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Cadence's Sweet 16 - The Blue EM2

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The story

When Cadence had found herself called to the Royal Palace Ballroom at short notice, she had not had any idea what to think. The teenage mare had been half expecting the day to be a normal one, even given her recent additions. Not very long ago, she had simply been a fairly ordinary pegasus simply minding her own business in a town mostly occupied by Earth ponies, and this had been fine for her. It wasn't the most exciting of lives, but it paid well. However, the evil Prismia had drained all the love from the town to fuel herself, so Cadence challenged her and defeated her with the very power that Prismia craved. In acknowledgement of this selfless and noble act, Celestia elevated Cadence to the ranks of the alicorns, the first being in several thousand years to receive such an honour.

Whilst suddenly being a princess had its perks, it also had its downsides, and one of those was suddenly having a horn and needing to worry about casting spells (which had given her a lot of nasty headaches, I can tell you as abruptly gaining a magic reserve is not the nicest of ways to wake up in the morning). She had also started foalsitting by that point whilst living in Canterlot, and understandably a few of her charges were more than a bit alarmed when an alicorn walked through the door, instead of the pegasus they were used to. However, they all got used to it in the end (even if the ability to cast spells got ultra annyoing after a while), and having the silhouette of a unicorn made fitting in in the predominantly unicorn inhabited Canterlot a lot easier, which had been sometimes unwelcoming to pegasi and Earth ponies.

But enough pointless drabble on the side. Cadence had awoken that morning, as she always had done, and simply gone about her duties. Just because she had gained the title 'Princess' didn't mean she was prepared to throw away the very things she enjoyed doing the most, and as such she had spent most of the morning and afternoon foalsitting, as she always had done. The last of her charges were safely back with their parents (Cadence didn't want to remember that near miss with a weather vane) and she was heading back home, as she preferred not to live in the Castle, when she suddenly received a singing telegram. Those ponies appearing from nowhere and singing a barbershop chorus was a little bit of a jumpscare, but the song was nice;

"Hey, hey, it's your special day,
We have news you need to hear and right away!
Celestia has something special planned for you,
So come to the Palace Ball-
(The Palace Ballroom!)

Just as suddenly as they had appeared, they had vanished, and Cadence was confused. True, the music was nice, but they were putting this much effort into a birthday? She was only 16, for Celestia's sake! Not wanting to be rude, she made her way through the streets, dodging through the hustle and bustle, and purchasing a coffee to go from a Manehattan expresso stand, she made her way into the castle and to the ballroom.

She knocked on the door.

"Come in!" said the voice of Princess Celestia.

Cadence pushed the door open and stepped inside- to be barraged by masses of streamers and loud music.


Cadence was abruptly barraged with party poppers (not going in the night) and flying streamers, as well as a noisy barrel organ playing very out of tune, as well as a strange device from the Griffish Isles called a yovidaphone. Whatever it was called, it made a horrible noise, and that alone was horrible to contemplate and hear. She stepped very slowly in, at the barrage of noise, until it stopped and things stopped flying about.

"Good evening Cadence!" said a warm voice. Cadence looked up to see it was none other than her aunt and partial mentor. "What do you think of this scene?"

"It was a bit loud, to be honest," Cadence replied. "And those streamers were moving fast!"

"I'll have it toned down for next year," said a guard.

"Sorry if we perhaps went a bit overboard," Celestia, said. "But, seeing as today is your 16th birthday, I felt that it was only appropriate that we mark it in a special way, and with you in attendance. Please do partake of the festivities all around, and may I be the first to wish you a happy birthday."

"It's really been no different to any other day so far," Cadence thought to herself, but she kept it to herself. "Thank you, Aunt Celestia," she replied. And she headed into the centre, where a cak had been assembled, much for the satisfaction of others, and herself, she saw the very same Twilight Sparkle she had seen only earlier standing near it, who then turned to her.

"Happy birthday Cadence!" she said.

"Hello Twilight," Cadence replied, warmly. "How are your studies going?"

"Well, thanks!" Twilight said, with a grin. "I know it's been a very long time since you last foalsat me, but I still remember those times so fondly."

"No problem, I'll admit I do miss being a pegasus sometimes, but being a princess does have its perks." Cadence thought for a moment as to what to say next. "How about I get you some cake?"

"Who let the hoi paloi in?" asked Blueblood, looking as officious and pompous as ever. "Don't you know this occasion is for royalty and nobility only? This is an important occasion, not a six year old's birthday party."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Ignore him. He's like this all the time."

Cadence said nothing, but her eyes held a mischevious glint. She cut some cake for Twilight and herself, and then a third piece. After moving the plates around, she proceeded towards Blueblood, and then 'tripped', causing a slice of cake to slam into Blueblood.

"My jacket! Oh, the indignity!"

"NEVER insult Twilight again, you understand?" Cadence asked, her voice fiery and her eyes equally so.

"I do not bow to imitation alicorns, and I shall not take this insult to the Royal Family lying down! Mi Amore Whatsyourface, you shall rue this day, and shall be lucky if you are ever permitted in Canterlot again!" Blueblood sped off, presumably to make a formal complaint.

Twilight and Cadence, on the other hand, engaged in more conversation, stopping only to laugh at the sight of Blueblood being thrown out of the party... literally. Minutes after that, Celestia came over to Cadence.

"Sorry about him," she said, looking downwards, not out of rudeness, but due to the height difference between them. "I have left something for you backstage. Consider it an official gift from me."

"May I go take a look?" Cadence asked.

"You are my equal as a princess, so yes, you may. There's no need to ask."

Cadence trotted away as Celestia promptly distracted Twilight. How the older mare managed to run everything, raise and lower the moon, prepare taxes, and engage in small talk, let alone sleep, continued to boggle Cadence's mind! She was often exhausted at the end of a given day. She hopped up the stairs and into the backstage area (nopony really knew what to call it, to be completely honest), and found a pair of attendants standing alongside something.

Shining Armour was rather surprised to be called to the ballroom at this hour. He had been informed that a party was going on, but he had assumed he would be assigned to defensive duty, not become a guest at it. He pushed the door open and trotted to the front, where he once more saw Celestia, who had finished talking with Twilight.

"You called for me, ma'am?"

"Yes, Shining, I did. This occasion is Cadence's birthday."

Shining's jaw fell open. "Oh no! I forgot! I didn't get her anything! I can only hope that-"

Celestia interrupted his speech. "It's OK, Shining. We all forget things. I'm certain she'll forgive you. Ah, perfect. You're in the dress uniform. Please do go over to the side there."

Shining nodded. Truth be told, he had no idea what was going on, but he went along with it nontheless. Admittedly, I, the author, have no idea what's going on, but oh well.

Shining looked idly at the clock. The seconds seemed to have turned into minutes as he waited for whatever was going to happen to happen.

But then, it did. Cadence re-entered, desperately trying not to be seen as she didn't like outward displays of power or position. She snuck down the stairs and stopped next to him.

Shining was in awe. "You look beautiful! Like you stepped straight out of a fairly tale!"

"Thanks," Cadence replied. "I personally think it's a little over the top, but who am I to refuse a gift?"

"Well, it suits you beautifully. I'm lucky to know somepony like you."

Cadence smiled. "You're really sweet, you know that?"

Author's Note:

This story was originally requested by Mpatton17, but underwent some revisions following commentary on The Best Night Ever, which includes cutting superflous details.

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