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[Taking place after Rainbow Rocks and before The Friendship Games]

Sunset Shimmer; who was once a unicorn in the land of Equestria as Princess Celestia’s top student now lives in the human world with her friends. Though she had managed to put her past behind her of the awful things she had done, one past that she could never forget is trying to return.

A mysterious shadow figure escaped from Equestria and took the now opened portal into the human world in search of something, or rather, someone.

What happens when their path cross, bring a past of Sunset Shimmer that caused her to lead down the path she had taken long before.

[OC is created by me - Nightcast]
[This is my first MLP Fanfic on this site]

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I feel like this mysterious pony is very possessive of Sunset

Just going to have to see how it turns out, I do have everything already planned out and hopefully get chapters out fast to tell the whole story I have planned.

Wasn’t this supposed to be weekly?

Sorry for the disappearance, trouble with health caused me to stop and I needed a good while to recover. Had to get surgery.

Yes, I will be returning this Saturday and will try to get back to the plan of weekly now that the pain has gone away from surgery I had. Sorry about the disappearance.

Oh, I completely understand and wish you a successful recovery. Take all the time you need.

I’m curious to everyone’s reaction when they all meet.

I can’t wait to see sunset’s reaction.

No, it is as if something were trying to force her to abandon the idea.

And that would be?

Standing before the Pie’s house, wearing a brown cloak as they glance towards the lit room where the Equestrian Princess were staying for the night, a hollow chuckle echoed from them as they spoke in a fiery voice, “Finally; after all these years, things are finally starting to move along. What will come of this, Latere ?”

Who’s this?

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