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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Semi-sequel to Storm Between Friends. It is encouraged but not required for you to read that first.)

Determined to make a name for himself and finally prove that he's not useless, Gallus decides to join Equestria's royal guard! A decision that shocks everyone! Since there's no rule against it and he's of the legal age to enroll, Gallus' decision is accepted.

Shining Armor soon decides that the newest recruit needs special training with a very special individual. Said individual turns out to be the royal guard's new task master: Commander Tempest Shadow. And Tempest has a reputation for being extremely tough on new recruits.

But maybe, just maybe, Gallus will not only survive her intense training but also come to learn something from her (and perhaps Tempest will learn something from him too).

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Comments ( 16 )

Another great story! I like the idea of Tempest training Gallus, it makes so much sense

There needs to be a sequel to this!

That's pretty cool story man and having fizzle pop Having to help Gallus To understand how the world works this story is really cool keep up the good work

My precious boi Gallus. He can finally live happy.

It's a great part of the shows characters enough thought was put into them connections make clear sense. Once we found out Gallus' future was in the royal Guard the idea he would identify with Tempest just presented itself as logical.

Yeah, it really does make sense

Its same way the Royal Guard seem more effect once the Pillars return, now Flash Magnus is back their training it better.
How the ponies of Canterlot are easy for Cryssalis to be hostile towards each other, Invaded by the Changelings, Terik and the Storm king innte space of a few years? They are stressed!
During Carnky and Mitilda's wedding the citizens of Ponyville kind of "passively panic", since Twilight moved there "normal" has become more insane.

Yeah, though to be fair they only "passively panic" until the monster shows itself. It's more like they just realize seeing the girls in a huddle is normal, and panic once the problem has made itself clear as a threat

The CMC took bets! Though I guess the CMC are in advanced state of The Mundanely Fantastic mind set, where fantastical things happen to you so much your reactions become muted. If we take the comics as even partly cannon they've seen some weird and scary stuff that the Big Bear barely registered as scary.

Yeah, the CMCs should probably be an exception. But if I recall, they were just remarking to each other what they thought it would be, no actual betting involved

Darn good job on this one-shot. Yeah, the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up are all quite well done. Yeah, I can definitely see Gallus's reasons for wanting to join the guard and I definitely liked Gallus's chat with Shining (when the latter was informing him of the dangers of the job), and it was great seeing Gallus and Tempest earning each others' respect.

And, for your Stallion Six series, in the event that you DO decide to end the story on Shining's coronation and just do the two-decade time skip as a separate semi-short sequel story, perhaps you could have a prologue (with the Council of Friendship coming together and Luster's introduction), plus six general chapters (with the Council dealing with six different problems discovered by the individual members one at a time [this doubles as a way to further show how much Equestria has changed in two decades AND give Luster a chance to properly see the Council in action and get even more evidence of just how valuable friendship is]) and an epilogue with Shining taking Luster to Ponyville to enroll her in his sister's Friendship School.

Of course, I can respect that you don't have to do it that way if you don't want to.

Great story! Liked having both Shining Armor and Tempest Shadow show up; really liked T.S. showing up as a drill instructor; wish I had thought of that!:scootangel: Wished it was a longer read; lots of stories could be spun from this idea!:pinkiehappy:

That was a great story and drat i thought you were going to continue the story after that heart to heart Gallus and Tempest had. I was looking forward to reading how Gallus started would persevere in his training leading up to graduating boot camp all his trials and tribulations while there and how both Shining and Tempest secretly rooting for him but in Tempest's case she pushes him extra hard so Gallus succeeds but does it in a way that isn't obvious to him and the rest of the cadets and then have the other cadets start to see him as one of them and eventually they all apologize for their behavior and Racist comments. Then ending it with Twilight personally asking him to be her throne room guard. Plz consider making a direct sequel to this story?

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