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In those early days, when she first moved to Ponyville, one must imagine Pinkie Pie happy.

Second place winner in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group Candy Contest
Edited by the wonderful wishcometrue, all mistakes are from edits I made after she looked at the fic.
This story is for the Pride and Positivity Event, happy pride month to you all
Support BLM here

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I really love this story. It's so subtle for so long, and then it smacks you over the head with a few simple lines to bring it all together. Wonderful stuff.

Oh good, this one's posted! It felt like an average story at first, and then there was one place where the meaning was clear that made my jaw drop. Perfectly subtle, and beautifully done!

Beautiful story, and an excellent entry for the pride event. Once again, you've proven yourself an author of many talents. :heart:

Lovely :)

Now how *do* earth ponies take pills.... asking the real questions :scootangel:

Oh wow, that was amazing. Pinkie really is a wonderful conduit for exploring so many topics in the right hands, and you've done a wonderful job here making her struggle feel both real and real to Pinkie. I really do need to join more speedwrites and lose against you more often so that I'm not reading this a long time after they've been written.

Fantastic job with this! You did a wonderful job showing Pinkie's thoughts through all this. Plus, a positive portrayal of therapy that the character isn't forced to attend by the story and is just attending as a matter of fact! It was great seeing things turn out well for Pinkie in the end.

Not quite matching shades, but Pinkie does have pride colors to her.

no one has the right to tell you who you are, or who you’re supposed to be

Oh. ow.
She has a lot more depth than people give her credit for.

I don't understand. Pride? Where? I saw therapy at work....

As I interpret it, at least, she's trans.

gorgeous :heart:

One always finds one's burden again. But Pinkie teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. She too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to her neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night filled mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a pony's heart.

Or something.

The Myth of Syphilis.

So good! This is an excellent example of how to write a mostly-internal conflict without sacrificing pacing or engagement. Well done author 😁

I can't belive an essay I had to read in class would actually apply to something important one day! Lovely story absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for the very kind words, and a very happy pride month to you all too :twilightsmile:

She hadn’t tried this for a month. And honestly, even as she began, she knew it wasn’t going to pay off. She pulled her mane back as tightly as it would go, and snapped the bobble around the sprig at the back. Her reflection looked back at her once the deed was done, and said reflection looked ridiculous. She’d managed to get it into the bobble—she’d been able to do that for quite a while now—but the shorter pieces remained untrapped. They sprung every which way, giving her an absurd halo of faint pink.

I don't remember giving anyone permission to write about me. How did you even get into my bathroom?

Putting aside my silliness, this was fantastic. It's really nice seeing stories covering the in eternal day to day of being trans, not just the highest highs or lowest lows or the big front page news kind of stuff.

Thanks. :)

And I didn't say it before here, but thanks for writing. :)

Camus was definitely the last thing I expected to see referenced in a My Little Pony fanfic

One of the better-written portrayals of how delicate and gentle depression can be, in my opinion at any rate. It echos my own experience with citalopram, honestly.

A little *too* subtle for me. I would never have seen any gender-identity questions if not for comments.

This was incredibly subtle, maybe to the point of being too subtle. Had I picked this up not knowing it was for the Pride and Positivity contest, I probably would have read this as a story about everyday elements of depression (especially with the pills) instead of the littlest aspects of coping with dysphoria and its treatment. Even the details about growing hair out, exercising to keep side effects at bay, practicing her name, introducing herself, and so on feel a little closer to struggles related to depression and separation from home. Even just a use of the word transition or something would have been a great touch to tie this together, since it becomes incredibly difficult to grasp that Pinkie is trans without a) checking the comments or b) essentially being familiar with gender therapy and HRT.

Other than that quibble, this was really nicely done. The use of Sisyphus was an excellent metaphor, there were some very lushly written lines, and you write a fantastic Pinkie. I was reminded a lot of the story The Only One in Color. Seeing Pinkie coming out of her shell and pre-show interaction with others was very painstakingly well-written. The representation of positive therapy was also a good touch. Even Rarity's brief appearance made it clear just who was popping into the shop.

Author Interviewer

Pills are easy.

How do they snap a hair tie into place is the real question. XD

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