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The Butterfly Effect - LukieeePookie

This story will make you think twice about being near butterflies.

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The Butterfly Effect

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity were on a camping trip with the CMC. They had just settled down for the night.

"Okay, why don't you and Scootaloo go and get so fire wood," Applejack told Rainbow and Scootaloo.

"Okay! Well be right back!"

They headed off into the woods and picked up some fire wood.

They decided to head back.

"You enjoying the trip, Scoots?" Rainbow asked Scootaloo, breaking the silence.

"I sure am!" Scootaloo replied.

"Good. I'm glad you're having fun."

They continued a bit in silence.

Scootaloo finally spoke up.

"Hey, Rainbow?"


"Can you teach me to fly tomorrow?"

"Sure thing, Scoots. After all, you are my little sister."

"Love you, Rainbow."

"Love you too, Squirt."

They finally reached the camp site and placed the fire wood down.

Applejack lit the fire and everyone sat around the fire.

"Who wants to here a story?" Applejack said.

"Ooh, I do! I do!" the CMC yelled in unison.

"Okay now, settle down."

They sat down and inched closer to Applejack.

"Now, there is a legend called the Butterfly Effect."

"The Butterfly Effect?" Applebloom asked.

"Quiet and listen to the story!" Scootaloo said.

"Now, the Butterfly Effect is the result of what happens if you mess with a Butterfly. Legend says that it can create a storm! The last pony that messed with a Butterfly was never to be seen again!"

"AAAAHHH!!!" The CMC screamed.

"Come on! You really believe that?! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" Rainbow said, rolling her eyes.

"You can believe what you want, but just remember, BEWARE THE BUTTERFLIES!" Applejack boomed.

Just then, a butterfly flew by.


"Oh, COME ON. Look! It's harmless!" Rainbow said as she tapped the Butterfly.

"You doomed us all!!!" Scootaloo screamed.

The whole CMC started screaming.

"Calm down! We're all going to be fine!" Applejack said.

"How are we going to be fine if Rainbow Dash just triggered the Butterfly Effect?!"

"Maybe the Butterfly will go easy on us?"

The wind blew harder and it started raining. There was now lightning.

"Okay, time to panic. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Everypony screamed. All except for Rainbow.

"Okay, so the weather got a bit harsh. It's just a coincident!" Rainbow said.

The wind blew even harder. Everypony (But Rainbow) screamed louder and ran back to Ponyville. Rainbow followed.

"Is anyone going to pick up their camping gear?" Rainbow asked them.

They continued to scream.

"Fine... I'll pick it up."

Rainbow grabbed all their gear and flew over to Ponyville. She couldn't tell if she was sweating, or if she was just wet from the rain.

Rainbow somehow got to Ponyville first. They then ran (Rainbow flew) into Twilights castle.

Rainbow dumped everything on the floor.

"Can you guys carry your own stuff now?" Rainbow asked them when they calmed down.

"Oh yeah. Forgot about that," Applejack shrugged.

Spike then came into the room.

"Who's there?!" Spike said. He had a fork as a weapon.

"Hey, calm down Spike! It's just us," Rainbow informed him. "Now, where are the towels? I'm soaked."

Spike pointed to a room. "Over there. Thats the bathroom."


Spike then looked back at Applejack. "Why are you guys here? Aren't you supposed to be camping?"

"The weather was a bit tough."


"Okay... very tough."

"Rainbow Dash triggered the Butterfly Effect!" Scootaloo told Spike.

"Yeah! That's when it started raining!"

"Okay...? I'll make sure to ask Rainbow about that. In the mean time, I'm going to tell Twilight that your here." Spike said.

He left the room.


Rainbow Dash had just got out of the shower and dried herself off. She hung the towel back up and left.

She saw Spike to her side, waiting for her.

"Ahh! Don't do that!" She calmed herself down and asked, "Why are you here?"

"The CMC said that you triggered the Butterfly Effect. I'm here to ask you about it. So, what the heck is the Butterfly Effect?"

"Just an old legend about if you mess with a butterfly, then it will trigger a powerful storm. I dont believe it though. I just tapped a butterfly to show its fake, and then a storm happens. I think it's just a coincidence."

"Okay. That does sound very dumb. Why the heck would they believe that?"

"I don't know. It's weird. I'm going to ask the weather team about the storm tomorrow."

"Well, okay. Good luck with that." Spike said as he walked away.

Rainbow walked back to the hallway. The storm had stopped and it was incredibly dark. Luckily, the moon was extra bright tonight, so it illuminated some things.

"Well, I'm going to go home. Bye!"

And then she left.

A few seconds later, Twilight came in and only saw Applejack and the CMC.

"Where's Rainbow? Is she still taking a shower?"

"No. She just left to go home," Spike informed her.

"But she's going to get wet again!"

"Twilight! The storm just stopped!"

"Well... okay. The guest rooms are over there if you need them!" Twilight said to Applejack and the CMC while pointing a hoof. She then walked back into the library to continue reading.

(The next day...)

Rainbow woke up and headed out to the weather team.

"Oh! Hi Rainbow Dash!" one of the workers said.

"Why was there a storm last night?"

"Oh! Well it's a long story. Two ponies were flying and they were a couple, 'ya know? Anyways, they were doing the things that couples do like kissing."

Rainbow made a disgusted look.

"Well, the two were so distracted that they flew right into a cloud, which collided into another cloud which then continued the process until it as one big cloud. They then flew over it and they both got hit by another cloud in front of them. They both fell on top of the cloud and hit it, causing a storm."

Rainbow was trying her best not to laugh.

"I know, right? Its hilarious! Anyway, is that all?"

"Yeah, that's all. Bye!" Rainbow responded and flew away.


She was flying away at such high speeds that she didn't notice the butterfly flying in front of her.

She slammed into it, nearly killing the Butterfly.

"Oh my gosh... Fluttershy is gonna kill me..."

She flew back to her home like nothing had happened when a sudden powerful gush of wind hit her and she lost control. She was pushed to a faraway plain and landed on the floor.

She got up.

"Ugh... stupid wind."

She then noticed a tornado in front of her.

"This is just a coincidence, right?"

There were now five different tornados from all around her at power level max, closing in on Rainbow, almost as if they were ponies.

"Okay! I'm sorry Butterfly! The Butterfly Effect is real!"

The tornados continued to close in.

Rainbow curled up into a ball and hoped for the best.

She was then sucked into a tornado, getting sucked from one tornado to the other. She was slammed onto the floor.

"Ack! Got... to get up!" Rainbow struggled to get up as she was slammed deeper into the ground. She was then struck by lightning multiple times and Rainbow knew no more.

The storm had then stopped.

Author's Note:

Lol. Hope you enjoyed this and had fun!

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It was quite the ride. But dear god I hope Rainbow is alive. If only because I wanna see Applejack coming up to her in the hospital saying ‘I told yah so.’ Or something like.

There will be a SEQUEL.

Oooooh, I’ll be looking forward to it. Let me know when it comes out.

Sequel is HERE. Man! Two stories in one day! I'm on a roll!

You might have to wait a while for it to be out. Recently published it.

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