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Once we dreamt that we were strangers.


This summer night in Ponyville train station was quite ordinary compared with every other single night that the trains there had witnessed with their dazzling lights. Its platform's edge seemed to be waiting for the next arrival to take away those impatient passengers. As two ponies were casually mumbling something on the bench, in a moment one of them a off-white unicorn lighted her horn to float a piece of crumpled paper and nervously read to the tender grey pony sitting beside her. It was not charming enough, seeming just a common poem that she manged to finish. Though she kept saying how cold this night was, a big surprise of love still embraced her - After all these years...

This is a story I wrote for the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN -
. Any constructive criticism is welcomed! Feel free to point out the mistakes!:twilightblush:

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