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While enjoying an afternoon with her mentor, Luster Dawn asks Princess Twilight a question that catches the alicorn off guard.

But the more that she thinks about what her student is saying, the more Twilight will realize that it is time for something new.

A change that will have reprecussions far into the future.

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I mean to be fair, Celestia picked students from a school meant specifically for teaching arcane magic, aaaand the only other race capable of casting spells are Changelings.

And it's served it's purpose. Which, to me anyway, was always to find the next Element of Magic. The school will still be there of course.

But Twilight isn't going to be tribalist anymore with her personal students.

Well can't say she doesn't have a point, there is no need anymore to restrict candidates to Unicorns.

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I... always that Luster was picked for her personality more than her magical acumen. But that you're willing to explore how she feels about it warms my heart as much as TWilgiht's response at the end warms her. And who knows? This might be just how the new branch of Equestria's leadership begins. (No offense to Best Dragon Smoulder or Best Changeling Ocellus.)

I think I might be in love with this story. It's short, it's sweet, and most of all, it shows a way forward in what could have been Twilight's perpective-centered defeat.

I look forward to seeing more from you.

I kinda figured that at some point, one of Twilight's students would ask why she only took a unicorn as a personal student. Who better than Luster to the one to do it?

She got the same eye opening look at friendship that Twilight did. Just minus the impending end of the world of course, so she got a slightly different view of it.

And since she does go to the School of Friendship, where every race on the planet attends, and talking to the rest of the Mane 8, I'd figured she would start to wonder why. The rest is history.

And what you've created here is legacy. A fitting one to the newest prodigy of Equestria. Thank you again for letting me see this end of your boundless talent.

I will say that, if you're wondering what happens with Smolder, the sequel touches on it. Gallus we know is a Royal Guard. No idea about the others.

The connection between the worlds was never cut. Twilight hacked the portal which now remains open. Sunset even came back two other times! Why change that and make it so that the portal is closed forever?

And this isn't the Prime Universe, so I am free to do with it whatever I want. In this universe, the connection has been severed.

I have no plans to change that. Plus look at when this is set. This is set after the Last Problem. Who knows what happened to the mirror after Twilight moved back to Canterlot in canon.

As for why, I always figured that someone at some point would take the knowledge about magic to the highest authorities.

And what do you think happens when the military learns about it? Or tries to get their hands on it? What do you think they might do to Equestria, or just to get there?

Not all of them would be like that of course. But enough would be, and it was the worst kind that Sci Twi warned Princess Twilight and Sunset about, that had taken an interest in it all.

So they all made sure that it would never come to that.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of having a different race or creature as a student.

Strange that you added another chapter but didn't tell us who Twilight actually picked.

Luster is still Twilight's student. It was never said she would take a new one at the moment. Unless someone shows her something that makes her change her mind.

Only that she would stop taking unicorns exclusively.

Damn, celestia hitting twilight with the wisdom.

Not that they had any plans of dying of course. Alicorns couldn't die unless a massive amount of magic was used against them, and even then it couldn't be done on purpose.

even then they kinda either just respawn after a while

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