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I'm a christian writer, a singer and I love cartoons dudes! Plus, I love Zephyr! (Also Main account: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/348697/Short-Stories-Pony)


Zephyr has gotten in trouble after breaking the window in the science room. He now has to paint the tallest wall from the school as for punishment and to cover the cost.

Celestia suggests that someone helps him and keeps him company, which he chooses Laura.

However for her, she's angry with her boyfriend as she had an important appointment to go to after school.

Painting the wall, the couple slowly gets into a dirty situation with paint as it has hints of love, war and most importantly: Forgiveness.

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Comments ( 6 )

I wish I could date Zephyr Breeze :ajsleepy:

Dw, I'm sure as we'll write our fanfictions, it'll come true. So, what did you think of the story? It was kind of a pain to get it to publish but YEAH! I DID IT! i.pinimg.com/originals/ce/d5/d7/ced5d70683c0381ab80514591fe73838.gif

so this was basically your self insert make out fic? rainbow-dash thanks you for your sacrifice :rainbowlaugh:

Haha! Well, actually I guess you could say it's an oc / me? But, I guess want to make Laura Daniels as a character since I've made some re-designs and I've made a personality for her but it's underneath somewhere in my papers or something.

fair enough, my only critique then is that as a OC you needed to give some backstory to her, this story written as if we the reader know who she is which we dont, so a bit of backstory would have fleshed her out more

Okay! I've actually wanted to give her a backstory. Basically, for a few points I thought of her being abandoned by her parents in the apartment she lived at (Like in my stories) and I guess her caretaker would be the land lord. (Which she doesn't know yet). The reason behind this is because they didn't want to take care of her and perhaps to make her die early. As of now, I thought of maybe it would be abandoned until the land lord would show up to look around the building before buying. Laura would be stressful deep down because she has to pay rent, go to school and do whatever she can to survive. Even for the couple, I've thought of them meeting each other in the cafetaria and they're obviously alone (This is before when she made friends with the mane 7, which I'll have to do another story of).

To make it short, I was gonna do a fanfiction on my main account where Laura and Zephyr would confess their love and the two remain friends until the tenth grade. Oof, this was long to write, but I'll try to make a story for her. Even I'll try to give her a personality.

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