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A few days after ascending to Alicornhood, Twilight Sparkle is experimenting with Magic, as she is wont to do. She found a lovely new spell in Luna's old quarters in the Castle of the Two Pony Sisters that she's just dying to try. She should've read the fine print.

Featured 6/22/2020. Thank you all so much!
It happened again 6/30/2020! What insanity is this?! :heart:
OK, seriously, you people spoil me. 7/1/2020
I'm going to keep thanking you every time it happens. You can't stop me! 7/4/2020
Have all the happy Pinkie Pies in the world! 7/5/2020

New cover art by Mix Up: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/195663/Mix-up

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I want more of this, but at a slower pace, and more of them trying to figure their situation out.

Great story so far! Keep it up! Can't wait to see the impact of Tom's actions.

I'm quite intrigued with this story.

Things will slow down a little bit in future chapters. Twilight couldn't have really picked a worse time for this to happen, what with just becoming a Princess and all, with all the duties that entails. Tom is just all too pleased to bury himself in the busy work and adventures to avoid having to dwell on his current situation.

Of course, such times of excitement can't last forever and a lull will happen in due time.

Other than that, I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've read thus far!

An interesting concept can only take one so far. I hope to do this justice and I'd be happy to have you along to see if I manage it.

Drama! Intrigue! Suspense! ...maybe not that last one. Suspense drives me wild. I had to kick it out of bed the other day for eating frozen cotton candy. :pinkiecrazy:

It isn't outside the realm of possibility. Right now I think it's just going to be a close friendship, but I prefer to let my characters have a chance to express themselves. So if Chrissy and Lulu wanna hook up, I wouldn't be opposed.

looking forward to some bug horse.

as she is wont to do.


"Wont" adjective: (of a person) in the habit of doing something.

So in this case, Twilight is in the habit of experimenting with Magic.

I get it but it looks so weird


In my, admittedly limited, experience, English is a strange, confusing language. I've only been speaking it my whole life and I still find it baffling at times. :raritywink:

In my experience, I've been speaking it my whole life as well, and I firmly believe English isn't even a language, It's three languages stacked on top of each other in a trench coat.

That's the most plausible explanation I've ever heard. Or read, as the case may be.

Hum, interesting read, normally I am not a fan of possession or retreading the same episode, but you manage to to keep it mostly interesting, and I am happy that you are starting to deviate from the show order. The MC sounded rather dull at first but I am happy that he is starting to get a little depth to him. Still I hope that he will get his own body soon enough. I found it strange that Flash Sentry was nowhere to be scene is there a reason for that maybe?

Also if you are looking for a cover art please let me know I am open for commissions, you can just PM if you want to talk about it. As for example of my art work, you can go at the link bellow to my DA gallery:

Seriously this story deserves more attention, it's so damn good.
Really looking forward to the next chapter

I feel blessed with the attention it has been getting thus far. I am very grateful for your praise.

I'm glad you think my story is of good enough quality to see past your usual dislike of the story telling device.

As we move deeper into the story, certain events will be changed, rearranged, or skipped altogether. From a flap of a butterfly's wings a hurricane is born and all that and Tom's arrival is a bit more than a butterfly's wing flapping.

Flash may yet appear in the story. I intentionally left him out of the EQG chapter because human Flash was just a tool for a forced romantic subplot and I couldn't think of a way to justifiably change that with Tom doing his best to stay laser focused on reclaiming the Element of Magic. Pegasus Flash, now, that might have potential. We'll just have to wait and see what unfolds.

As far as Tom getting his own body, all I can say for now is 'spoilers'. It will come up as a point of contention sooner rather than later. Two of the brightest minds of their generation are living under the same roof now, after all.

it might not be a case of creating a new body but splitting twilights in a way that it forms into 2 bodys i mean it wouldent be ideal but from what discord has said it might be the only real way to go about it in the end after untangeling their souls.

Your mind works in good ways. That very suggestion, among others, will be discussed both in the opening of the next chapter and periodically throughout the remainder of this story. As for whether any of them will work? You'll just have to wait and see~ :raritywink:

I wonder if the mirror pool would be useful?

The Mirror Pool will certainly be discussed sooner or later.

Moon Dancer would relish the chance to flex her intellectual prowess.

Bet she would to

Changelings are commonly assumed to have a hive mind, so maybe Chrysalis could help with splitting two minds across different bodies?

intresting take on the mirror pool but that brings the question now of what will work to seporate the two of them. would a spell mixture of a seporation of split personalitys and telaportation be able to seporate and give them their own bodys, will tom be able to do diffrent magic then twilight like maby chaos magic, when will they begin thinking outside the box in getting twilight and tom their own bodys

Oh, don't worry, the eventual solution will be very outside the box.

With your avatar being Whooves, I think I have a few good, although probably wrong guesses.

I haven't actually decided yet whether to include the Doctor in this story or not. Even if he is, he won't play a significant part in this story. The sequel, however, would be his time to shine if I include him.

Oh, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Time to make more popcorn!

Celestia is going to be very mad at both chrysalis and Luna

Celestia definitely won't be happy. If she actually does something about it is another matter entirely. Just because Luna decided to not take vengeance upon Celestia for her transgressions doesn't mean the Alicorn of the Night can't change her mind if sufficiently pushed. Celestia is well aware of this and will act accordingly. The Alicorn of the Day does have a thousand years of additional experience being a politician on her younger sister, after all. Celestia is capable of picking her battles.

Wholesome bug and moon horses

would chrisalis view tom as a savoir of sorts to her and her changlings if luna told her it was him who uncoverd the lie and was the person who allowed them to be saved? proberbly better to cross that bridge when they meet after all while discord is a good sorce of what is and is not possible a shapeshifter with years of experence will definetly help with figuring out how to help T&T

I am certainly spoiled rotten with all the updates. I also understand the insomnia situation, and it has its pros and cons.

Geeze I sat down and read almost all of this in 3 or so hours and caught an update during? Nice. Keep it up!

would it be possible for them to use twilights body as a blueprint to transmute a clone body to put tom in after he is seporatid as if him just becoming an avarge pony would be wastfull after he has alredy lernt how to fly, use magic and in essence be a princess along side twilight

Why do i feel like fluttershy is gonna have some bug horse guards?

Very good, you've spotted something the Ponies and Changelings will eventually decide is a front runner idea for Tom's new vessel. It might still be a few chapters before they stumble upon that option, however, and it might not be the one they ultimately go with.

I am very glad you consider my story good enough to spend some time thinking about options for Tom. It brings a smile to my face.

Fluttershy won't get her own guard, per say. Ultimately Fluttershy needs her alone time with her animals too much for a posting of guards to be a good idea, and Chrysalis knows this. She's raised introverted children in the past and knows giving them their space when they need it is extremely important.

That being said, Fluttershy is definitely going to make friends with a certain Changeling and he'll do his best to protect Fluttershy if it should ever come to that.

i did get thinking on something else aswell that i wasent sure you would explore that is basicly is tom himself even after he gets seporatid capible of weilding the element of magic or being an alicorn as for the element him being in the same body as twilight for so long might have synced them up to the point they could both use it together or swap out as that could be an interesting thing to explore as tom might not have been destind to weild it but he might become able to by himself through experence.
Also with him being in twilight and able to use her magic could suggest that he didnt have any before hand which in a would of magic would be an impossiblity so since his soul has been bondid to twilights for so long you could arge he might have began to develope his own.
there is also the fact he has been using alicorn magic already and while it has been through twilight it could mean that he is aclimating to it to the point that you could justify whatever body tom gets in being to turning into an alicorn.
sorry for rambeling

That's sounds interesting, Phanrix be like a little stubborn boy who always scream his mothers name when he didn't like something XD.

Anyway, I can't wait to see Dragon Lord Ember meets Thorax and Phanrix. XD

I love the story and the constant updates, but i do have to ask why vilify Celestia. At the time she did what she thought best, her course of action atleast made it so Luna and Crysalis could meet again if nothing else. Please make a redemption arc for her.

Celestia could realise what she has done and come with a bowed head seeking forgivness, at heart she is not bad by any stretch of the road. Let her promise both Luna and Crysallis to help them if she can as long as its possible and not over the top. Make a chapter where she and Luna could talk sister to sister at what they went thru. Celestia could show her remorse for being the catalyst that made nightmare moon and being foolish to not research Changelings before making a call on how to deal with a new race.

I do not like stories where Celestia simply spirals into madness and evil, because she is simply not like that. She can be manipulative and prideful but she is also quirky and easily amused. Shes panicky and sometimes makes bad calls but she ownes up to them. All i saw from her is daybreaker shouting match with Luna segment that was not even explored.

Twilight is everything a daughter is to Celestia beside attaching a title to her. Let her come both to Tom and Twilight in tears and seek forgivness and showing that she is not perfect, nobody is. She only did what she could for her ponies even if it was misguided and sounds like an excuse.

Celestia in this story i liked before you started to make her into a caricature villain from ages long past. SHE did rule for a thousand years of relative peace and offer her soul and life to teaching Twilight and making things right with Luna.

“That sounds unfortunately like something my sister would do. She was attempting to make a power play with you while trying to curry Twilight’s favor. I can think of a few reasons why she felt the need to do so and I’m sure between the two of you, you also have a fair idea,” Luna sounded most displeased with her pain in the plot sister. As if she wasn’t already peeved at her enough already.

I really dont understand this paragraph, how did Celestia want to make a powerplay on Tom, I understand Twilight but it seems so out of character for Celestia that its going the wtf route..............

Might i remind you Celestia is not a villain and she made a mistake? Dont make the mistake many stories do and make a villain out of someone because Celestia is apperantly a power hungy maniac obsessed with control

I had to reread the last few chapters with the next one to try and figure it out but im unable to do it, I just dont get whats really happening.

I have plans for Celestia. She won't go Nightmare Flare or anything like that. She's just chaining mistakes right now. Like in old Tom and Jerry cartoons where Tom walks into all the rakes and gets slammed in the face repeatedly.

Celestia is currently in a 'let's put out the fire with MORE FIRE' mindset. Great idea when dealing with forest fires, not so much when dealing with family drama. As Luna mentioned earlier, both Alicorns have hurt each other, and neither are 'good' ponies, but both have bounced back. Once Sunbutt steps back a bit, she'll realized what an ass she's making of herself. It's just hard to be objective about your own behavior sometimes.

Celestia also really doesn't want to deal with Chrysalis, at all. She views Chrysalis as a living, breathing, talking reminder that for all she's tried to be the benevolent ruler, she can have a nasty streak to her. Chrysalis isn't going to be a fan of Celestia, I don't think ever, but ultimately they'll be capable of being civil to each other.

Also, I don't think it's possible for most versions of Twilight to not forgive Celestia. Twilight has certainly had the scales fall from her eyes in regards to her mentor, but Sunbutt is only really in the doghouse right now for how she treated Tom while they were staying in Canterlot. Celestia was trying to fix a problem where one no longer existed. Again, MORE FIRE and more rakes.

Oh, I just had a wonderful idea~ This calls for an extra, completely unplanned chapter! MUHAHAHAHHAH!

there is the question of how twilight feels about what celestia did to tom because of how they are always together you could say they might have come to view eachother as close frends or family so seeing or hearing how twlight feels about things would be good

Onward the plot rolls, where shall end, only the author knows!

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