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After the success of the former play, Fluttershy decides to try out for a part in the school's rendition of 'Into the woods,' all by herself. She auditions for a tree, but gets a callback for Cinderella. Unable to turn down the role, Fluttershy is incredibly anxious. Luckily for her Applejack is more than willing to help with her lines. When new feelings start to develop what will Fluttershy do? More importantly can she become Cinderella?
Written for the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! 2020 SHIPPING COMPETITION : https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/903719/right-back-at-it-again-2020-shipping-competition

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Apple/shy is a good pairing, wonder why there isn't more of it. This was a good show that this pairing works.

Ahhh yes. Be one with the Appleshy. Let it course through you.

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