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During a sleepover, Sci-Twi attempts to get in some research for a project. However, her drained mind and low energy don't seem to help. So, upon noticing this, Sunset is quick to help her friend. Little do either know that this could lead to something a little bit more than a deeper friendship.

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Me likes this fic.

This is so sweet. Familiar, but sweet. I can't help but think I've read a similar story where Twi was up late and Sunset convinced her to drink warm milk, but this was still great. There's always room for more fluffy Sci-set! And I love the detail of the friends catching them in bed.

Heh, Twi then stammers and trust to say nothing happened all while Sunset lays there stroking Twi's hip with the cat that ate the canary grin.

Antes de que pueda responder, la puerta se abre de golpe y entran nuestros amigos. Pinkie Pie es la primera en decir algo, y eso viene en forma de una sorpresa, "OH MY GOSH!"

HAHAHAHAHA Me encantó que lo dejarás así de abierto 🤣

Sweet. Not sure if the long textbook excerpt is necessary at the beginning, useless the theme of flight is somehow related to the story.

I was getting some serious non-con vibes from Sunset "drugging" Twilight with the warm milk...then I realized that Twilight asked Sunset to
stay with her.

¿Leiste este fic con Google Translate...? :rainbowhuh:

Yep, i read with that. It happen that i don't speak English very well, but i really enjoy reading fics in this page hahah, so I'm sorry if that cause some trouble 😅 saludoss!! (regards!)

No, no trouble at all. :pinkiesmile:

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