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Nightmare Night nears. Twilight Sparkle wishes to show her friends her new spells she can use to aid in the scares. But one trick gone wrong results in the ultimate scare: A bloodthirsty vampire sent loose in Equestria.
Barnabas Collins now struggles not only to survive, but to find out why he's in the bizarre pony world and to find his way back home. Little does anyone know, they will soon become part of an ongoing battle none of them could imagine.

Crossover between MLP and the Tim Burton 'Dark Shadows' movie (with elements of the original soap thrown in). Will eventually blend into a multi-crossover with various franchises (this is the only story I've actually published out of a large series of fics). Headcanon to be explained on my DeviantART account - check my user page - once I really delve into the story. Critiques accepted.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 17 )

Enjoyable movie and good concept. AAAAAAAAAnd tracked

1216098acutally i was first post(not to be arguing) you saw my post, right?

I hope readers remember they used flashlights in the "Read it and Weep" episode. Puttin' this out there so no one for some silly reason gets the idea to badger ya for the use of flashlights.

I liked that movei Instant Fav [I lvoed the part in the movie when he thought the Macdonald's sign was the devil

now the ultamite shitstorm has came.

I love this story! :yay: Can't wait to see what happens!

Walking over to the object, he picked it up, holding it to the light with a gloved hand, letting the equines see it as well.
The projectile that had hit him appeared to be a muffin.

My favorite line of the whole story!!! :derpytongue2: lol

The story is great me want Moar chapters. interesting story.

Whoa, AWESOME STORY! I love Tim Burton's Dark Shadows!

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