• Published 15th Jun 2020
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Fallout Equestria: To Scorn the Earth - tulpaman

After being framed for her overmare’s murder, unicorn Lemony Cream finds herself exiled onto the wastes

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And finally finished! Man, it feels good to have actually finished an FoE sidefic. It really helped that you made your chapters short. Had to say that it was a really fun, bite-sized story. I do feel disappointed that Nature's Call (may she rest in peace) perished before the end, I overall really enjoy how the rest of the story was handled to the end.

Great pacing, excellent prose (I have to ask, where did you learn to write your style? Cause I'd be interested in stealing it.), and overall a good theme! Sad that it's over, but glad I got to experience it.

Am curious if you have any writing outside of this (and your previous FoE fic)?

Thanks very much for reading through to the end! I really have appreciated your being around.

Sorry for this late response to your comments. I haven't been online here much since finishing.
In June I just came back to revisit this site and write this as you say pretty brief story.

I like to use email mostly and am not usually online here. But if you message me your email I'd love
to address some of your comments and keep talking :twilightsmile:

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