Three years ago, the CMC ran away from home after being exposed as Gabby Gums. Now they take over Ponyville with force.

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Just a heads up, Rarity actually sat down with Sweetie Belle and literally was the only one of the main 6 to actually talk to her and let her know what she did was bad. Which is a major thing, because instead of just spreading fake rumors and doctored images. They published her Diary, so she had actual reason to maybe behave like the others did. Instead she actually talked to Sweetie about it. It was one of the most adult things done in that episode.

Seeing as the AU tag is on the story, I doubt that was even a thing here. And seeing what those three are up to, I doubt it worked even if it did happen.

Good start so far, keep it up.

That my friend I did, see. I just kind of wanted to play around this a little :)

Maybe so, but there's still the fact that she was one of their first supporters and enjoyed it up until they wrote about her


I'm not sure what that has to do with the possibility of the cutie Mark Crusaders running away. In fact, Rarity has reason to maybe even be mad at the others because they never actually talked to the CMC. Enjoying the articles is like people enjoying celebrity gossip. Yes it can hurt celebrities, but do the common people usually think of that? My point was entirely that Rarity was the ONLY one to actually sit down and talk to Sweetie Belle and tell her what she did wrong, instead of Applejack not talking, Rainbow drenching the poor fillies, Twilight throwing up a barrier, and Fluttershy just crying all the time. My other point was that the others also had FALSE gossip and lies spread. Rarity had her diary reprinted, which means she can't deny what might have been said in the column.

I'm just not certain what being their first supporter has anything to do with sitting down and actually conversing with Sweetie about going too far.

Three years ago, the CMC ran away from home after being exposed as Gabby Gums. Now they take over Ponyville with force.

That seems like a pretty extreme reaction. Please respond to this comment.

Agreed, but I still wanna see where this goes

I can't wait to see the reaction the townsfolk once they've seen their mistakes has come back to bite them in the most unexpected way.

Ah, yes I understand how you feel. I thought it would be interesting because, of how they were neglected, abused (by Rainbow Dash) and the others pretty much.

I know the ponies in Ponyville have neglected the CMC’s because of the Gabby Gums incident, but I do hope Twilight Sparkle and her friends will save the Cutie Mark Crusaders before it’s too late!😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

What about the princesses?

Oh, yeah! I forgot about them. I also hope the princesses save the Cutie Mark Crusaders with Twilight and her friends, too!

Do you speculate they will or let the CMC's have their vengeance & enslave Ponyville so that everyone learns a lesson?

Oh, well that makes more sense now. But hopefully no pony will die in this story.

Oh boy the CMC's army sure mean business.

When do you think the next chapter comes?

I'd say either tomorrow (if I'm lucky) or Saturday. Also do you like the story so far?

Yes very much. Keep up the good work once again.

You're very welcome.

I wonder if Princess Celestia and Princess Luna is noticing of what's going on.

I believe Chancellor Neighsay would join in with the Royal Sisters.

This is getting good once again, wonder how the royal sisters will be involved or will they? That is if their still not sore at the townsfolk for causing all this in the first place.

Looks like Luna knows what was going on.

Karma always finds it's way to you no matter what

It always do.

Sounds like Luna plans to let the CMC's have their way with Ponyville for now, but she knows without a doubt sooner or later she'll have to tell her sister. On a side note, I feel like what the CMC's are doing in Ponyville is something like this:

Thanks. I speculate we'll be seeing what happens next tomorrow yes?

"Look, I agree with you guy's, but what if we go to war against the princesses? Surely the now by NOW that something's up." Twistin said, with a little bit of fear in his voice.

Bas going to war against the princesses, now that's a huge red flag that something is up.

Pipsqueak wouldn't really go to war against his favorite princess would he?

No, but there will be a catch in the story. :)

Excellent, thanks. New chapter comes tomorrow yes?

The war will soon begin, and then there will be blood spill.

Oh dear.....

The war will soon begin, and then there will be blood spill.

Folks, better report to the panic room. Things are about to get ugly:

The war is approaching fast, and we will not stop it. Canterlot will fall.

Red flag!

The war is approaching fast, and we will not stop it. Canterlot will fall.


Why does Applebloom know of Babs? Her meeting Babs for the first time happened in season 3 not 2. Did they meet some time during their runaway? I think it would have been great to see a little bit more of the run away itself and actually give a little bit of backstory to some characters.

She meet her, together with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle when they were seeking followers.

Originally Trixie only returned a second time for a rematch with Twilight, here having her return to make amend instead is new.

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