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Well, there’s not much to say here.


Smolder is an aspiring boxer. She’d give anything just to be close to her favorite fighters. But on her journey to get there, she forgets someone important...

Cover art by BezierBallad.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

A great first chapter, I can't wait to see more!

Thanks! It was a little lazy, but I'll try my best on the second one.

Wanderer D

I have to admit the lack of accentuation marks in the o's threw me off until I realized what you were trying to say.

It's still great, I'm looking forward to the next chapter

Ohh this is a very interesting

I wonder where going to see little mac or rocky lol I'm kidding any way I wonder how this will work

Perhaps Ocellus should give her love some luck.

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