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Death is not escape. Not in Entity's world. Poor survivors are damned to be respawned again and again feeding Entity with their hope to escape. But some mysterious forces intervened into Entity's plans and allowed to survivors to escape. But not only them could do that. Entity's puppets also exited its world.

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I have no idea how to describe this story

I can. But who this figure and what plan? Also, I have link to the more characters to appear: https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Killers and https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Survivors

I hope you like it.

No worries, I will include everyone. Just need to wait

Do u remember which killers are willing and which aren’t

I think he meant which killers were actually criminals (like Trapper) and which were just unfortunate souls twisted by the Entity (like Spirit).

Where willing to kill for the entity and which were not. Legion was not willing but the priestess was

um... wrong way around? legion are the defacing assholes who murdered people before going to the entity, the priestess was just someone who was effected by a plague, and was taken and warped by the entity

My bad thanks for the correction.

No problemo friend, just glad that we are getting a really good looking dead by daylight story for this sight. There has been a sad trend of only like, 1 good one that hasn’t been hiatused

The one with sunset shimmer right

yup, all others i've found are meh, or been comatose for years

Ya. Been thinking of righting

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