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Twilight and Adagio have been together for some time now. In that time, the former villain has tried to convince the princess to try something with her.

Today, Twilight has finally given in, and in the process, discovers something new.


Written as part of https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214981/pride-and-positivity.

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I would it would be great to see the rest of the story. :)

There is literally nothing else to this story. All that's here, is as far as I ever got in the original idea.

I agree, JusSonic. Morion87, I'm following you now, just in case you manage to write a few more chapters.

Author Interviewer

So is this Princess Twilight, or Sci-Twi? The Princess never saw Midnight Sparkle, so that part confused me. :/

I have to agree with the review and author's note. This is too bare-bones as it stands for me to get any complete enjoyment out of it. I didn't hate it, mind you. There were some really interesting ideas in here... but this feels like anywhere from 10-40k crammed into one. It just isn't very effective as it stands.

Yeah. I debated whether to even bring what there is over to this site, or just leave it as a dead story idea buried in my Deviantart folder. One day I might flesh it out into a full story. No idea of when.

It's Princess Twilight in this case. The pony in the cover art is in fact Sci Twi, hence why she looks like Midnight Sparkle, but the artist said I could use it for whichever Twilight I prefered.

I had Princess Twi look like that because it's an awesome look. Plus I always saw Midnight as Twilight's inner Nightmare. It doesn't matter which one. So I went with it.

If this ever gets filled out into a full story, I'll have an proper in-universe reason. I hope.

If you ever do, I'll likely be back. There's potential here.

Author Interviewer

I second what Ice Star said. :)


I did have a few vague ideas back when this was still going to be a proper story. This was done long before Sunset's Backstage Pass brought the Dazzlings back, even if it wasn't for very long.

Adagio being nice here isn't just Twilight's love making her soft. The Friendship Lazer of Death changed their whole outlook. If I remember right, there was a music video put out by Hasbro that showed the Dazzlings were much nicer now, and were even great singers once more.

My idea would've been much the same. They had regained their singing voices, and had turned over a new leaf... And that's where the ideas dried up, and the story died out.

So if I can flesh out what I did have idea wise, this will continue. But I'm short on ideas at the moment.

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