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Very cute! I liked the way you wrote Smolder here, for sure.

These two made for a fun duo. Fluffy stuff is something that is really good right now, and some hugs between some not very huggy types are pretty good.

I'll never understand why I don't see more interactions between these two. They mesh so well. This was cute and does their personalities well, good job!

Sweeeeet, I went into this thinking I wasn't going to get any Smollus, but walking out of it having gotten some Smollus regardless. :pinkiehappy:

Even without that though, this was a nice fluffy little fic, and an excellent exploration of Smolder's character (and Gallus too, for that matter). Really, you're selling yourself a little short on the quality of fic here. :twilightsmile:

It's nice to see some Smolder shipping that isn't Smolcellus.

Really nice. I'm honestly surprised there isn't more stories about Smolder and Gallus just hanging out together. They seemed like they got along the most naturally out of the student six.

Two smartasses falling in love sounds adorable.


I think you really captured how those two sarcastic dorks would go about talking about feelings. Adorable <3

Thanks for letting me help you with this! Loved it!

Aww thats cute Then I can understand her love can be very tricky i know how that feel

A lovely little conversation, you captured the essences of the characters well!

I liek dergun and burb smooch :)

dragon catbirb fishhorsebirb ot3


dergon catbirb fishhorsebirb bughorse yak normalpone ot6

Wanderer D

I'm glad you wrote again! :) Nice story, and awkward enough for the pair (I really like this ship, tbh).

> “Whenever I see you and Silverstream, you guys are always so happy together. I’m alone. I just wish I didn’t have to be alone.”
hey I didn't know you knew my address m8 that's just a Bit too close to the Home

> “Ya know, life becomes more meaningful when you realize you never get to live the same moment twice.”

Smolder's difficulty with being vulnerable is infinitely more real once it starts to affect other ~~ponies~~ creatures. Even in this short story that effect came across well!

(For some reason this reminds me of the beginning of Memoirs of a Royal Guard (#throwback) with Silent and Iridescence. Not sure why)

This is really good. Nice job.

Great story. For someone who apparently didn't see a whole lot of these two you did a good job of capturing their character.

This is a great story! You have a real talent for using scenery descriptors to enhance the mood, in addition to character body language. My only critique is that you over-use dialogue and action tags a bit. Perhaps trim some of the fluff, and you'll be grand =3.

You've earned a follow from me!

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