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This is indeed a disturbing Universe...


What has happened?

What will happen

What is happening

Sunset Shimmer is falling in an endless abyss of fracture space and altered time. Her memories are clouded and her body has become weak. It keeps switching to her different forms. Something has happened to her. The world she knew is being reformed and she is powerless to stop it.

Then she landed.

Sunset looks around to find that she is an empty hallway in a different dimension. And then that is when the notes appeared. Notes from a mysterious stranger that is trying to help her correct the timeline and get her out of the endless abyss of white that she found herself in.

It seems that she must follow the instructions and find the glowing light at the end of the hallway. But she must hurry. A dark shadow is following her. Reality is coming undone. And time itself could be rewritten...

A small story that I'm using to break out of the constant doubt and fear of not putting any writing work on this site. So, this is a random, winging it story to put something on this website while I'm working on my main things.


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