• Published 15th Jun 2020
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Fallout Equestria - For a Sparkle Cola - Ron Jeremy Pony

There's a question that runs through Smalls' mind pretty often, what would I do for a Sparkle Cola? The Answer is pretty much anything.

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Got read this

Hopefully you'll enjoy it. Outer Worlds: Equestria is something of a tie in with it.

Read the story, loved Small Fry, I love a lot of the premises and the character development and how they interact. My issues on the story is still the same as the Out Worlds, whiles less bad, it still lacks a sense of atmosphere to place and the time passing markers, or a sense of the thought process of finding a solution to an obstacle . A little more descriptions/impression that accompany the dialogue especially with the NPC for the quests, that feel too much a throw away at times despite seeing a definitive improvement in your writing, the manner they are presented then somehow tends to come flat.

Still I am looking forward to see more of this

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