• Published 16th Jun 2020
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Game time with Luna: full version - Shu kurenai

Some times, you need some fun in your life. LuckIy, Luna is there for you.

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Night time= game time: full version

Author's Note:

Sorry if this is still the same chapter that has been coped! I will do my best to update it every week if I can, thanks! most of this story was from the preview, so check that out!

One day, you were lying down on your couch because you had nothing to do. Ever since you came through that portal that led you to this place called Equestria, you had absolutely nothing to do. Well, other then going out to the market place and watching t.v, but that's just about it, and you are bored to hell. So, you decide to take a walk in the night, because you had nothing to do.

As you are walking, you look up at the brightly lit night sky, and you say to yourself: 'wow, this is one beautiful night sky.'

The moment you look down, you notice a tall, dark blue alicorn, and on her flank, you can see she has a crescent moon on it. You can know the only person that is out at such a late time.

" Princess Luna!" You say shocked, almost imminently, you bow down at her.

" Why hello again... What was thou's name again?" You give her your name. " Ah, yes. It's such a coincidence that we are out here tonight."

'we?' "um Luna? Not to be rude, but, can you speak normally when you are around me? I'm still don't understand when you talk like that."

" My apologies, I am still learning that you don't understand the way I talk, heh," She says, calmly.

" Any ways, what brings you out here tonight?" To be honest, you had no idea why you were walking around in the middle of the night. So, you give her the most reasonable answer.

" Well, I could not fall asleep, so I tried watching some t.v, but that did not help either."

" My, my. You do have some sleeping problems, do you?" She asks.

" Not really. Back in my world, I slept a lot." She is amazed at what you just said.

" Wow... How about we head to your house so we can talk." Mabey, that isn't a bad idea.

" Sure! I was just about to head back!"

A few minutes later.

After awhile, both you and Luna are bored, so Luna scans around your house, her eyes coming across your video game console ( which is [insert your favorite game console here] ).

" Oooh, what is that?"

" Oh! I see you have stumbled across my video game console!"

Me: That's exactly what I just Said!

You point to your wall of games. " Which one would you like to play? I have Many to-"

" I would like to play this one." She says, interrupting you quickly. You are surprised at how fast she chooses.

" Okay... This one then." You say. looking at it, you are happy she chose that one because you love that game.

You pop the game into the disk slot and the game starts to play the classic sega intro. You are wondering how is she playing with her magic. You quickly select competition mode and you choose your characters. You being Tails and Luna being Sonic.

" Good choice Luna! Fun Fact, these two are actually best buds!"

" Best buds?"

" It means best buddy's."

" Oh, thanks for clarifying." She says, smiling.

" Your welcome! But I recommend we hurry up, because we are losing nightlight fast."

She nods in agreement and the two of you start to play the game.

A few minutes later...

“My my, you are a quite competitive,” she says.

“Well, not as good as you, that was great!” No doubt, she was actually good at competition mode. Some of the people you played with back at earth.

You snap out of your daze when she asks you a question.

“Shall we play again?

“Hmm, sure! I’m planning to play until we drop.”


“Until I fall asleep.”


So the two of you begin playing again and you turn to your left and you see Luna smiling at you and you smile back to show your kindness that you are grateful to her coming to spend sometime with you. To be honest, you take back what you said earlier. You actually for once since you came here, you actually have someone to play with...

You then snap out of your daze because you hear the countdown, noticing that Luna has cross the goal post before you and you are just at the start of the stage.

"Oops, sorry Luna, I dazed out for a while, heh."

"It's okay, I tend to space out for a while too."

'Man, she is so calm! I wonder how does she do that?


"Oops, sorry."


As you wake up, you notice that your lying on Luna's lap. I wonder how I got here? this make no sense! after you wake out of your sleep, Luna wakes up after you, letting out a cute yawn, but no time to get romantic. ( One reason, check the tags. )

"Good morning," she says your name.

"Good morning. Man, sweet Celestia, I had such a good sleep."

She nods in approval. " Me too, but I'm glad you slept good, because..."

"Wait, you gave me that dream of me winning the gamer league?!"

She nods. " As you know, I'm also the princess of dreams as well, so I can also give you dreams on your favorite, or as you would say, 'fave' thing you wish for the most." Your at a loss for words.

"Thanks Luna! That was the best dream I had since coming here!"

"I'm just glad you had a good sleep. Now I must get going. My sister is probably looking for me. So I shall be leaving." She looks at you one last time. " That was the best night I have ever spent with you. I can't ever thank you so much."

"Anytime Luna. I hope you come back some other time. that was the best." You say, smiling.

"Me too."

As she walks away, you think about some other time the two of you playing some games again.

I wonder if we will get this chance again, you thought, but then again, you remember that she has other duty's to do as well, so it might be a while till the two of you get that chance again.

Oh well then, guess I will have to wait some other time we get. I just hope it's soon, because Luna is such a great per- I mean pony to play with....

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Your description needs like, a spellcheck dude

Finally! A full version!!

Yeah, but with weekly updates!

That's great! At least I know the story will finish. Keep on the good work!

Thanks! Your the best!

You should specify that it has the preview in it as well as more...

Don't want new people confused like me!

As a human in equrstria

Your story description is just one sentence, yet the name of the country is spelled wrong and is not capitalised. Things like this turn readers away.

insert your favorite game console here

That's not how storytelling works. Don't ruin whatever immersion you've managed to build by using meta-tags. There is no need to specify the game system (although Nintendo-kid Luna from the picture is an amuzing concept), but don't openly remind to the reader that they are reading a fanfic (unless you are doing meta-humor, of course). Don't tell them openly 'Hey, you'll have to a lot of work here and imagine things'. If the story is good, they will do so themselves and won't even notice.

" Princess Luna!"

" Why hello again...

What is with this spaces? :rainbowhuh:

It feels like its going too fast.
Add a bit a detail here and there, just enough to get a real picture.
All I see is MC, Luna (who's appearance I image is the cover art's) , and a Console.

Needs some polish, good work nonetheless.

I love it!

Keep it up

I really wish that this wasn't cancelled. Even if there's a few spelling errors, it's a good story.

Stop judging yourself!


why so rude man? This guy tried his best! Be grateful man! >:(

I'm just pointing out it needs a spellcheck, which can help the story out

spellcheck or not, a story's a story.

True, but just saying it could be better if any errors were worked on, help the reader read it, etc

your missing the point!

I do appreciate the effort the author made, I'm just giving him tips to improve the work

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