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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


This story is a sequel to A Kirin In Cardboard

After having learned of the joys and amazing potential of Cardboard Boxes for herself, Autumn Blaze decides that she must share this discovery with her village.

It ends with a declaration of war.

Written for the Quills & Sofa's "Expanding Universes" Prequels and Sequels event. This story is my extension on the original story A Kirin in Cardboard by TheLegendaryBillCipher. While reading Bill's story is not necessary to understand this one, it will provide some measure of context and you should just read it regardless because it is quite good.

Thank you to, basically everyone on the Q&S server for feedback, proofreading, and editing.

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Comments ( 22 )

Delightful stuff from start to finish. Especially how kirin do this on a frequent basis. Thank goodness it never rained during the civil war. Thank you for this.

It ends with a declaration of war.

XDD already laughing. i HAVE to know how this works out!

I wonder how they play with yarn?

i loved this when i read this in quills and sofas and i shall continue to love it here. sharp wit, fun twists, and a tight pacing makes this story one thats an absolute delight to read.

War. What is it good for?


kirin + cardboard = great and funny story

I loved this as both a sequel to my story and a standalone all it's own. This is a delightful absurd comedy of Kirin being cats. Nice work, Drider. :pinkiehappy:

Getting some Nightmare Before Christmas vibes from this! :rainbowlaugh:

"It seems they demand either cardboard boxes or our immediate and complete surrender.”

“At least it’s something cheap this time. Come, let us finish breakfast and then head to the study to figure out the best way to appease their freshest whim.”

Don't give in to there demands you fools! :pinkiegasp:

They've figured out how to craft houses and castles! It won't be long until they figure out how to make weapons!

You know, according to legend, kirin are supposedly creatures bearing the mixed traits of dragons, deer, horses, and sometimes even fish.

Clearly, though, the legends have it wrong--the kirin are more house cat than even the most feline of griffons. :rainbowlaugh:

It was a sham; a sad mockery of the Queen’s own regal palace. Taunting them from just across the pavilion with its art deco designs...

Hey, no, no mocking art deco! It's still one of my most favorite architectural styles, right after Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style! :raritystarry:

This was adorable I love this.

The world fell out from under her hooves and all of reality seemed to turn on its axis.

Oh Jesus. What have you done!

ok, i gotta give you credit for referencing the knife. xD :moustache:

Im amazed they don’t have a legend of Discord and the mysterious red dot.

giving cardboard to a species known for its propensity to spontaneously combust, can't see anything going wrong.

BEHOLD! The almighty cardboard box.

Please, the amateurs haven't tried grating cardboard and sprinkling it as a condiment or baking it into bread yet. :ajsmug:

I needed this after reading a story that ended on a sorrowfull note

“And what is it this time?” Luna rolled her eyes, already bored of the conversation. “Did they run out of yarn again? Or did somebody introduce them to focused light crystals?”

Focused light crystals... laser pointers? Excellent.

That was a cute, funny, and silly story. I loved it. :heart:

The kirins are basically cats and as a cat person I LOVEIT!

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