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Pinkie Pie accidentally teaches the Cake Twins a very, very bad word. And it could threaten the very existence of Equestria as we know it.

Inspired by: Suncered by Summer Dancer, and Flurry's First Words by Aurora Sparks.

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Artist #1 · June 24th · · 1 ·

Aww, I like



Now, I could’ve told them “Quiet down, you two!”, but both Mrs. Cake and I know that would’ve made things worse. Just before Mrs. Cake left for that dinner date with Mr. Cake, all that she said to me was “Make sure you wash the salad forks, Pinkie,” and after Mr. and Mrs. Cake left, the twins just started repeating that, over and over again.

Oooh, I thought they were saying 'what she said folks'

“Oh, really?” I heard Mrs. Cake say to her children. “And what word did you all learn, dears?”


Ah, the magic of teaching small children how to swear.

Dudes, seriously though. What’s up with that? Grow a set of balls already.


Sorry, but Pinkie's comment about Autism... Eh. I could rant about misconceptions, but the rest of the story was "wholesome" enough I was able to enjoy it. Leave it to the youngin's to arrive at a distant conclusion.

Awesome. This is what I came for. And the Profanity tag... NEEDED! Hasbro knows what will happen if they find this story...

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I actually had to make some on-the-fly edits last night because I realized it was very unclear that "the bad word" is that toy company that starts with the letter H. Which I think is why it got a lukewarm response at first.


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