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Sunset’s First Friend - rpglover

Sunset Shimmer was one of Princess Celestia's Prized Pupils. Only, she never had any friends- or did she?

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Chapter - 2: Escape

??? POV
Darkness; It was the only thing I had ever known before I met her. Loneliness; That was the only purpose I had believed to exist before I befriended her. Remembering the moment that fleeted like a flickering flame. It was that one faithful night when I watched her disappeared before my very sight, to a place where I could never go.

-4 Years ago-

A small golden coat filly with flaming color mane running through the castle’s corridor on a full moon night, “Why did I go and do that?” she spoke out, to an onlooker; they would think she was going insane to talk to herself.

Her shadow that was reflected by the moon’s light through the castle’s window revealed of not a Unicorn like one would expect, but with wings stretched out as it ran with her of a Pegasus. “What are you going to do now? Celestia would have all of Equestria looking for you.

She looked over at me with worriedness in her eyes, obviously concern for this matter as well. Princess Celestia was respected and revered by all the ponies of Equestria. And Sunset had went and defied her, “What am I going to do Nightcast?” she asked.

I questioned in my mind what I could do to help her, we could always be on the run from Celestia and be together forever, or we could hope for the best of her mercy and be sent to a dungeon. But I would not want to see Sunset trapped in the darkness like I was; she deserved to shine. There was only one way to save her from Celestia’s wrath while keeping her from hiding in fear, “I have an idea.” I said with a hint of dread in my voice.

Sunset looked over at me curiously, waiting for the idea I may have, “If we can make her believe that it was my action over you, Celestia would have no doubt in you and you’d be back in her grace again.

I am a Nightmare, a creature born from Disharmony and the magic that lingers around. We are feared for our desire in manipulating ponies so we can feed off of their negativity. I was aware that Celestia would know of our existence, especially after the event of Nightmare Moon who fed off of the Princess Luna’s jealousy.

Sunset slowly came to a halt in her escape, it had started to fill my empty heart with dread that she was about to cast me aside, but if it were for her; I would accept my fate as such. “Don’t ever suggest such a thing!” she shouted at me. I was stunned to see tears streaming down from her eyes, she looked at me like someone close had just died. “You’re my first real friend, no one else would even bother look at me. How could you suggest I’d abandon you after you stuck by my side?

I fell dead silent to what she had just said, it would be a lie if I said that I wasn’t feeling joyous of such thing. But it still left me questioning how I could help her, “Sorry, we can think of something together!” I said with assurance. I was not going to leave her stranded with this problem on her own, and it was clear she wasn’t going to abandon me either.

She smiled brightly; a moment I would had loved to have last longer before one of the guards that were in pursuit of Sunset spoke not far down the corridor, “She should be somewhere around here!” we had to resume our marathon of seeing how long we could outrun the royal guards. The sound of metal armor clashing against one another echoed down the hall, signaling their location.

I got an idea!” I called out to Sunset which grabbed her attention.

Changing my form to match that of the Unicorn I was next to, my short mane into long and wavy; my wings faded and in place a horn appeared on my forehead, “What are you doing?” she asked me, seeing me take a shadow form of her.

I hadn’t given an answer, rather; I darted into a different direction in hope of the guards noticing me. It was successful as one of them shouted out to signal the others of his position, “I found her! She is going towards the royal garden!

It was fun to say the least in leading the guards towards the garden. I had gotten the chance to memorize my way around this castle after spending three years with Sunset who was Celestia’s pupil. The guards were the most enjoyment, making them hear strange noises, seeing shadows, or even opening and closing doors. This may be the last time I get to enjoy this kind of entertainment, but I know wherever me and Sunset go, we would have just as much fun. Maybe even more!

After twelve of them had raced out into the royal guarded, I closed the door and locked them so that they could not resume their pursuit of Sunset. I didn’t worry about them trapped in there forever since I knew one of the maids would find them in the morning while going to water the flowers.

Returning my attention to where she would have gone, I followed down the corridors again to reach up with Sunset. It hadn’t taken long before I found her standing just moments away from a mirror stand.

Isn’t this. . .” I spoke, she obviously wasn’t aware I had caught up to her as she nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned around to find a pony that was transparent like a shadow with wings outstretched and blazing red eyes. Her expression lightened up when she realized it was me.

The mirror into another world. Princess Celestia was strictly against me being here, but it may be our way out of this mess.” Sunset said, a doubt in her voice at the obvious thought of not only running away from Celestia, who she had admired and praised since who knows when, but also disobeying her again.

I could see the both of us in the mirror, “What if the portal isn’t open? She did say that it only opens every thirty moons! What if it hasn’t come yet?” I spoke with doubts of my own, this could be a dead end for us, and we would be captured by the Princess.

Only one way to find out.” Sunset answered with a hesitant in her voice as she turns her attention back onto the mirror. Moving ever closer until she was nearly touching the surface with her muzzle. She gazed at her reflection that was staring right back at her, as if it were asking her if this was what she was wanting for herself.

She gave a deep breath before closing her eyes, taking one step forward; she was half expecting for the mirror to be a solid surface that prevented her hoof from moving forward only for it to feel like something liquid were wrapping itself around it instead.

Opening her eyes to find that her right hoof was nearly half merged in with the mirror. I looked on with amazement at what was happening, we would be venturing together to a whole unknown world to us. She looked over towards me, as if making sure I was still by her side for this moment, “See you on the other side.” She said before putting the rest of her body in through the portal.

I watched as she vanished, sunk into the mirror as the surface rippled like a pond that was disturbed. “Guess it’s my-“ I started to say as I approach the mirror next, only for the sound of someone not far from the other side of the door speaking out.

Check the storage room! She might have gone into there!

I had no time to think as I had to cross over as well, rushing towards the mirror to expect myself to flow on through like she had only to crash into the hard surface. My eyes fell on to the reflection of myself smashed against the mirror, Why am I not able to go through?


I slowly started to open my eyes; coming into view was a scenery I had never seen before. I found myself to be outside, and for some reason the air around me had started to feel strange, as if the magic is weak; almost to the point of suffocating like a lack of air.

Raising a hoof towards my chest to make sure I was breathing fine; it had taken a moment to register in my brain the odd feel my body gave when placing it against my hoof. Looking down to see that my body had changed from the transparent look of a pony to a solid cyan color skin tone and a form I had never seen before where my hoof was to be.

I was wearing a gray color t-shirt with a picture of golden lock and blue jean. Around my arms are black bands made of fabric, around my neck is the bandana I held dear of yellow with a red half sun on it, and I was wearing white with black streak tennis shoes. Questionably, I wanted to scream out at the strange creature I had taken the shape of. What am I? It felt like hundreds of questions started to swarm my mind as I made sense of what was happening.

Questions being what did I look like? What is this thing called which I had turned into? Why did I turn into this thing? There were others around, these creatures that were walking the street on two legs?

It was something I was uncommon with, something I needed an answer to. Taking notice that it was night time, at least I could hide under the veil of the night and search for answers to what was happening and hopefully find Sunset.

I closed my eyes to ready to merge into the shadows, reaching out towards the emptiness as I feel myself merging through from physical to a reflective image of the light. Letting myself slowly be engulfed into the darkness.

Opening my eyes to see myself in the world of shadow; only to find I had not moved from the spot I was moment ago. I didn’t become a shadow, I was still made of flesh, trying to figure what had gone wrong.

Did I do something wrong? That couldn’t be it, I had done this since the day I was born. I decided to give it another swirl, expecting for better result; but it was only the same result.

Come on! Why can’t I go into the shadows?” I questioned out to myself, with no answer to it given.

Was there something new to this world that prevented me from doing so? Did it by chance change on how I could cross? Or was I no longer capable of going into the shadow? At the moment, it did not matter. I had to get out before someone sees me, I didn’t want to deal with some random bystander while I had no knowledge of this world.

Don’t worry Sunset, I will find you when I understand this world.” I said as I ran on all four off into the distance, I had not want to move far away from the portal; if she wound up coming out here as well, she might be close by waiting for me.

No one’s POV

A few moments after Nightcast had ran off away from the portal, it had started to shine again as a purple haired girl came crashing through the base of the Wonderbolt’s statue. She came falling to the ground with a loud thud.

UHG! She grunted from the pain as she starts to raise her face from the ground, “Starlight’s so going to get it when I get back!” she spoke in disapproving under her breath. The portal started to light up again as a dog now came flying through.

He crashes on top of her, sending her head back into the ground beneath her. She gave another groan as she quickly raised herself up knocking the purple coated dog off her head. “Sorry Twilight.” The dog said apologetically.

Twilight’s appearance was a mess to say the lease, her face was smudged from the fall and her hair looked as if she had gone hiking, minus the sticks and leaves. “It’s alright Spike, I’m just glad you came.” Twilight said to the dog.

Looking around to try and find the mysterious stallion that had moments ago also came through the mirror, only to find that they were the only one who had not belonged here was anywhere around the portal.

She gave a depressing sigh, “Of course it wasn’t going to be easy finding him!” this was obviously going to be something of a challenge, trying to find a human that didn’t belong in this world was like finding a needle in the hay stack. She was going to need her other friends’ help; but because it was night time, they would be asleep.

Twilight was going to need to wait till morning to get them to help, for now she was going to need to find a place to rest before the sun comes up. Walking up towards the school building, she tried to open it up only to find that it was locked.

Her idea of spending another night in the Library was ruined, something she had done the first day she had come to this world. The only other choice she was left with now was to visit Pinkie Pie’s house and hopefully she would help her in need.

Having left towards where she remembered where Pinkie lives, luckily for her, it was within walking distance from the school. Spike followed close by her side as the two walks towards the Pie’s resident, one question coming to Twilight as she looks up at the moon, ‘What could that thing be planning to do in this world?

Author's Note:

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