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Inner demons are a pain in the Celestia, aren't they?

Especially since they don't stay inner long.

Good work, SSaE.

Sometimes I like to hear it as 'My Swedish friend.'

I'd say most people use a mirror for this sort of external monologue, but mirrors can't hug back. Excellent little gut punch. Thank you for it.


Got beauty. Got emotions. Lovely. Deserves rating to tell people, if it is good or bad.

Correct errors, though:

“Not with them!” your teeth shows.

It must be "show", since "teeth" is in plural;

You're entire life is nothing but stopping.

It seems, the implication is "your entire life";

The the day has died further.

Obvious one.

Travel far enough and you'll eventually meet yourself.


Devy #8 · June 17th · · ·

Hello again, vicious cycle of regrets and inertia. I hope everyone gets out of that sooner than later.

focus on the hug...

All you need to do is step right in and start again.

geb #11 · June 18th · · ·

I prefer Eric.

I’m not even sure what this comment means because I haven’t read the fic yet, but I just gotta say, your avatar just brightened my life so thank you:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I am in this story and I really, really don't like it.

Well that was fun. I'm gonna go feel bad and do nothing about it. Maybe someday I'll do something. Maybe not. Good fic though. Thumbs up.

Aight, who’s cutting onions

I focus on the pain.

Skirts, who Hurt you?

I have little idea of what I just read but I like it.

His blogs explain it

Man, this really hit deep in the kind of level that is just absolutely breathtaking! The way this was written was well-paced, not too overbearing, and just overall; a great read! My god this is fantastic! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading on this story!

Audio Linky!:

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Really? Which blog? I don't see it. Care to give me a link to that blog? Thanks in advance!

KMCA #23 · June 18th · · ·

A skirts blog that explains something? Heresy!

To see if I still feel.

I focus on the means of production, the only thing that's real.

I booped myself today.

To see if I still feel

Inner monologue arguments with oneself are used so often. I'm amazed I never thought of this scenario with a duplication spell before. But of course, even if someone DID think it out, and put it to page, they couldn't have written it like SS&E.

Starlight needs some serious therapy.

My empire of dirt...


No, friend. I was acknowledging the song reference he was making.

I'm in this story and I don't like it

I don’t really understand.

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