• Published 22nd Jun 2020
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Operation Exquisite Corpse - The Red Parade

An exquisite corpse story written by members of the My Little Reviews and Feedback Discord server!

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Chapter Six (QueenChrysalisForever)

Derpy followed the blinking yellow arrow Anita had shown her and held a hoof to the sunglasses as she made a sharp turn around a streetlight. “How far away is this Kaspro Headquarters?” she muttered as sirens sounded in the distance. Finally someone must've gone to take care of that destroyed dino.

“Approximately 3.638 miles away,” Anita chirped. “If you had bought the collapsible jetpack for 299.99 bits, we would have gotten there in 3.4 minutes.”

“Well I’m sorry I didn’t know such a thing was available to me,” Derpy sighed and turned to the left as the arrow directed her. “How long on my own power?”

“At the speed you are currently going, it will take 10.29 minutes.”

“Well then I better speed up then. Mr. Crabs will have gotten away with the package if I take that long!” With that, Derpy gave her wings an extra hard flap and continued on her way.

It was only a minute or two later when she heard a gravelly screech and covered her ears in pain. “Gah, what is that crab tossing our way now?”

“The Pterodactyl 3500, only 5999.99 bits on our Kaspro store, get one of your own today!”

“Why must you be so happy about every product?” Derpy groaned and looked up as a shadow fell over her.

“One must always be proud of the fine products they sell, and our Kaspro store is no different! We make quality products that will last you a lifetime!”

“Oh enough of that!” Derpy hissed. Her eyes grew wide at the creature flying above her. Yet another dinosaur, this one looking like a pterodactyl, only with five pairs of wings, four legs, a fanged beak almost double her size, and a whip-like tail that almost knocked her from the sky as it flew toward her.

“Let me guess, this one is ‘indestructible’ too? Is that crab driving it?” She dodged out of its way and flew lower in an attempt to evade it.

“That is correct. The Tatrododactly-5000 is being controlled from Kaspro Headquarters by wi-fi control.”

“Then I better get there before it gets me. GAH!” she yelped as the creature let out another screech and she felt her feathers singe as it blew a ring of fire at her.

“It breathes fire too?” She groaned and shook her head. “What else could go wrong?” All Derpy knew is she had to get that package back to Pear Butter and Bright Mac before Mr. Crabs figured out how to use it. If he even could with those claws of his.

There is a 75.4198 percent chance of something else going wrong,” Anita informed her.

Derpy just shook her head and dodged another bout of flame from the creature. “Great, just great. I’m not Daring Do, though I think we are related, distantly of course, but still, I’m not her! This amount of adventure goes beyond your average mailmare pony employee requirements.”

“Be it rain, or snow, or even hail, a mailpony will deliver your mail. Dangerous creatures or lightning storms are extra charge.”

“Yes, I know Anita. Just… how do I defeat this one? Will this mini-gun work like before?” She pulled out said gun and balanced it in her hoof for a moment. It had helped her with the other dino, would it help her here?

“That is a negative with its flaming abilities.” Derpy almost tossed the talking sunglasses out of frustration, but then hesitated, knowing she needed them to find this headquarters.

She dodged again as it spat flame at her and winced as it barely missed. “Come on, Anita! I need help with this thing or neither of us is getting to headquarters!”

“Kaspro headquarters 3.39 minutes away from your current position. The Tatrododactly- 5000 can only be defeated with flames or extreme heat.”

“You’re time is almost up, little pony!” Mr Krabs voice echoed from somewhere on the pterodactyl. It opened its maw and spat flames at her once again.

Derpy let out a yelp of pain as this time the flames hit her wing where it connected to her back. She spiraled downward toward a copse of trees and grassy area in the middle of the city as her vision blurred.

As she watched the ground draw closer and closer with each second, all she could think about was little Dinky home alone, never to see her mother again or know what happened on this crazy delivery. Was Bright Mac and Pear Butter’s package really worth all this? Should she just give up and let Mr. Krabs have it? If she even made it out of this alive?

She screamed in pain as she hit the first tree hard with her injured wing, fuzzy black spots appearing before her eyes. Each scratch and slap of the branches and leaves against her sent her mind reeling, until she finally hit the ground with a smack. As she drifted into oblivion, all she could hear was the distant cackle of Mr Krabs as the Tatrododactly-5000 flew away.