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"I'll say it again in the land of the free,/Use your freedom of choice,/Freedom of choice." -Devo, 'Freedom Of Choice'

At the School of Friendship, Ocellus is running for class president. However, in accordance with the school's charter, Ocellus will have to run against another student. With this in mind, Ocellus asks a certain reluctant dragon to help her out.

Cover art commissioned from Amy New.

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Who would put that in the charter?!

Please, Ocellus? Can you do this for me?”

I think you mean smolder at this bit.
I’m surprised Silverstream doesn’t try run. Being related to the ruler of her kingdom you’d think she’d know a thing or two about politics

Oh geez, I feel so dumb! Fixed, thank you!

Welp...........................that just happened!!! :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, who in the hay wrote that school charter? :rainbowhuh:

Be honest, did you get the idea for this story from Duncanville?

Haha, you’re not wrong, it did inspire this.

I want to use the computers the way Celestia intended: playing video games, gambling online, and finding hot singles in my area!”

*Some years previous*

Computer Techs: "Princess Celestia, may we have your blessing for our latest creation? We call it the computer!"

Celestia: "Hmm...first I must make sure it is worthy of such a blessing. Now...can you play video games on it?"

Computer Techs: "Uh...yes. I mean that's not it's chief function, but..."

Celestia: "Can you gamble online with it?"

Computer Techs: "Well...I suppose..."

Celestia: "Can you find hot singles in one's local area with it?"

Computer Techs: "...if you really want, sure."

Celestia: *nods* "Then you have my blessing. Go forth and do, computer techs."

I'm thinking the Mane 6 just got together one night and crowdsourced it amongst themselves and Twilight just ran with it after that, especially since the EEA apparently didn't have any issues with it beyond the whole "teaching friendship to non-ponies" thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I now have no hope for these students survival rate. This was really funny, keep it up

Why do I have a feeling that this is not gonna end well when it comes to class election things get ugly really quickly I seen that happen a couple time

“There was some….unpleasantness….” Silverstream explained with a guilty look, “now I can never go back to Cloudsdale….”

And what did silverstream do so badly To get her band from Cloudsdale??

And there you go I knew things will go South really quickly when it comes to election and all those promise that smolder is saying is pretty funny And something tells me ocellus is going to have a bad time 😅

“SHARKS?! WHERE?!” Sandbar stood up onto his hooves in a great panic and galloped out of the auditorium while screaming. Every eye in the room was fixed on him as he hurried out, both Concerned

Sorry I have to it was too good to be left out and probably that's why hes afraid of sharks lol 😆

Oh boy, that spiral out of control quickly!😮

Also cool middle name for Smolder!👍

And see what happen Smolder That's what happens when you're making too much Promise that you cannot keep now everybody is gonna go insane good luck

“This school is full of morons!” Again, Ocellus covered her mouth after raising her voice, “Sorry, that was rude of me, but it’s true!”

“And I shall lead these morons as the biggest moron of them all!” Smolder proclaimed with pride as she opened the doors to the mess hall.

They're not wrong lol sorry that was mean too 😅

“It’s so great that I can have sauerkraut for breakfast and waffles for dinner!”

"AAAAAA Big bowl of sauerkraut! Every single morning!"

“And I shall lead these morons as the biggest moron of them all!” Smolder proclaimed with pride as she opened the doors to the mess hall.

Spoken like a true politician! :raritystarry:

“I don’t think it was smart to change the rules of the debate club so that all arguments and rebuttals must be done in the form of freestyle rap battles,” Ocellus gritted her teeth in frustration.

“Why not? Students might actually go to the debates now!” Smolder smiled.

She's gotcha there. :raritywink:

“Is that from the new water fountain in the teacher’s lounge? I don’t think plants should have soda,” Ocellus said.

They shouldn't really have alcohol either, but that's neither here nor there.

“WellI don’t know exactly what ‘metal shop’ is,” the dragon gave air quotes, “but now it’s on roller skates.”

This alone sums up how bad this is XD

But honestly I wanna go to this school now

Why hasn't Discord made an appearance yet? This would be paradise for him!

Well that was something so basically nobody wins dang lol oh wow That was a crazy story but very funny and pretty good too I wonder how's this gonna end 🤔 I guess we'll find out next time

With a frustrated sigh, Starlight spoke up. Her words were sharp, “You know what, forget it. No more student government. It was very obvious from the start who was the most qualified student for the job of class president. The lot of you were just absolutely stupid with your votes. I mean….come on!” Another frustrated noise came from the unicorn. “No class president, no student government. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: democracy simply doesn’t work. Now go back to your classes.”

I don't blame her Everything just went out of control

Should have done that in the first place Glimmy!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Somehow, this outcome doesn't surprise me in the slightest. :rainbowlaugh:

Though seriously--the only reason Ocellus isn't class president is because Starlight decided to be petty about it--I didn't miss the fact that the charter didn't say anything about what sort of punishment it had to be. :trixieshiftleft:

“Do you mind gloating about it later?” Smolder asked, raising her voice a bit, “I can’t keep up with all these promises I keep making! I just promised a student I’d find their birth parents!”

Passing behind Smolder was their friend Gallus, still reading through the school’s charter. “Oh, hey Smolder, find anything yet?” he asked as he paused movement for a second



“Today,” Silverstream loudly proclaimed, “the halls shall run red with the blood of my enemies!”

Sandbar’s ears perked up, “Wait, what enemies?

Lol that part made me laugh

That was a nice end. I like this story

Nice way to cap things off, I liked it!😀

Aww thats pretty nice way to end it but anyway this was a pretty good story and funny

Well, that wraps things up nicely. Only remaining issue is Gallus still waltzing around with the school charter. At this point, they're going to have to pry it out of his talons to get it back. :rainbowlaugh:

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