• Published 9th Jul 2020
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Of Two Worlds - Pacifika

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Austrian here (we speak German too): just a little thing:
We don't use "Gute Nacht!" as a greeting. Maybe "Guten Abend", but that would be rather formal. Younger people would just say "Hi!"
Other greetings might depend on the local dialect. E.g. "Grüß Gott" for Austria and South Germany.

That's a good point. We don't really walk around the US going 'Good Evening' either. (Picturing every old timey British show I've ever seen here.) That seems clunky. Possibly worth an edit. Again, I wanted to keep that part as short as possible lol.

Thanks for pointing it out though!!!

Her voice took on an odd, almost blaise tone.

Did you mean blasé?

The German’s fine, but it’s textbook German, very formal. “Wie gehts?” would be a common saying, basically “What’s up?”

That said, it looks kosher, I had three and a half years of it.

Sadly I took two years in high school. That was only.....a hojillion years ago. Those brain cells are now occupied mostly by Pony and beer.

No problem :)

Not one bit of concern over the cargo container she was responsible for?

Caden is very interested in what's in it. She's a little more occupied with the world switching shenanigans. I will be circling back around to what's in the container though. :)

First I was thinking it's a Child or Cadens Mom in an Car, but the Description sounded alreary much like an Container.

Pinkie bounded forward and waved at Hanna, who promptly waved back. They shared enormous, toothy grins. “I think she seems super nice! I like her energy!


Equestia is not ready for two Pinkie Pies!^^

German here.
The Trasnlation was ok.
To “Hallo! Hallo! Guten Nacht!”, usual we say "Guten Tag" (Good Day) if we not know what time it is, because it's neutral.
If we know the Time or see the Brighness outside we say "Guten Morgen" (Good Morning) or "Guten Abend" (Good Evening).
"Guten Abend" and "Gute Nacht" (Good Night) are usual forms of a Good Bye, depending on the Time and "Guten Morgen" and "Guten Tag" we use to welcome someone.
German is a bit complex, special if we are able to fill an entire Page with just a single Word.
We call this "Kofferworte" (Luggage Words), where someone had the strage Idea to press as much Informations as possible in a single Word.
The Greetings of Hanna is very formal, but ok.
Her Name not realy fit a Child from India, a Name like Saanvi, Rahi or Suri would fit more, even if one of the Parents is German.
I think People in India could have some Problems with german Names and it would not made much sense if she is born and lived 14 Years in India without an indian Name.

Mærsk is well known.
The Description of "palettes of shrink wrapped boxes" tell me its maybe a Shipment of Electronics or industial Parts.
I not think theres anything Dangerous in it.
I not think there are Military Equipment in it (it would be Boxed in Crates), they are a big version of Cargo Services like DHL or UPS.
the Cargo can be Vacuum Cleaners, Flatscreen TV, Smartphones, Food, Clothes, Car Parts and many more.
I think the Container will not have any impact on the Story.

I mean, the girl IS responsible for that container, being the only person from the port authority present...

Thank you for all the feedback! I don't plan on using languages other than English if I can help it. I do actually have a reason her name is German and not Indian and you guessed at it a bit. Backstory to come!! Again, thank you so much!!

Finally got caught up and gotta say I'm really looking forward to some more to this tale

Thanks so much!! More coming soon! Glad you're enjoying it!

This chapter is really good, im actually very curious as to whats gonna happen next. :pinkiegasp:

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