• Published 29th Aug 2020
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To Raise a Hive - NovaShoxx

Defeated. Betrayed. Cornered and outnumbered. One last chance. An escape...to a new world. A strange world. A world of giants.

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Chapter 1: Just another day

Rick "Ricky" Mason awoke in the wee hours of the early morning not by conventional means, such as by the beeping of his digital alarm clock or by the rays of God's eye-searing inferno above, but from another entity all its own. An entity that cared not for borders, ideologies, or even personal space for that matter. An absolute force of nature that commanded Rick's every move. An ultimate beast that...really needed to go to the bathroom


Blinking his tired eyes open, Rick found himself cornered under the covers by a puppy currently standing atop his chest, large ears flopping and tiny curved tail wagging as it stared at him with impatience.

"Chim? W-yawn. What is it boy?"

Eliciting another high-pitched bork, the little dog began to do a little dance on Rick's rib cage, little paws hopping about as it tried to get its cryptic message across.

Give or take a moment of watching the dog tap dance over him and Rick's brain finally managed to finished its boot-up sequence, allowing him to soon realize what the dog was trying to convey.

"Let me guess, bathroom?"


"Alright. Alright. Now could you get off me, please?"

Nudging the pupper off him, Rick threw off the blanket and swung himself out of bed. Then after heading towards the door, he paused at the handle to regard the pup still spinning and dancing on his sheets. Of course.

"Sorry Chim, I totally forgot." Rick said, hurrying back over to the bed where the dog all but jumped into Rick's hands as he lowered him to the carpeted floor below.

With pup now quickly scampering alongside him, Rick was soon out of his bedroom and down the hall, down the stairs, and soon unlocking and opening the sliding glass door, where upon seeing said gateway to salvation being opened, the pup was out in an instant and already in the process of sniffing for a place to relieve himself.

Watching the dog tend to his business, Rick yawned for the fifth time since waking up as he kept a drooping eye on the pup, blissfully unaware of the dark figure slowly and quietly sneaking towards him. But in the end, it was the man's deafness due to an inadequate amount of hours slept that costed him his life as the mysterious figure remained completely undetected up until it was directly behind him. And then it pounced.

"OOF" went the man as he was glomped from behind.

Step step step went the man's feet as they stumbled forward, out the doorway, and over the wooden deck beyond.

And thud went the man's body as it made contact with the grass after having tripped down the two wooden steps of the aforementioned deck.

Following the sneak attack and a second or two of groaning, several moments of laying in the grass proceeded thereafter as Rick contemplated whether he should try to get up or simply accept the cruelties of fate and sleep on nature's green futon. And while his tiredness was making the ladder option seem quite appealing right about now, it seemed that someone else had other plans for Rick as he felt the weight on his back shift. Then he heard the sniffing beside his ear. And once the sniffing ceased, the licking soon followed, irritating the downed man as he sighed in tired exasperation.

"Bad girl, Dem." He said, his voice slightly muffled as he laid still in the grass. "That's a very bad girl, Dem."

The licking stopped and a giggle was heard soon after.

"I sure am, master." Dem said before she lowered her snout near Rick's face and growled seductively(?). "What're you going to do about it? Scold me? Punish me?"

"How about I just lock you out of your Crunchyroll account instead?"

Apparently that did the trick as the weight that had Rick pinned was now gone in an instant and the staticky yelp and literal yelp that accompanied that also confirmed Rick's suspicion as he got up, dusted himself off, and turned to the now quivering doberman before him.

"Yo-You wouldn't!" Dem frightfully said through the speaker in her collar. "That's straight-up animal cruelty!"

Rick simply raised a brow.

"Oh? So are you going to be good then? Cause if not then I can just-"

For the second time that morning, Rick was once again tackled by Dem, landing back-first back on the grass and having almost all the wind knocked out of him as Dem cried both in dog speak and through thought-translated English.

"YES! YES! I WILL! I'll be a good girl! I'm sorry master so please don't change the password again, PLEEEASE!"

"Alright, alright. I get it, apology accepted!"

The dog ceased her cries.

"Sniff. R-Really?"

Sighing, Rick smiled as he patted her on the head.

"Yeah, really. So can you get off me already?"

Granting her master's wish, the doberman quickly released him and headed back towards the house. Though just before she was about to climb the wooden steps, she suddenly stopped and turned back to face him.


And with that, Dem quickly climbed the steps and headed inside, leaving Rick to to deal with a slew of mixed emotions. Luckily he wasn't alone in his endeavor as Chim scampered to a stop beside him, tilting his little head and barking curiously. In return, Rick simply sighed as he gave the pup a scratch behind the ear.

"Really boy. She tackles me twice, yet still has the nerve to call me the asshole. Can you believe that?" He shook his head. "Sigh, guess girls'll be girls, am I right, Chimera?"


"Heh. Thanks boy."


Give or take a hour later of showering, getting dressed, and getting ready and Rick was now sitting at his kitchen's island, dressed to impress and happily sipping up a mug of good old morning brew as cartoons played from the living room just behind him.

Putting down his mug, he reached for the tablet beside him and, after a moment of swiping and typing, was now reading up on a number of emails that had been sent to him earlier on. Boring reports and spam mostly.

Grabbing his mug, Rick went to take another sip when he suddenly received a new notification. Raising a brow, he opened it and just after reading the first few lines, promptly spat out a mouthful of coffee. Reading the whole message twice over, he couldn't believe his eyes. Blinking, he patted his pockets before finding his phone and quickly turning it on, wincing at the number of missed calls.

Swearing under his breath, he quickly downed the rest of his mug, promising to clean up the rest of it after he got back. Then after pocketing his phone, he spared a quick glance into the living room, seeing Dem snoozing on his recliner while Chim watched cartoons from atop one of the nearby couch's cushions.

"Yo Chim." Rick said, gaining the pup's attention as it curiously looked up at him. "I'm heading off to work. Your sister's in charge till I get back. Got it?"

The pup barked and Rick smirked.

"Good boy. Watch over the house, okay?"

And with that, Rick was soon out of the house and stepping into his car. A few seconds later and he was now miles down the road, completely unaware of what awaited him back home.

Author's Note:

Well folks, I've read the comments and apparently the lot of you want this story to continue, so let's continue, shall we?

I'm also thinking of going for short chapters for this story so I'll likely be keeping the chapters at a couple K each. May change later on, but we'll see.

Oh and since I'm sure some of you are going to question the whole talking dog bit, I just thought it'd be boring if Rick was the only one who'd be able to talk to our little bug pones. Gotta include the whole cast, you know? But don't worry, I'll get to explaining all that later on. And hell don't get me wrong, talking dog collars are actually a thing. Look it up. Oh and speaking of UP, go watch the movie, cause that's where I got the idea. Plus its also a real good movie if you haven't seen it already.

But anyway folks, thanks for reading, thanks a bunch for getting this story featured, share your thoughts and stuff in the comments, and as always, stay casual.