longer she has it on the more her personality is changing. While Twilight is finding any way to help Rainbow Dash get back to normal Rarity is enjoying the new Rainbow Dash too much and this could be making things worse.

Cover Art: I don't know who made this the artist was from Bronycon last year

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I kind of hope that, when this does end, it gets a followup where Rarity ends up acting like a tomboy like Dash for a while

Tagline should have been "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style." :P

Dang...I should've thought of that lol I can credit you if I use it :twilightsheepish:

She took her friend by the neck area of her dress and dragged her across the sky. As Rainbow Dash was getting excited, finally hoping this curse can be broken soon as she squealed, "yes, I can't wait to show Rarity how well this dress looks on more!"

I think that was auto-correct, probably meant moi.

Heh, you actually did it! I was gonna say it's a pretty common meme, so I wouldn't be the one to credit, but it looks like you picked up on that.

The idea here is solid, but it needs a proof-reading pass and some beta readers. I think there's a group on here somewhere for the latter.

Possible solution: Getting Rainbow to change into a different dress before the dress can think about it too much.

Not sure about Thunderlane's persistance here. He has to know something is wrong. I do however, have an interesting vision of how that subplot could wind up:
Since Thunderlane is falling for what is basically Rainbow acting like Rarity, when Rainbow explains, she might have the idea to set the two of them up... and then Rarity starts acting like Rainbow Dash on their date. :P

i know normally I would pay someone to look over my stories. But this one is a short simple sweet story and I really don't feel like spending money on a proofreader for this one.

I meant there's a group on here somewhere that does it for free. I'd volunteer but I've got my hands in a few too many stews already right now. I think I just mixed metaphors.
Anway, try here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/27/the-proofreader-group/
There are almost certainly others that's just what came up first.

Looks like the group doesnt exost anymore

Well darn. There's probably others though. Heck I've gotten friends or family to proofread my stuff before... though they're reluctant to do more than point out spelling and grammar errors, of course.

Thanks for the help but i'll be fine. My family wouldn't be an option in proofreading. In truth I have studied grammar for a few years and Ive gotten better. But I keep falling on my gut most of the time in figuring things out or how to make my writing better.

Welp, alright then. Maybe an auto-checker program like on google docs? Regardless, good luck.

Lol I pay over a $100 a year on Grammarly and run my docs through it all the time.

Well ok then. I always turn off auto-corrects so I wouldn't know how well those work anyway.

I liked it. had to re-watch the episode and stop at that part. :twilightsheepish: Oh, when will the sequel to "dashie the rainbow reindeer" be out?

Im sorry it took so long but I'm finally writing the end to this story. :twilightsheepish:

I hope this gets a sequel that shows Rarity being a maid.

Yup, I have an actual idea for it lol. Thanks for reading, more maid fics will be coming soon.

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