• Published 14th Aug 2020
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Anarchy's Past - Polaris Solarmoon

A short little story about Anarchy

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The other version...

Hello everyone, I'm Anarchy as if you didn't already know that.

Anyway I figured I'd tell you a little story about a cute and shy mare who lived a long time ago, Why?

Well why not? Besides it's best I do this now before anymore ponies ask..

Anyway the little shy mare lived alone in cute little cottage by the river.

She liked to smell flowers and play with little animals and whatnot, which is boring but that doesn't matter. It's my story and it has to be told.

Anyway this little mare was kind enough to help pretty much everything despite her shy nature as she thought it was the right thing to do.

One day as our "heroine" tended to her garden a rainbow maned Pegasus landed next to her and said,"S'up Shudderfly!" Which almost startles our little mare.

"Oh um Hello Rainbow Flash, what are you doing here?" Our protagonist now known as Shudderfly says.

Rainbow Flash then tells our friend that she's needed at their friend Twibright's home as she always has something for them to do.

So the two go there once Shudderfly is finished with her flowers.

At Twibright's home the two go inside and see all of their friends waiting for them.

"It's about time you made it here, didn't know how much longer I could take miss frou frou's talkin' " one of their friends says, this one being an alabaster color. The pink mare next to her simply sticks her snout up in defiance.

"Girls please, now's not the time to argue." Twibright said.

The six then went on to talk about why it is that Twibright's summoned them.

Apparently an unknown being has been causing chaos in town and they must find it and stop it.

What they didn't know was that when they do find it, their whole world would change forever.

Anyway our six little mares go off to find the unknown being and find it they do.

"Greetings mortals, how do you do? I am the Lord of Chaos and whom are you?" The creature said.

Our six friends didn't answer the creature knowing little of what it's capable of.

"Ah the quiet type are thee, aren't you aware that I can set you free?" The creature said.

When it said that Shutterfly was starting to think, perhaps this being wasn't as evil as her friends thought. So she stepped forward and said," I'm Shutterfly mister, um do you have a name?"

Seeing this the creature exclaimed" A Brave one are you not? I'm known to make minds rot. My name Equinox you see, and you my dear will be the first I set free."

Shudderfly didn't know what the creture now known as Equinox ment until it touched her head.

That was when her eyes were open, that was when she was free. She felt it's magic course throughout her body, it felt like it was a nice dream. She felt brave enough to help everyone without ever being shy again.

She wanted more of it's power, she wanted to use the power to help others. Her desires overwhelmed Equinox and it couldn't stop itself in time before a load bang was heard.

And when the smoke cleared all that was there was Shudderfly but she looked much different than before.

Her mane was now really messy and her eyes are now two different sizes, she had the horns of Equinox as well as the ears and her one of her wings have changed into that of a bats. She had the tail of a dragon, a Griffin's front talon for her right hoof and her left hoof was unchanged, the back right hoof was turned into a lions paw and the back left hoof was that of an alligator.

She wasn't a pony anymore, she had become a monster or so she thought. Because her emotions were going out of wack so too were her new powers, she let loose a powerful and loud scream that tore realty apart and then everything reset.

Our little mare now found herself in a much different place then she was before, her friends are all gone and she was all alone.

She checked herself in a clear pond and saw the creature she became and was sad.

She then had an idea, "I should go and see if I can still make friends like this" she thought aloud. And so she did.

Only to be feared by everyone she met, no matter how kind she was or how much she wanted to help them. They all ran from her appearance, shouting" go away monster!" Where ever she went.

So she had another idea, she'd use her new power to make herself less scary and she did. She made herself look a little more like a pony but kept the wings and the horns the same.

"Maybe this can help?" She said to no one in particular.

She put on a brave face and tried making friends again but to no avail, once again the ponies ran from her, no matter what she did.

Shudderfly had enough, no more kindness. No more friendship! If they wanted to fear her so be it! But if she wants them to fear her she needed a new name, a name good enough to make those dumb ponies fear her so much that they'd have no choice but to be her friend or suffer. A name like mine.... Anarchy Goddess of Chaos and Disharmony.

This is my story, that once shy and kind mare was me. I remember my past life well but I'm not that mare anymore and I'm happy with who I am now.

As for the rest of the ponies in my story my old "friends", I'm not sure what happened to them nor do I care. Haha oh well that's fine with me!

Anyway I'd like to say that telling this little tale was kinda fun for a little bit so I'm just going to stop here.

Yours truly,


Author's Note:

Mini blog:

Twibright: librarian.

Shudderfly/Anarchy: was once a shy gardener. Is presently the "goddess of chaos".

Rainbow Flash: a fast mare who likes to race.

Applesap: Farmer, Honest and easy going.

Pinkie Rye: is a fashion designer and owns a boutique. Likes to be clean

Rarity (name unchanged): Bakery owner, is impatient.

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for a moment I had to go back and check if this was an alternate universe... gosh it felt weird when I read it.


Anarchy is known to mess with you, sorry about that.

PS: I made this a while ago.

https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/913498/pre-mixed-view-universe This is the past form of the mixed view universe and is technically a new au.

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