• Published 29th Aug 2020
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To Raise a Hive - NovaShoxx

Defeated. Betrayed. Cornered and outnumbered. One last chance. An escape...to a new world. A strange world. A world of giants.

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Chapter 8: Meeting the little bug pones upstairs

"Heh, there you are pup."




"I was looking for you pup. Whatcha doing up here?"

Fear. Yeah, that was it. That's what Chrysalis was currently feeling...fear...genuine, gut-wrenching, heart-stopping fear.


"Found something, you say? What?"

It was bigger than the beast. Way bigger. Tartarus, it TOWERED over it!


"Let me guess...spiders?"

Bigger than a hydra, an adult dragon, an ursa mi-, by the changeling goddess above, a major wouldn't even cut it! Barely if at all!


"Sigh. And let me guess, they were tasty too, yeah? Look first of all pup, how many times have I told you NOT to eat those mutated things? You KNOW what they do to your stomach."


"So you do know. And now your telling me you found something else, huh? Did you also eat it?"


The massive bipedal...thing sighed heavily, a thundering growl more like it.

"Ugh. Look pup, the last thing I want to do is have to take you to the vet cause of something you ate, especially if that something was poisonous and walking just a couple minutes ago. Okay?"

The beast whimpered at that, though whether it was an agreement or an apology was unclear, except to the giant who simply rolled his eyes before crouching down and patting the monster's head.

"Chim boy, look I'm not even mad. Really I'm more surprised if anything but...sigh. Just...try and keep the bug eating to at least a minimum, alright? Iron stomach or not, you're still my pup and as your owner I really don't want to be known as that guy who lets his dog eat random alive shit just to save a couple bucks on an exterminator, got me?"


"Good." The giant said, giving the beast a scratch behind one of its large fluffy ears, causing it to set the ground a rumbling with its kicking leg and earning a deep chuckle from the colossal being in return. "Now. Why don't we get out of all this dust and head back downst-"




"What do you mean there's still more of those something's you found?"

Oh no.

Having up until this moment been relatively quiet while hoping, praying that the beast had somehow veered the giant's attention away from her and her children's hiding spot, it was of course to noling's surprise when the changeling queen was all but ready to revoke every prayer she had ever made, today, to those in that big hive in the sky, resurrect them, then off them all herself as she saw, to her utmost and utterly ill-contained horror, the furred demon raise a paw and actually POINT at where she and her lings were currently hiding. And oh boy but if ever there wasn't ever a time that the oh so fearless and ever fearsome changeling queen found herself backpedaling away from something, then it was certainly now as she put her wings in full reverse just as the giant's head turned her way. And just as the giant's eyes had flickered over in her direction, Chrysalis had counted her quick queenly instincts still satisfactory as her back had already met one of the box's walls a split-second before the giant's gaze flicked towards the entrance she'd been peeking out of not a split-second ago.

"In there, boy?"


"Huh...you sure?"


"Hmm. Well if you say so."

Standing up with a shrug and a grunt, the suited man approached the box, hesitant but curious as he approached it at a slow, casual stride, an approach that sent a sharp tremor up the trembling exoskeletons of the box's occupants with each booming step.

Falling to his knees, one followed shortly by the other, the man raised a brow at the box sitting idly before him, deaf to those within who collectively yelped at the thunderous landfall of the first limb and flinched as one at the second, equally thunderous fall of the other.

Hunching over, the man raised his arms and positioned them over the box, ready to open it with extreme prejudice...until they fell back at his sides. This possible jack-in-the-box kinda shit didn’t really suit the suited man to begin with. And yet here he was, about to open a box, with the strong feeling that something was going to jump at him, while his pup watched ever expectantly from behind. He sighed.

“God dammit.”


Chrysalis's mind raced. It raced as she sat there, her back against the wall and wings twitching and buzzing in fear. It raced as the sound of thunder at their holestep boomed and the dust from up high rained down. It raced as she racked it for anything, literally anything that could possibly help her and her changelings in that moment. Nothing came to mind.

"My queen." Brute said, catching Chrysalis's attention. "I believe I speak for every ling here when I ask...what should we do?"

“I-...” Chrysalis began before she paused, suddenly founding it hard to speak, much less even think of a viable answer. What should they do? What COULD they do? "Sigh. Can I be honest with you Brute?" He nodded. "I have no changeling-goddess-damned clue."

Grimacing at that, Brute couldn't help but understand his queen’s woe. And by understanding, he turned to the source, throwing a glance-glare in the general direction of the giant who, if he could hazard a guess, was absolutely reveling in the misery it was inflicting upon his kin as it loomed just outside their walls. He could tell from the tone in its voice.


"Chim?" Rick called, the hesitation in his voice as clear as transparent glass as his hands hovered over the box’s top. "You're SURE whatever's in here won't go straight for my throat, right boy?"


"Okay, see you say that, but I still remember the first time you found a black widowmaker up here."


Truly a being without a hint of compassion. Brute sighed.

"If I may be honest as well, my queen?" He asked, to which she silently nodded. "I wish we we're still fighting the ponies right now."

The queen chuckled at that. Then she froze.


"Brute." Chrysalis suddenly said, catching the commander's attention. "What did you just say?"

"I...I had just wished that we were still fighting the ponies?" He repeated, a brow hesitantly raised.

That's it!

"That's it!"

Jumping to her holed hooves, Chrysalis's eyes were wide with wonder as the answer to her problems and prayers had suddenly presented itself forth in her hour of need, like a knight in shining armor. Black chitin in this case.

"My queen?"

With an uncharacteristically goofy and toothy grin, Chrysalis turned to her commander, the need to hug reverberating throughout her entire being. Though on the other hoof, Brute was wondering whether it was the fact that his queen was smiling at him like that or the reality that he could actually taste her need to hug him was more cause for immediate worry.

"Brute, you're a genius!"

"Oh! Well, I...aim to serve?" After a moment of brow-raising and staring at her smiling at him, the ling finally caved. "My queen. What did I actually do?"

Before Chrysalis could in fact tell him what he had done, more so said that earned him more queen points in her book, she was rudely interrupted when the ground quaked and the ceiling split, letting more and more light slowly pour into the box.

“Well, let’s see-...”

It’s now or never.

Turning to her commander, she gave him a quick nuzzle and a ‘wish me luck’ kinda look before she took to the air with a buzz. And when the ceiling had parted just enough, she shot off.


“-what’s in he-WOAH!”

In hindsight, after cracking the box open a bit, Rick really should not have been as surprised as he was when something small, black, and buzzing flew out and made a beeline straight for the man’s windpipe. Rick will remember this betrayal.

“Chimyoucutelittlelyingbastard!” Rick yelled as he backpedaled, tripped, and unsurprisingly fell on his ass with a loud thud, kicking up a cloud of dust in the process. Coughing into one hand, Rick had instinctively brought up the other to defend his moneymaker while also waving away the dust. However, that waving soon devolved to a wild swatting as a sharp buzzing zipped passed his ears, causing the man to growl as he kept whatever was blitzing him at bay. "Grah! Fuck off, you damn bloodsucker!"

"Hey! That's love-sucker to you!"


"What the?" Blinking, Rick glanced up and about as he swore he'd heard-

"Oh wait. Gotta think like a pony."

"Who?" Rick said. Okay someone was definitely there-

"Uhm...over here?"

Blinking, Rick eye's flicked over to his right arm, brought to eye level but left hung half an arm’s length away from his face, and a quick scan was made. A scan which, to Rick's slowly widening peepers, revealed a small, horned...something hiding behind his hand.

A something that decided to peek back.


Before the strange little talking bug-thing had even a moment to blink, much less notice the slight twitch her cover had made, it was already too late and the strange little talking bug-thing's body was seized from the neck down and left with little room to even vainly squirm as it was brought before its captor's squinting eyes. It was absolutely terrified.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Please!"

Holding it just a few inches short of his face, Rick took one look at whatever it was that was babbling at him and, if he was being completely honest, hadn't a fucking clue in the slightest just what it was he was holding.

The...creature. Bug? Fairy? Whatever it was was just all kinds of freaky. How so? Well for starters, it frickin talks. It's still talking actually, begging more like it. But let's put that aside for now.

What else...well, It looked funny, kinda cute even what with those big eyes of its...hers? Actually come to think of it, the little thing did look like a her. Sounded like one at least, or was that just because it was just so hecking small?

Anyways, i- her hair was blue and her skin was jet black. Or was it her shell perhaps? It was kinda rubbery to the touch, though still firm in some places...wait...was he actually feeling her up?


A-...And was that a squeak just now? Did she...oh yeah she totally did, she’s blushing like crazy right now. Let’s uh, okay moving on.

Hmm...she...had a little crown on, a real tiny one to boot too. And that...muzzle of hers? That little snoot with the little fangs below it? Pretty damn cute. Oh wait. No, she’s scrunching her face up something fierce now and it’s twice as cute. She’s double cute now. And now she’s...she’s...


She’s...crying now.

Sniff. P-Please. I-If you’re going to ki-k-kill me, or eat me then, then c-could you please just get it over with already?”

Okay, things just got a lot less cute.

“And if, i-if you really are going to devour me, then...then could you at least spare the others?”

Wait a minute. Did, did she just say...


“Yes! Please, they’re all I have left. They don’t deserve your wraith. They-...look, I’m their queen, alright?! I’m the one who brought them here! A-And I’m the one w-who invaded your land! So, so they aren’t the guilty ones! It’s me you want! Not them! Me! So just take me instead! Torture me, dissect me, crush me, eat me, whatever you wish! Just...please, oh changeling-goddess above please just don’t hurt them. Sniff. P-Please.”

...Damn. Just...damn.

I mean, shit if Rick wasn’t already feeling like a dick right now, then that ‘kick-in-the-dick-for-being-a-dick’ kinda-kick right to the feels was certainly doing number to his emotional everything. And that wasn’t going to fly if he had anything to say about it. He did, by the way.

“Uhh...hey. Look, I’m...I’m not going to do ANY of that stuff to you so-“

“Then you’re going to do all that stuff to the others instead?!”

“What, no?! No! Nonononono! Of course not!”





“No doubt?”


“Then, if you truly mean what you say...could you perhaps release me?”

Blinking, it was then that Rick realized he still had the little bug queen firmly grasped within his meaty graspers. He chuckled apologetically.

“Hehe. Sorry about that.” He said, opening his hand and finally allowing his captive some room to stretch. Which she did.

And after several tiny pops and a good bit of wing buzzing, the little thing was now staring up at him from her perch atop his palm.

Huh. That’s how tall she is standing up? Gotta be at least three-? No, no definitely four inches. Horn doesn’t count.

“So...gotta a name miss?”

“Chrysalis.” She stated. “QueenChrysalis.” She corrected. “Rightful ruler of the changelings.” She added. “And...at your complete mercy.” She pitifully remarked. Yikes.

“Hey now. There’s no need for that.” Rick said, bringing a finger over to raise Chrysalis’s hung head. “I already told you I wouldn’t hurt you or your subjects, right?” She hesitantly nodded. “I really meant what I said. So...cheer up, yeah?”

“You...You’re actually being serious?” She asked, disbelieving. Smirking, Rick simply shrugged.

“Hey, got a big house. And my folks always liked having guests over anyways so...”

Without warning, Rick’s nose was promptly assaulted.

“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

Caught off guard and left cross-eyed for the moment, Rick smiled all the same the next moment as he lightly plucked his little face-hugger between thumb and index and pried her off with the tiniest of pops.

“You good?” He asked the blushing little queen who, after realizing she’d gone full-pony, meekly nodded her head. Seeing this, Rick once again chuckled heartedly before releasing her and watching with a raised brow the little thing fall out of view, stop, then fly back into view. Now buzzing effortlessly before his eyes, he waved a hand.

“Mind introducing me to my other guests?”
Rick asked, To which Chrysalis silently nodded, turned about, and pointed to the very box she’d burst from not a few moments ago.

Brow still raised, the man slowly approached the box, crouched, and after taking a quick second to breath in, steal his nerves, and breath out, he opened it.

The immediate sight of a over a dozen pairs of eyes staring back, most with fear and only one with suspicion, had at first caught the man off guard once again. But luckily this time he was ready, and after having quickly recovered from the initial surprise and traded one look for a warmer one, he was already saying the first thing he thought would sound friendly, welcoming, and generally wholesome all in one simple phrase.

“Hey guys. Welcome home.”

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Apologies if the joke wasn’t clear.

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Oh and there was no transformation, just a queen biting the bullet to save her hive.

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To be able to replace ponies (or just to disguise as a random pony) just taking the appearance is not enough. Changelings would have to be pretty good actors to be able to behave correctly to not arouse suspicion. Chrysalis was able to fool Celestia and Luna into thinking that she was Cadance, so she should be able to act like Fluttershy as well.

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At the beginning of the chapter after Chrysalis yelled at the dog and it attacked her. She remarked how a changeling pushed her out of the way sacrificing theirself.

Edit. Found it
chapter 6 at the end

"Huh?" Blinking, Chrysalis realized to her utmost horror that while she had been mentally conversing with Brute, she had made the gravest of mistakes by glancing back at the commander, whose eyes went wide with terror the moment before she realized her folly and quickly spun about. A gaping maw greeted her back. And you know what else? In that moment, that second in time that seemed to slow down for whatever overly-dramatic reason, the words she'd been grasping for earlier suddenly came back to her. As were the monster mutt's giant teeth as it lunged at her with not just the intention to kill or consume, but to avenge its master's soiled name as well.

chapter 7

Overpowered, cornered, and now being tormented by a cruel beast who craved the blood and flesh of her kin. Was this truly it? To have come so far, to have sacrificed so much, just to be made the meal of some giant alien hound in a world she or her kind had yet to fully experience or see for that matter? Chrysalis sighed once more. Up until this moment, she had bared witness to hundreds of her children fall for her ambitions. From the wedding fiasco to not a few minutes ago when her death at the jaws of the beast outside would've been made a reality had it not been for the valiant act of one of her guards pushing her out of harm's way at the last second, saving her life at the cost of their own as she saw them be swallowed whole in her place. A shiver ran down her spine. The queen of the changelings was many things, could change into many things, but rarely did she ever show much emotion besides a certain few, at least on the outside that is. But in that moment...fear, genuine fear, was all that she could muster as she half ran half flew for the safety of the book box.


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