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The human condition comes with the symptoms of struggles, tragedy, and hatred; with a few rays of hope shining down, only to illuminate the true darkness that lurks among us all. Even with these existential nightmares, we must push on, accepting that this is indeed reality, the true world we experience every single day.


At least, that's what two friends keep telling themselves, as they're plunged deeper and deeper into a pony induced psychosis.

-Cover art by the idiot writing it
-Hoping to update regularly
-Tags added as story continues

Featured 1/24/21-Let's go boys.

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I am enjoying the story so far. :heart:

"According to our brains, and those brownies, we've been spat out into a forest," Louis examined himself, "and we're still horses." He then got up, attempting to stretch out his stubby limbs.

I'd be remiss if i didn't adnit this. Though it wasn't -as such- enirely our faults that this happened.

We run a small business of sorts; previously a B&B, but since last year, we're doing more group bookings. Anyway, after one group left, they left behind some individually wrapped brownies. I think you can see where this is going.

My father ate one and had a terrible night. I had two and for the next couple of days wasn't sure that I existed. :pinkiesick:

Nothing worse happened, thank Celestia, but still.

In the remnants of their residence's recent removal from existence, they were now standing on a beaten path within the forest. The trees towered around them, tops touching the sky as their gnarly roots gouged into the grassy surface. Impenetrable walls built from the bricks of brown and green foliage made looking through the clusters of tree trunks near impossible. The air was thick with a misty fog that seemed to decrease in transparency the deeper you delved into the depths of the forest. Smells of plants, both familiar and alien wafted into his nostrils, filling them with the sweet seductive scent of berries and flowers. His ears twitched to the sounds of rustling leaves, menacing creatures that lie in wait. Though not a cloud hung in the sky, the land was smothered in a blanket of palpable dread pouring out of every nook and cranny.

To channel my second favourite non-pony character, "Welcome to the forest Everfree. Many of its denizens you do not want to see. You'd better seek shelter rather quickly, or else, well... It's you I would rather not be."

Free …”Everfree…” Louis found these words mumbling from his mouth.

Called it.

Finally read the story it was a lot of fun to read through especially the transformation process. The story so far is pretty interesting so fare despite being a the WTF phase with two bone heads not having a proper grasp of the situation yet and just encountered Twilight and Starlight in just the moment showing that this takes place at least in season 6 or higher. Now with a story focused on two stoned morons in Equestia this is shaping up to be a very interesting setup for a story. I wonder what are their cutie marks significance to them and if any of it can be applied to them. I wonder what would happen if they eat more of those brownies in the future?

Also if you are ever looking to commission your own story cover art you can PM, you can see me DA gallery here and my Youtube Channel here.

Good luck on your story, and can'T wait to see more of it.

Louis looked at him carefully, then to the rest of the room, "Nope, I'm still seeing everything, man." He plopped himself on the bed, pulling the covers over him, "But at this point I don't care, we'll deal with all of this tomorrow when our heads are screwed on correctly."

Somepony's in denial~. :ajsmug:

Huh, this is certainly an interesting start. Pretty curious on where this’ll end up going.

Wow, that was one heck of a chapter. Also a little horrifying to read that detailed transformation. Those brownies were certainly something else.

Those two are in for a rude awakening tomorrow. The only question is will they keep rationalizing it as them tripping out still and hallucinating an entire world somehow or will one of them realize that this is actually real.

fun chapter, not much speculation going on looks like they really are in Equestria now and are the princesses welcomed guests.

Awesome chapter I was haft expecting Luna to come in the dreams a few times. I can't wait to see what other twisted dreams he will get from them, maybe he will start to have weird dreams with Yellow Mellow next. I wonder what Twilight will do with them, not sure why they felt they needed to help those two out in the first place other then looking life vagrants?

Dang, that was a crazy nightmare. Great chapter and now I’m really curious about the future chapters if you need to add a gore tag.

Feverland! The best non-euclidean dreampark. It's so good, you'll swear you keep waking up from it.

Fun chapter, I did greatly enjoy all the speculation of being some toy by a child with good like powers, and thinking that he is falling into some mind alteration. I can wait to see where else his paranoid mind will lead him to later on. At the moment while I do very much like the introspection I am worried that doing this might lead to the slowing down of the progression of the plot not that I am actually complaining, it's just a concern for me. I would wonder what they will be doing after they are done with breakfast, will they be kicked out to fend for themselves or will Twilight want or need them in some manner other then the friendship problem which they could mistakenly take it as more of a couples relation then actual psychological distress on their part? I don' t think They would think of staying in the castle for very long unless they realize Twilight is a princess or that she is a full on arch mage with incredible power which they think they could use to go home again, they would need a demonstration of her powers. I would guess they might try to ask Starlight and Twilight in as much information about Equestria in a not so sublet way that they could eventually realize that they aren't from around here.

Ambrose waved an arm in his face, trying his absolute best to keep him under control, “Lou, I need you to breathe.” Louis began to breathe. Quickly. Very quickly, as he eventually descended into a fit of hyperventilation. Ambrose groaned, “Not like that.”

To quote Twilight in the MLP movie, "Ohm... My goodness I can't handle this!"

This is great so far!! I love the characters, I’m totally hooked

When you say you live in a crystal castle, it’s a given that rooms of necessity would be just as garish as they are ginormous, to which this was no exception.

The dining hall seemed to stretch forever, ceiling scrapping the sky like treetops.

Louis turned to her, “Like I said, 4 left hooves,” He stuck his tongue out at Ambrose, “When I was there, the thing I appreciated most was the uh-rather lax law enforcement when it came to certain indulgences , heh heh” He chuckled as Ambrose rolled his eyes. Starlight cocked an eyebrow but didn’t seem too phased by the comment.

That's f-a-z-e-d.

"We got pretty lucky having this tour fall on today, the weather teams had this huge thunderstorm a few days ago. But today, clear sunny skies!" Twilight cheered, unfurling her wings for full dramatic effect.

No, no. Sunny Skies is back in Hope's Hollow. :trollestia:

"I, Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship , welcome you to Ponyville!"

Random vivid visions that take over reality for a moment? Seems completely normal and not a sign of things to come at all.

Also how in the world did Twilight get Spike absolutely covered in flour from baking pancakes?

Yeah more proof they both need to be sent to the Happy Farm

You would not believe how often i see that mistake made.

Interesting chapter looks like Vanilla and Mellow are real ponies from Equestria sense there is a reference. Either they just has their souls transferred to ponies who had similar histories that just so happen to be in the Everfree Forest, that they are direct analogues of their souls they traded, they are actually possessing the ponies, they could have a history just written about them by some cosmic magic when they arrived as if this universe has to have some sense in introducing new souls about them which just so happen to have affected RP. And now that their romances is implied between them they will start getting them to wonder if their might have been something between, and get them to further fall into that endless pit of madness further regrinding they increasingly dubious grip on their sanity. Great chapter it was good to finally get them to explore Ponyville and see what they think of it all.

Of course I am , “Oh uh-alrighty then.” He turned to Ambrose, constructing a mask of false confidence, “Well, I’ll be seeing you soon, Mellow. You two don’t have too much fun without us!” He finished attempting to shoot finger guns. Unfortunately they had jammed, painting his targets with only confused expressions.

I imagine that's at least partially due to having no fingers.

“Heh, nice one man, talk about answering your calling.” What’s next, pear farmers named after pears ?

Ding Ding! We have a winner!

“…Then there was that thing you… attempted with the fruit at breakfast, and those looks in your eyes when you guys split earlier. All very friendly, indeed.”

I imagine that Louis -sorry; "Vanilla"- is entirely red, by this point.

When everything settled down, Starlight looked at Ambrose, "So... Fudgy Wudgy , hmm?"


Very interesting that Vanilla and Mellow apparently have a history in Equestria... I'm excited to see where this goes. And I do hope that these two actually end up in a relationship, they're really cute together

“Right?” Louis piped up, “That’s like a running theme around here-Apples, Pears, Cakes? Why the fuck is every pony named after what they do?

To be fair, that used to be a thing IRL, supposedly.

Sorry for taking so much time to respond I am very busy at the moment. Nice chapter, I wonder when those two will finally get a game plan together and try to understand how they arrived there. I wonder if they will consider that they are possessing there bodies? I would like to think the reasons are something that none of use ever yet considered .

Don’t sweat it, we’re all pretty busy with something nowadays.

This story is interesting, consider me hooked!

Really enjoying the story. I'm laughing every chapter - your comedic timing is great!

Alright, that's probably one of the most traumatic transformations I've ever seen. Great suffering zog.

Good thing they got the anesthetizing properties right, that's all I'll say.

Well that solves the question of who's going to clean up all that viscera in the bathroom...

Comment posted by Chrome Masquerade deleted Jan 5th, 2021

She got back to her hooves, “Well, he was certainly making some ground when he passed by me, I’ll say. I turned around and there was this giant, swirly hairball coming straight at me. He looked like if a mane has suddenly gained life, nearly scared me stiff !”

Sounds like Fluffle Puff.

I love Starlight’s task. Not to try and help search for Louis/Vanilla Fudge, but to make sure those cupcakes don’t get disturbed in any way, whatsoever. Also that last question lol.

Pore little Vanilla Fudge, I wonder what it will take to get him to finally come to grips with the situation, can Yellow Mellow find a way to console him him in some way and get him to calm down?

Behold as this trip becomes ever more trippy!

Nice to see them calm down a little, and have reach some level of equilibrium with some familiarity to their surroundings and strangeness, now I wonder what will be their next issue that will happen to them. could they actually start to get in touch with their cutie marks and start running out of control like Apple bloom did because of they don't know how to channel it properly sun amok through the town, or could it be some way for them to use it coping mechanisms but their distress is so bad that the magic goes haywire on them, especially Vanilla: I wonder if he could get a job at Shugarcube Corner or at Bon Bon's? I do like that this world really seems to warp itself around them to get them to better fit in it, which is somewhat new, I wonder how this could be explained.

Very nice cover art you did there, I hope one of these days we can do an art trade. I wonder how Yellow dreamed pats of being corrupted changelings sense they don't know anything about them sense they arrived in that world, could it be that they are the reasons as to why they are here, could it be that they are actually changelings pony clothes, then what happened to the original Yellow Mellow and Vanilla Fudge of that world or were they also changlelings? Is was nice to see Luna appear in their dreams and showed the horrors that lurked in their minds. I wonder if they will act a little more sane from this point onward?

“Oh,” She cleared her throat, “My apologizes [/apologies], I often forget how disorienting troubling thoughts can be,” She took on a tall, proud stature,

Only then we found ourselves down in Sugercube[/Sugarcube] Corner, you know the place?”

“And you told me to look after your sweets…very succulent sweets…” Starlight added on, licking her lips in anticipation.

Interesting choice of words, Starlight. :ajbemused:

...C’mon, get a grip!


...smacking you was a real stress reliever in itself.

"Another unnecessary worry I assure you, but I will be the judge of that tonight," Just as she was about to 'leave' so to speak, another thought came about, "You happened to run into Rainbow Dash earlier today, did you not?"

Ambrose wondered if he should even answer that, "...Yeah, though it was more of her running into me, but sure. Why?"

"I thought so, judging from her dreams tonight," Luna opened up a little portal, allowing Ambrose to look through. Inside, looking outside, was a Rainbow of a younger age, swooping and sweeping around a large series of clouds, with an even larger smile across her face. And she wasn't alone. Joined by a companion, one with a golden coat and a buzzing set of wings. Most likely due to the...rather large package they were trying to prop up. But still, the little filly didn't seem to mind, laughing and joking as she tried to keep up with the prismatic bullet zipping around her.

"It appears you've managed to conjure up some rather fond memories." She said with a wink.

Oh yeah, I said I was going to meet her tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder...mind, "You're welcome?"


“However, I would like to ask something, if you’re comfortable answering, what exactly pulled you into… troubled waters ?”

Ba dum- tss!

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