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Silent Step likes their home. Its all they've ever known since they were found. But they have never liked nighttime. Because nighttime meant game night. They know whats coming, they dread it... but they cant leave....why would they?

This is my very first story, and tags may change accordingly if i find that they need to be altered!
This is a basic oneshot with an OC, but it may turn into a twoshot if there is a demand for it.

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Comments ( 5 )

I hate you. You created something so damn good for your first fic! 0/10, too much talent!

Ah, but in all seriousness, I liked it, pretty good and ominous. I were to legitimately rank it, I'd say 8.9/10. If anything, the way you made the paragraphs was a bit odd, but I kinda like it!

Ohh im so glad you like it! Hehe! As for the paragraph, i never written at all before, and i first wrote this on a google doc, and my paragraphs are almost like essay paragraphs! I hope as i grow as a writer, maybe i can fix it a bit more. But thank you for leaving a comment! It means quite a great deal to me!

I'm confused on what Gender the foal is, A colt or A filly, Filly was used a lot but he was also used, Besides that I think it was a good first story, Great job, Hope to see more writings from you in the future ^^

I tried to use only they, i will check over the story for any he's i wrote, and correct it! There is a solid reason on why readers dont know what the gender of the foal is, beaides a character speaking it. If i write more for this story, then that will be revealed! Thank you so much for commenting,, and im glad you liked it!

Well, that was dark. First I was wondering if it was going to be some kind smut fic where two characters are roleplaying, and then I realize what is going on and I go "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh no." It was well written, it does make you uncomfortable and kind of creeped out. If you are going for more of horror and creepy kind of writing I think you got it.

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