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What you Need - Hemlock conium

Sometimes what you need isn't obvious, or easy.

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A change in perspective pt.1

Nurse Pink Heart stepped out into the hallway, rubbing her hoof through her yellow mane as soon as she was out of sight of the young filly. She let out a haggard sigh and slowly lowered her hoof back to the ground. A shaky, nervous breath trembled out her lips as she began to finally collect her thoughts. Pink Heart had expected a number of things from the small pegasus, that story was not one of them however. In truth she had no idea how to react and her pitiful attempts clearly just left the filly agitated. So she thought it best to leave, recuperate and inform Doctor Bright Spark of the filly's current condition as well.

She thought for a moment to forward a letter of request for a second evaluation for head trauma. While the initial investigation stated the sky carriage incident had left her unscathed, Pink Heart's brief interaction stood in stark contrast to that notion. As Pink Heart began making her way to find Dr. Bright Spark, a second thought entered her mind. The filly may have had some form of a mental disorder. It was possible she was just delusional from lack of nourishment; the report did speculate at least a week in the woods from her condition, but Pink Heart doubted that. The pony was fully coherent the whole conversation albeit tired. Her story, while absurd, had logic to it at least. Minus the fact she insisted magic didn't exist in "her world" anyway. That particular point left Pink Heart unsure how to feel. The concept was a double edge sword to the filly's credibility at best. If magic didn’t exist than it made sense why she couldn't better explain the exact spell used, but it also meant her story was impossible. As magic needed to exist in order to get here. Not just in small quantities either, no something quite powerful and large in quantity was needed for a spell of that level.

Each option left her worried more than the last. The possibilities she was left with were: they missed head trauma, the filly was crazy, or she was quite sane. Whatever the case, it was going to be a harder case to deal with than originally speculated. Head trauma, oddly enough, was the least likely as they were quite thorough in the initial examination. As for the transmutation idea...Transmutation spells did exist, though she'd never heard of one to such an extent. Furthermore, transmutations of even the most basic sense were nigh impossible for most unicorns. In Fact she was quite sure they were outright impossible for any unicorn or creature. That was aside from maybe Discord or the princesses of course, all whom she was sure were uninvolved. None of this even considered the fact the filly mentioned cross dimensional travel. Every fact of the story was another nail in the coffin for the filly’s story. At the same time, the filly openly acknowledged how improbable her story was and knew how crazy it seemed. Something she wouldn't have expected from a pony who wasn't quite all there. There was also the fact that ponies don't just appear out of nowhere after all, but cross dimensional spells didn’t "just happen" either, especially with no pony noticing. Whatever the case was it just left Pink Heart’s head aching. Additionally the current case report also seemed to suggest the filly was right.

After the guards were unable to find any cases for a missing filly of her description, the hospital moved to dental records. Then when the dental records came back negative for any filly in Ponyville they shipped out a request for other nearby towns’ dental records. While most had yet to arrive the few they had received also reported negative. This didn't even mention the parents in this situation, assuming the filly was indeed delusional. At best they were looking at gross negligence for not already having filed a missing pony report, for a possibly disabled filly. At worse… Pink Heart shuddered to even start thinking about the alternatives. All this combined with the fact the filly insisted she wasn't native to Equestria, made this case graver by the second.

While all this seemed to suggest the filly may be right, the fact that she was still aware of where and what she was, made it seem improbable. After all if she was from a dimension unlike Equestria, then there should be no way she knew she was a pony or what Equestria even was. All this culminated to make her growing headache worse. Every thought was a tug of war in her mind. As soon as one side seemed to claim victory a new revelation or idea saved the opposing idea from the jaws of defeat.

“It's going to be a long week.” Pink Heart finally mumbled to herself as she roamed the hallways for doctor Bright Spark. Her eyes glanced around the ponies around her looking for the familiar purple and silver unicorn. Her eyes stopped when she found him talking to another one of the hospital’s doctors.

“Dr. Bright Spark!” She called in an urgent and worried tone, “ I have some things we need to discuss about THE patient.” She emphasized; gaining the doctor's attention. Bright Spark excused himself from the other pony as he joined Pink Heart and followed her back to the room.

“What happened?” He asked Pink Hearts as they quickly trotted through the hallways.

“I think the initial examination missed possible brain damage. Or at the very least she has some kind of disorder.” Pink Heart answered only to receive a raised brow from Dr. Bright Spark that egged her to go on.

“That's to say she spun quite the tale. I think even Shakespeare himself would have blushed at the concepts.” She continued.

“That's well and good but please get to the point. What happened?” Dr. Bright Spark interrupted with a stern look, bordering on annoyance. Pink Heart winced as she quickly garnered her thoughts; then with a deep breath she continued.

“After I woke her up she insisted she was some made up creature from a made up world where she insisted magic didn’t exist. Only to be transmuted into a filly and left out in the woods. Oh and she mentioned she was a male before all this too.” Pink Heart finally finished in a frantic tone. The doctor meanwhile rubbed his chin as he contemplated the new information. After taking a moment to weigh the options he spoke up again.

“I’ll go speak with her, in the meantime I want you to get a psychologist ready just in case alright?” He gave Pink Heart a slight glance, checking for confirmation to make sure she understood.

“I’ll get right on it!” She replied as she broke off and made her way to the stairs.

Bright Spark let out a long sigh of annoyance. Here he'd thought his shift was nearly over but now he had to fill out at least a dozen medical and legal paperwork. Not to mention doing the actual examination and having a thorough discussion with the patient on top of this. All in all it wasn't looking like he was going to be home any time soon tonight. Which normally might not have left him as bitter, but all the extra legal paperwork and dealing with the guard on this specific case left him irritable. Everything was like stepping on eggshells. He had to take extra precautions due to her age, he had to run every little adjustment like: the amount of water she received, time spent with her, etc. on a dozen different forms. Not to mention he lacked his sister’s skills and tact when it came to children. Unfortunately he was the only doctor on sight capable of dealing with the filly’s issues when she came in. Meaning he got stuck being in charge of her case.

Bright Spark let out one final groan of disapproval before he arrived at her door. As Bright Spark opened the door to the filly’s room, he was running through a dozen different scenarios in his head. A calm but bored looking filly was not one of them however. The filly laid in bed; head resting on one hoof as she looked out her window with a disinterested gaze. As the doctor stepped in the filly tilted her head by a few degrees to put the doctor just in her view. When her eyes finally glanced over him her demeanor rapidly changed. Suddenly her golden eyes sparkled to life and a wide grin shot across her muzzle. The filly’s fascination seemed to be focused not on him, but rather his horn.

“Oh! A unicorn! Maybe you can help!” The filly squealed with glee before wincing and rubbing the back of her head.

“It's Dr. Bright Spark.” He informed as he levitated a clipboard his way to look over.

“Oh Uh Phoenix!” She replied giddy.

“How much do you know about transmutation and possible cross dimensional spells by chance?” The filly asked with a nervous but hopeful smile. When he didn't answer immediately though the filly’s body language became more annoyed and aggressive however.

“Is something wrong?” Dr. Bright asked as he made a note on the clipboard, before setting it down.

“You don’t do you?” The filly rhetorically replied with a frustrated groan.

“I do have limited understanding, but why do you ask?” He inquired before finally meeting Phoenix's gaze.

“Didn't the pink earth pony tell you?” Phoenix skeptically responded; only to be surprised when the doctor nodded in confirmation.

“She did, however, I would like to hear it from the source. Make sure her report was accurate and she left nothing out.” Dr. Bright informed her as he took a seat at her side.

“This might feel funny, but I’m just running an examination for possible head damage. That's not to say I don't believe you, however in cases like this every possibility should be thoroughly explored.” The doctor continued as his horn began to glow; encaptivating the filly's head in a silver glow. Phoenix reflexively squirmed at the odd sensation running through her head but said nothing.

“Now, please tell me your story.” Dr. Bright asked once more. He didn't feel anything off with Phoenix skull or brain for that matter, but that only covered blatant physical damage. Trying to pry any further into her head with magic was too invasive for him to test. So a full psychological evaluation would need to be run in order to confirm or cross out the possibility of any disorder. Unfortunately for the filly, the more he examined the more likely a disorder seemed. Dr. Bright Spark could not detect any lingering magic residue on the filly which such a spell should have left. Then again, depending how long the filly had been out in the forest, it may have given time for the residue to dissipate.

Dr. Bright rubbed his temple a bit as he listened to Phoenix spin her tale. What a tale it was too. Each word sounded like it was straight out of a fantasy novel, full of vivid creatures and a colorful, lived in world. Assuming the filly isn't simply...crazy she at least has a future in writing, Dr. Bright mused to himself. But if she isn’t crazy...Then this is quite the story, as Improbable as it is. Whatever the real answer was he knew it was going to be a long night.

What a night it was too. All together Dr. Bright spent until sunrise listening and re-listening to the filly's stories, taking long and detailed notes. While he wasn’t convinced that Phoenix wasn’t just confused, he kept an open mind. Which seemed to at least eased some of her pent up frustration. By the end however the filly looked exhausted; frequently suppressing yawns as well as rubbing growing bags under her eyes.

The doctor sat quietly for a long few moments; pondering his next few sentences carefully. If Phoenix was crazy he didn’t want to feed into her delusions. If however, she wasn’t, he didn't want to dismiss her claims either. After a few moments of thought he settled upon his final sentence for the night.

“Alright Phoenix. I think that's enough for the night; we both need some rest. For the time being you just focus on getting better and we’ll work on the rest until you're ready okay?” He offered. The filly wasn’t particularly pleased with that response but reluctantly nodded before crashing into her pillow. Dr. Bright slowly rose to his hooves and adjusted the patient’s notes before heading towards the door. He glanced back at Phoenix for a brief moment before flipping off her lights and heading out.

Author's Note:

Cutting it close but I managed to get part one of this two parter chapter up before the end of the week(its 11:58pm at time of posting). For those of you only here for this story: My work life has been crazy so I've had a hard time finding time to write and edit(which may or may not be apparent in this chapter). In any event ill still be trying to post on schedule or as close to it as I can. Part two to this chapter should be out later this week with my next chapter of Veil of Shadows as well. Well as you can see I've failed to meet that dead line. I apologize to those of you patiently waiting on either stories next chapter for this. I assure you however that I am still committed on getting these chapters out but as of right now I don't feel they're ready to put out.
As always criticism and feedback is encouraged in the comments. Have a good one all and thanks for reading.

Update: Thank you Boopy Doopy for helping edit this. If Ya'll haven't read their stories id highly recommend it.

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